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Time is an American weekly news magazine and news website published and based in New York City. It was first published in New York City on March 3, 1923 and for many years it was run by its influential co-founder Henry Luce. A European edition (Time Europe, formerly known as Time Atlantic) is published in London and also covers the Middle East, Africa, and, since 2003, Latin America. An Asian edition (Time Asia) is based in Hong Kong. The South Pacific edition, which covers Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, is based in Sydney. In December 2008, Time discontinued publishing a Canadian advertiser edition.As of 2012, Time had a circulation of 3.3 million, making it the 11th-most circulated magazine in the United States, and the second-most circulated weekly behind People In July 2017, its circulation was 3,028,013; this was cut down to 2 million by late 2017. The print edition has a readership of 26 million, 20 million of whom are based in the United States.Formerly published by New York City-based Time Inc., since November 2018 Time has been published by TIME USA, LLC, owned by Marc Benioff, who acquired it from Meredith Corporation.

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  1. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Podcast: TV, Display & Calibration - LG 2024 TV Interview + The BEST TV Picture Mode?

    This week we interview James Thomas from LG about the 2024 TV range (focussing on the G4) and we discuss the best out-of-the-box picture mode for your TV. Presented by Phil Hinton with Dr Julian Scott and Special Guest James Thomas, Senior Product Manager - Home Entertainment, LG UK. 00:00:00...
  2. LemonsFeels

    Question Best 43-50" TV for PWM Sensitive in 2024?

    Hia :) Looking for some guidance in selecting a TV when PWM / Dithering Sensitive. Budget $1000-1500 USD Usecase Netflix / Apple TV / Plex Gaming — Consoles (possible PC in the future) Size 43-50" PWM / Dithering / Screen -Sensitivity Main issue is OLED (TV, phones, switch etc). Twilight on...
  3. J

    Question Sky Q and Sonos owner. What’s the Best tv to buy. LG G3 65. Or Sony Xr65A95LU?

    Hi, I’m Thinking about buying a new tv, I currently have a Samsung 7300 curved. Out of the 2 televisions what’s the best for my current set up. I’m concerned about burn in, as well as I don’t think that’s covered with the warranty. Much appreciated.
  4. Bradamir

    Best TV for gaming? Budget of £1500.

    Not sure if it's an important factor, but the TV will be mostly used for gaming on a PS5. Secondary would be watching movies. Good speakers are a factor. Not sure if a sound bar is an option as my neighbours might not be pleased, if it's too loud / bassy.
  5. G

    Having trouble deciding between the G3 and S90C

    My usage is streaming shows on my Apple TV (recently been watching Ted Lasso), playing video games (FIFA, Call of Duty, GTA), watch movies, and watch quite a bit of YouTube as well. I’m upgrading from a 55” 2019 Sony LCD (X950G). I have these options: 77 S90C for $1,999 (technically the S89C...
  6. L

    75" QN800A vs 65" S90C

    As the title suggests, I am torn between 2 models Samsung 65" S90C @ $1950 Samsung 75" QN800A @ $1500 Currently have a 65" Q90R that feels a bit small. I was excited to try OLED but the heavy discount on the qled is tempting, especially at 75 inches. Unfortunately, the 75inch model of the s90c...
  7. K

    Question What to swap a QE50QN90C for?

    Hi, I purchased a QE50QN90C a couple of weeks ago and I hate it. Interface is clunky, it doesn't natively play network media, it loads up Samsung TV+ every time it is turned on, and the apps available are limited. I have £900-ish to play with if getting a swap at Richer Sounds, but I could go...
  8. M

    Hisense 55U6K vs Hisense 55U7K vs ?

