benq w1070

  1. R

    BenQ W1070 - how to get 4k sources to it through receiver?

    Hi, Have a BenQ 1070 which has been woefully ignored since I got my 65” c9 and next gen consoles. I have a Denon 2400 receiver which doesn’t support HDMI 2.1 so I have my consoles wired directly into the TV, but my apple TV is connected through the receiver. Denon has twin outputs, and I’d...
  2. Bman

    Lamp replacement for Benq w1070

    Hi, Can someone recommend a good lamp replacement for the BenQ w1070? Is there a site that sells original Benq lamps or any other generic brand from Amazon will suffice?
  3. S

    benq w1070 set up help

    I've had the benq w1070 for 6 years or so now with the wdp02 wireless kit, it's set up to work with the lg 3d player and sky+box but i have never figured out when i put the tv into digital mode(not sky) how to get the picture on the pj screen,i have tried several combinations but never been able...
  4. D

    Question Benq W1070

    Hi can anybody help Benq W1070 tell me where I can buy the main cooling fan as it powered off and when starts up cuts off after 5mins I have cleaned all fans also changed bulb .Thanks
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