1. A

    For Sale Benq W2700

    I am selling my Benq W2700 (White) as I am moving to a small flat in London later in the year so I won’t have the space for this anymore. The lamp use is at around 290 hours and is running the latest firmware. The unit is currently in the original packaging with the remote and power cable...
  2. El1te

    For Sale BenQ EX3501R 35" Ultrawide Monitor

    Specs: Looking to part ways with this gem as I would like to move to a triple monitor identical setup and unfortunately do not have space to facilitate keeping this too. Unfortunately I have thrown the original box away for this as it was...
  3. nij_83

    Wanted Benq W1400

    After a Benq W1400, if anyone is looking to sell one please reach out.
  4. S

    For Sale BenQ W2700 White

    Hi All Selling my W2700 BenQ projector to raise wedding funds! I’m not entirely sure on pricing this as it has around 220 hours use and comes with original box etc and I see new ones go from anywhere between £1300-1500? Sensible offers considered, please get in touch with any questions
  5. C

    Wanted Benq W2700

    Looking to upgrade does anyone have one in white?
  6. Madest Maxwell

    Problems with 3D playback via Benq TK800M, Sony BDP X800 and Sony STR DN 1080

    I have just bought a Benq TK800M and some Boblov 3D glasses from Amazon which are highly reviewed. One reviewer commented that these glasses worked perfectly with his Benq TK800M so I don't think the glasses are the issue. 2D playback works perfectly on the Benq but when I play Avatar 3D via my...
  7. epatussi

    Benq TK700 (not STi)

    would like to know if the firmware version that comes with the TK700 is compatible with all 3D content (frame packing, side by side and top botton). I saw in another forum that the TK700STi does not play 3D content, and will need an update for that. Has anyone who has recently purchased the...
  8. A

    BenQ TH681 🤔weird white marks

    Hi guys I've got a BenQ TH681 with only a couple of hundred hours on it (was a refurb unit) in the last couple of days what can only be described as white smudge marks appeared only on dark backgrounds, I've attached an image, any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Marky1973

    BenQ EX2710R power cable

    I bought the above monitor from Amazon and sent it back as the box was clearly a customer return and I thought I had the wrong power cables. Got a replacement today and the cable doesn't fit the power adapter so I can't power it on. The pictures show what I got in both I being...
  10. J

    Yamaha receiver volume control with BenQ projector remote

    Recently getting setup a home theater and can't seem to get the projector remote to control the receiver volume. BenQ TK850i and Yamaha RX-V685. I've got ARC working properly and everything sound good, but right now I'm forced to use the receiver remote, and can't figure out how to give the...
  11. feffers

    Benq W1400 - cutting out after a few seconds…

    Hi all - hope I’m posting this in the right place. I’ve had my Benq W1400 in storage for a year. Was working fine previously. Plugged it in today, got the red standby light. Powered on and green light comes on, sounds like it’s powering up but then cuts out completely after a few seconds...
  12. P

    Benq TK700 ATMOS to Bose 5.1

    I’m hooking up xBox S and AppleTV sources to my BENQ Tk700 projector. Hoping to feed surround sound (ATMOS?) to my Bose 5:1 set up - Bose 900 Soundbar + Bose woofer + Bose 700 rear pair. I’m assuming it’s source output (xBox or AppleTV) to Soundbar and then eARC HDMI out from Soundbar to...
  13. R

    BenQ W1070 - how to get 4k sources to it through receiver?

    Hi, Have a BenQ 1070 which has been woefully ignored since I got my 65” c9 and next gen consoles. I have a Denon 2400 receiver which doesn’t support HDMI 2.1 so I have my consoles wired directly into the TV, but my apple TV is connected through the receiver. Denon has twin outputs, and I’d...
  14. T

    Benq repair

    Just wondering is anyone has any experience with Benq service/repair in the UK My W2000 has some big dust spots inside the lens, I've sent a ticket request to benq and they've said i need to send it to them with a courier of my choice and then they charge an upfront 'diagnostic fee' plus the...
  15. R

    anyone viewed epson 7100 and benq 2700?

    Has anyone viewed epson 7100 and benq 2700 (or 850), if so whats your opinion on picture quality? Viewing distance around 3m, light coloured walls and ceilings. Does the lumen difference 2000 vs 3000 matter when dark (at night)? Does the contrast difference matter in real world? And one...
  16. F

    Benq and Epson product cycle length?

    I am wanting to purchase a new projector, however many of the projectors I've been looking at are older models. When could I expect new models to be released? As I don't want to buy a model that's made redundant a month later. For reference the models I'm looking at are models such as Benq TK800M
  17. A

    Old higher-end or newer budget projector?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a projector for watching movies in my student home. Projectors are completely out my expertise so I'm looking for some guidance. It won't really be a batcave scenario, but we will watch mostly at nights, so ambient light won't be a huge problem. My budget isn't...
  18. Rocketrazor

    Benq V6050 Equivalent

    After some help finding an alternative to the Benq V6050. Was just about to pull the trigger and order one for £2k from Richersounds last week (was waiting for my 0% credit card to come through!) when they pulled the offer and stock :facepalm:. Been looking for a week and can't find anything...
  19. Rocketrazor

    Benq W2700 and ALR Screen Query

    Hi All, Been looking into getting a projector in the lounge as finally got the approval from the 'better half'. Looked at the Benq 6050 UST, and now out of stock and don't look like returning from Richersounds. Looking at alternatives and not sure some of them meet my requirements, plus I may...
  20. T

    Need help with 1st Movie Projector

    For a long time I wanted to purchase one but since we have a 55" OLED in our TV room, never saw the urgency getting one, now as they are more advanced and cheaper, I have around 2000€ to spend here in Spain, checked some models exists here some not, here is my story and little sketch how I would...
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