    Hello avforums, Is the 55U7K vs the 55U6K worth the price difference if I'm not going to be doing any serious video gaming? I want a TV that will do a good job with standard blu-ray and 4k blu ray discs. Will the higher refresh rate make a difference in general use and movie viewing? Or...
  9. D

    New 50" TV

    I did post this in another forum but was advised I would be better in here. I'm in the Market for a New 50" TV..... Budget would be £800 give or take a few £'s. Obviously I'm looking for best bang for buck options, it would be used for films a tv in a fairly well lit room. It was mentioned in...
  10. Talha39

    Best 65" for bedroom

    I want to get a new tv for the bedroom to replace an incredibly old 32" samsung tv from 2012. I'm placing it between two shelves and so 65" fits perfectly within the shelves. It'll be placed opposite a window but for from it around 5 metres, the room has really bright fluorescent tube lighting...
  11. j.channon

    Question Best TV up to 43”

    We would like a TV up to 43” for a snug room where kids will watch tv, movies and play PlayStation. I would like 4K for some future proofing. I guess we’d need a soundbar or some sort of sound system as most modern TVs sound awful and tinny. Thanks
  12. 4uzindian

    best tv for xfinity box

    have regular xfinity tv box in trento nj.i'm looking for a 32 or 42 inch. tv.i won' have any other streaming services.what brand would give me the picture with there regular signal.hpefuly it won't break the bank
  13. M

    Best TV For Gaming (48-50 inches) (PC/PS5)

    Hello. I need to buy the best TV with a maximum size of 48-50 inches. I play a lot and I also use it to play on my PC. So I don't want to risk it with an OLED TV (aggressive ABL, poor brightness in SDR content, risk of burning etc.). I still own the model from year 2017 (Sony 49XE90xx). It's a...
  14. Junkru11

    Oled TV.

    Hi. Right now i have Philips Oled 706 65". Had it 2years now. Now i think to buy new TV Oled And 77". Ihave three options . Philips 77OLED908/12. Sony A95L . Lg G3. I Have read lots of threads and G3 is wery good. But nobody talks Philips oled Vs Sony A95L. Can someone help me decide. Thanks.
  15. B

    2020 LG SM85 equivalent

    In summer 2020 I bought an LG 55SM8500PLA. It's been incredible especially in a room with a lot of light. I would like to buy the 49" version for our smaller room. Appears to be discontinued. Would anyone know an equivalent LG model nowadays - perhaps just renamed but same specs? Many thanks
  16. goonergaz

    55" LG E7 being replaced - want to go to 65"...

    Hi, So long story short, I've been thinking of upgrading for a while, but my 55" E7 had poor screen uniformity and I'd taken out the Currys warranty thanks to my sons discount (£5.50pm) seemed a no brainer. So they have confirmed they cannot repair and I'm just awaiting the voucher :) So, last...
  17. Spikester84

    Best TV for around £750

    Hi guys, So my partners TV in there living room has some problems, it’s an older Samsung 43” tv that is ready to die, so we are looking to replace it before Christmas. We were looking at spending around £750 for a new TV(I know it’s a little on the low end) and looking for the best bang for...
  18. L

    55-65 inch tv for around 500-700

    Hi, I'm quite new to the tv market but I've been taking a look at recent threads and gathering info for myself. Key points: Not in the UK but in switzerland Spending around 600-700 (more if makes sense) 55-65" (65 would be the best but 55 is fine, I come from using a 43 for 15+ years) Watching...
  19. F

    120hz HDMI 2.1 ??

    My 12 year old son, currently has a 32 inch HD tv, quite old and will be budget. All he does is play PS5, lots of different games. He has asked for a 144hz monitor so he can get 120fps. Issue with that is he likely going to need to go smaller and it won’t have speakers. I have suggested he...
  20. C

    Question Help with TCL C745k vs C645k vs RC630k

    I'm looking for a 65in TV. I'll have a 2.7m viewing distance from the TV. I don't game on the TV and for the most part will be using this for animated movies. My room is dark. I have a budget of 800GBP but only if this would get me a really good TV, if not I would prefer to spend GBP500. I'm...
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