1. S

    For Sale 15 x Belkin USB C to USB C cable *Brand New*

    I purchased these from a friend who was closing down his electronic shop in January. I have 15 x brand new sealed Belkin mixit USB C to USB C Belkin Chargers. Length is 1.8m. Can be used on the following (sourced info from belkin site) At a Glance: Connect USB-C enabled devices (new Macbook...
  2. the groundsman

    Belkin Soundform Connect

    Hello, I got an article in my newsfeed about this Belkin Soundform connect product. At the moment I stream to a couple of CCAs, Google Nest Mini, a Gramofon and a 10 year old Airplay enabled Pioneer X-HM71 all using LMS with the Chromecast and Airplay bridge plug ins enabled. I am a big...
  3. nedmundo

    Denon AVR-x6400h Belkin Smart power strip issue

    I recently upgraded from a 3312 to a 6400. The amp is plugged into the master socket on my my smart strip and switches on the sub and various over device when powered up. At least it did with the old amp. I'm assuming the standby consumption is higher on the 6400, hence the other devices aren't...
  4. RMJP

    Range Extender Password problem - assistance please?

    My broadband provider is SSE and they have recently replaced my router, albeit with some reluctance, following persistent problems with my Wifi not being recognised by Sky Q (new box sent without quibbling) or by my HP printer. I know that the router was faulty because I was able to temporarily...
  5. F

    Belkin Powerline to new shed

    Hi all I have a shed in the garden, connected to our mains / meter at the side of our property. Its about 40-50ft away the shed from the meter. My home wifi (BT) is not strong enough to cover my garden, so my idea was to have a powerline feed an ethernet cable to a spare BT hub I have going to...
  6. B

    Anyone with a Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 10 W measure the plug socket please?

    Can anyone with a Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 10 W measure the plug socket please? The dimensions below how far it sticks out after being plugged in, see pic attached thanks?
  7. Mulldog

    Belkin wireless charger

    I bought a few cheap amazon versions as I thought the chargers from the Apple store were very expensive. However the cheap Apple Watch wireless chargers off amazon for £10-£15 kept disconnecting from the watch and not properly charging it. I decided to take the plunge for the belkin and it...
  8. topgazza

    Belkin AC1200 Wireless Extender Problem

    My daughter is trying to get the above WiFi extenders to work in her student house. She has a Plusnet Hub but when she tries to connect with the extender the extender/hub refuse to accept the WiFi password for the Hub. Tried everything including having the extender near the hub but its not a...
  9. D

    Question Which one of these Belkin HDMI cables?

    Hi all, Quick question, I know they say difference is unnoticeable between HDMI Cables but if you had to choose which one would you go for? Gold-Plated High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 4K/Ultra HD Compatible Belkin video / audio / network... | F3Y021BF1M-WHT | £9.99 | Insight UK HDTV...
  10. classybitch 1

    Question Belkin In Car FM Tunebase probs with iphone 4s

    Hi, Please help!! The above product was working really well until yesterday, for some reason it charges my iphone but will not play my music, the screen on it is just blank, it normally shows the channel 87.5 anybody else had this problem please? Thanks for reading Classybitch1
  11. G

    Samsung Smart Things, Belkin Wemo or Phillips Hue?

    Hi all, I want to have an automated bulb outside my front door that comes on at dusk, turns off at 11pm. Then I can manually switch on (via switch by front door) in the morning and it'll turn off at sunrise. I'm also planning to get a smart thermostat, not sure which yet between Nest, Tado...
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