1. L

    Benq W2700 vs TK700sti

    Benq W2700 vs TK700sti Hi, as per the thread title I have been debating over which of these projectors would be better to pair with a PS5? Fully blacked out dedicated room. From what I understand the input lag is high on the w2700 and for some people this immedietely takes this projector out...
  2. K

    Benq W2700 vs TK850 - Moderately light Controlled

    i have a room where all walls are painted grey and ceiling is white. We have 2 large sofa in the room both cream colour. Large window curtain about 2 meters width again white. At the moment I am using my first projector Xgimi H1 1080p; TEST XGIMI H1 : l’avis de Grégory – – Le Blog de PHC –...
  3. D

    Benq w1070 Projector 3d glasses issue

    Hi Guys I need some help please. I have bought a 2nd hand Benq W1070 projector and got myself 2 pairs of Ebay 3d glasses (2X 3D Glasses Active Shutter for All DLP Projector BenQ Acer Optoma HD243X JmGo). When I play a 3d SBS movie on my laptop in VCL or PowerDVD via HDMI to the projector and...
  4. L

    BENQ TK700STI 3D Problems

    Any help on this greatly appreciated! I have just got the aforementioned BENQ TK700STI (that I am still getting used to RBE etc) after upgrading from an EPSON TW650, I have tried to pair a PS3 and a SONY BDP-S6700 to playback some 3D films and all I get is that the disc has detected that the...
  5. D

    Is it possible to connect BenQ 3220U to my laptop's usb-c port

    Before purchasing my monitor I asked BenQ if it's possible to connect the BenQ 3220U Thunderbolt 3 monitor to my laptop's usb-c port. They confirmed that it is possible but they didn't specify what cable I should use. I tried to connect my Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 using a usb-c cable to the...
  6. El1te

    For Sale BenQ 24" Monitor - BL2480

    Purchased this in March this year so plenty of warranty remaining. Selling as I had bought it for home office setup but finding myself needing a bigger screen. Runs flawlessly with no issues no dead pixels etc. Comes boxed with all accesories (the stand has not been used) Asking £75inc...
  7. DinoKustas

    BenQ W1400 - 12v trigger

    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with enabling the 12v trigger on a BenQ W1400? The manual isn't useful as it just says to consult dealer. The setting doesn't seem to be in the normal menu or the service menu either.. Anyone know how to get it turned on? Thanks
  8. M

    For Sale Benq W1700 4k Projector Excellent Condition & Low Hours

    Benq W1700 4k Projector Excellent Condition & Low Hours As per title, Due to changing over to a TV based setup (an 85 Inch TV after 15 years of projectors!) I have this for sale, Works perfectly, in a non smoking household, remote and manual included, This also had a firmware upgrade factory...
  9. Aaryal

    Who has the best 1080p projectors - Epson benq or optoma?

    Hi all just wondering. Broadly speaking who does the best 1080l projectors out of Epson optoma and benq? Of course they all have different specs and different throw ratios and different brightness etc. But when you're down to it and watching movies, I wonder whether another 500 in lumenz makes...
  10. lobofer86

    help please benq tk850 about to return it

    Hello friends, I hope you can help me, I have a non-dedicated room, which I try to darken to what I can (I'll leave photos), white elite screen, 135 inches, the projector is on the ceiling at about 4 meters, before I had the benq ht3050 1080p, and I was happy but it seemed a bit dark to me and...
  11. helens

    Benq th685i or optoma hd 29 hlv?

    Hi! Struggling to understand the ins and outs of projectors. This is my first buy, so want to make sure I’m making the right decision ! benq th685i = Android tv and Google connected which seems super practical optoma = better contrast ratio but not connected like the benq... Any help or...
  12. Ssalazar

    Benq W1070 shutting down

    So my BenQ W1070 is shutting down after about 30-45 minutes of being powered on. When it shuts down the whole thing loses power. There are no temp or lamp lights on, No lights at all as if power went out. Hopped up on ladder wiggled cord around lights came back on but as soon as I let go of cord...
  13. brodders1979

    Wanted BenQ Wireless WDP01 FHD Kit 1080p

    As per the title, looking to see if anyone has the wireless HD kit as surplus to requirements for use on my BENQ w1070.
  14. T

    Help with beamer placement

    Hi Guys! So as the title suggest I need your help because I made a Big BooBoo! I just bought this house and wanted a beamer in my bureau, we are renovating the place and while putting a new fake ceiling in I made some preparations for a beamer when I had the money to buy it. Now my first...
  15. S

    Repairing BenQ W1070

    Does anyone have recommendations for companies that do projector repairs for a reasonable price please? My BenQ W1070 projector has developed a HDMI fault where it is no longer picking up devices properly via HDMI. For example: Doesn't pick up my laptops Picks up my Amazon Fire Stick, but no...
  16. Zappa2Vai

    Optoma UHZ65UST vs Optoma CinemaX P2 vs Epson EH-TW9400 vs BenQ W5700

    Hi, New to projectors. 3d being important to me and 92" screen max fit for me, which of these will do 3d best? Any suggestion for best 3d glasses Optoma UHZ65UST vs Optoma UHZ65UST vs Epson EH-TW9400 vs BenQ W5700 UHD not so important, but taking sharpness into account too (guess black level is...
  17. A

    4K DLP projector - Optoma UHD30 vs Benq TK800M or something different?

    Hi, I would like to buy 4K projector and after analysis of results from distance calculator (4K vs full HD) it seems 4K resolution is better idea (screen size 160 inch, 4 meters of distance from the screen). I would like to use the projector also in light daily light (room 35m2, 4 roof...
  18. Cehagsy

    New Optoma HD28e (or BenQ TH585) or 2nd hand Sony HW40ES

    Hi, I'm looking for a projector at roughly the £500 mark. This will mainly be for watching sport/football (often outdoors in the garden) and also kids movies (indoors). I won't really be watching super dark content/movies on it so blacks/dark scenes aren't so important. (I've got an OLED for...
  19. Steve Paulson

    Has anybody ever managed to get a Benq design monitor open?

    I have a Benq PD3220U monitor and recently made the mistake of being a little too liberal with window cleaner when trying to clean some fairly stubborn dirt spots off it. Some of the cleaner dribbled down to the bottom of the screen, seeped through the gap between the screen and the bezel and...
  20. O

    BenQ TK850 Projector - No streaming apps

    I’m thinking of buying the BenQ TK850 Projector, but noticed one of the things against buying it was, “No streaming Apps” What does this mean exactly ? I have the Formuler Z8 android box, and want to know if I can stream from that to the Projector. Can anyone help ? Oozmiester
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