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  1. M

    Buying Sony TV’s

    Buying a Sony TV? Well let me tell you how it went for us. On the 09/11/19 we bought a Sony TV KD65XF900 5 costing £1,299. During the European World Cup in July 2021, would you believe it, the TV shut down during a crucial game. We turned it back on and it restarted. Then we noticed...
  2. Geoggy

    Best TV 70-77 inch

    Hi A pal is renovating his front room and determined to go minimum of 70 inches on a TV despite my advice 65 would be plenty. I’ve never considered a screen that big so out of the loop. His lads play PS5 so I’m guessing he needs HDR and HDMI 2.1. He’s pretty flexible on budget and I know he...
  3. R

    Best tv aerial for terrestrial tv please?

    Hiya please could someone recommend me a very good tv aerial for freeview? Thanks so much.
  4. M

    Best TV around 500€, mainly for gaming and movies?

    I'm looking for a 50'', maybe 55'', TV around 500€. I would mostly use it for gaming (PC and consoles) and watching movies/TV shows. Since most of the games are running at 1080p, I would need a TV where 1080p looks good. If the 1080p games/movies look worse than on my 8 years old Samsung 32''...
  5. Andyt2

    Best TV recommendation 55inch for £1200

    As the title says could anyone recommend a 55" TV in the UK for around the £1200 mark Thanks
  6. B

    Best TV with Alexa Built-In?

    Hi My daughter is blind so struggles to use the menu on a standard tv therefore I’d like to get her a tv with Alexa built in so she can control it with her voice. We currently have a Samsung UE65H6400 which has served us well but needs to be replaced not anyway. I’d like another 65-70” and...
  7. S

    Suggest best TV for movies?

    Hi would anyone be able to suggest the absolute best TV I can get for picture quality for mainly just movies and some TV shows. I already currently have a CX48 which was suppose to be a dedicated gaming display, but barely used as I now game on a Neo G9. And I have the old 55" E6 I was using...
  8. Jerezano

    Sony A80J vs LG C1 OLED What is a best tv for movies

    I wonder how theses Sony A80J and LG C1 performs with new Apple TV 4K especially with movies like The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit or Star Wars. I have many movies like these ones and action too, I'm planning to get one of these tvs in the holidays but I can't decide yet between A80J or LG C1...
  9. S

    Best tv to prevent burn-in

    Hey guys. This is my first post on here. I’m looking to buy a new tv. Partly because I want to upgrade to a newer/better tv that’s also bigger in size, but also I want one that’s good for ps5 gaming that has little or no chance of screen burn-in. I think I might’ve found a great tv on the John...
  10. Tack911

    Becker is the best TV show in the last decade

    Becker is a Bronx doc who holds the world at arm’s length and hangs out at a very un-“Cheers”-like diner, where his arrival clears the place of everyone but its comely proprietor, Reggie (Terry Farrell), and a blind customer named Jake (Alex Desert). Becker marches in and launches into a nonstop...
  11. D

    BEST tv for SD video

    Hi what is the best plasma for SD content only?
  12. S

    Best TV and TV Size For New Home Theater -need your expertise

    My fiance and I just moved to a new condominium a few months back, and I am in the process of setting up a home theater in a dedicated, completely light controlled room. Its not an overly large space, but should be at least reasonably adequate for our needs. I have all of the electronics and...
  13. M

    Best TV (probably OLED, 55” or 65”) - Budget £1500 give or take

    Hi, I originally had in mind to go for a philips as never had ambilight and love it on my son’s TV* Happy to hear recommendations for Philips on a £1500 roughly budget. I do like OLED. If there are other brands that might be better then I could consider not bothering with ambilight. 55” but...
  14. terrysays

    Best TV of 2021 So Far!

    Best TV of 2021 So Far!
  15. Bv09

    Best TV under £1200-I only care about picture quality.

    Hi all, I plan to use chrome cast or fire stick most of the time and will probably not watch anything live. I need it for my bedroom Wall and 55” looks right for the variety of tvs available and return on investment. But if there is anything better I don’t mind going up to 60. The only thing I...
  16. M

    Best TV for Motion Interpolation / Soap Opera OK / Stutter & Judder

    What would be the best non-OLED TV brand (or model) if I care mostly about getting good motion without stutter/judder/blur/underpowered processor? I don't mind soap opera. Right now I have a Sony X950G (X950H firmware), which I know is a good compromise as it doesn't have much soap opera, but I...
  17. V

    Best tv for a loft bedroom

    Hi we are about to move into our new loft bedroom and there is 4 windows so quite a lot of light. Ideally need a tv 49/ 50 / 55 inch tv which will be wall mounted. we will mainly be watching sky Q and Netflix. i do like the Sony tv 49 or 55xh9505 but this is what I have read about them but I...
  18. K

    The best TV for gaming under 600£ better than Hisense 55U8QFTUK

    Hi I m looking for TV for playing on xbox series X and watching netflix. I m looking for something the best in 600£ budget. I m not expecting 4k 120ghz in this price because I know it is impossible, closer something like 4k60hz,hdmi 2.0b , Hdr10+ etc.. i want something around 55inch. I...
  19. Velokki

    Best TV for mirroring content? I want to wirelessly cast my PC to my TV.

    Considering a new TV, and wanting to, as easily as possible, mirror content from my PC directly to my living room TV. There's about a 10 meter (33 feet) distance. I would like to control my PC from my living room with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and also game on it. HOW would one mirror the...
  20. 1

    Best TV advice please :)

    Long time viewer on here but first time of asking After best 65 inch TV for front room up to 1500-2000 mark , we only sit 6 ft from screen , always been panasonic (and would prefer to stick panasonic if honest unless I can be shown better ) in all rooms and only recently upgraded a 49 to 55 as...
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