1. M

    Beko & HomeWhiz

    Hi, I've bought a Beko washer that is Bluetooth enabled via the HomeWhiz app. I've managed to get it all set up but really struggling with the HomeWhiz Alexa skill so I can use the appliance via my Amazon Alexa. I've tried several times to discover the device through the Alexa app with no luck...
  2. S

    Beko extractor fan

    Hi all, I am looking for all PCB board replacement for a Beko extractor fan. Can someone point me to a seller? Could not find the part on Beko official
  3. T

    Beko Washing Machine -- Transit Bolt Covers?

    First time homeowner with a new Beko washing machine a family member bought for me. I'm going through the set up of the machine and I need to remove the 5 transit bolts at the back and replace them with plastic caps. My only problem is I only have 4 out of the 5 caps and I can't reach Beko...
  4. Amy89

    Beko fridge freezer

    My daughter opened the fridge and the shelf and contents came falling down! The little knob the shelf sits on has snapped off and the inside foam is exposed. I’ve put duct tape over the hole but is it still safe to use?
  5. B

    Beko Washer/Dryer Help Please

    Has anyone got one of this or knows about them? I've read the instructions until my head hurts and I cannot find any instructions as to how to use the tumble dryer separately. There are instructions for end time and loads of different options, but I just want to run it for 20 minutes to dry some...
  6. N

    Fridge switching off and on?

    Hi. I have a 3 year old Beko Larder fridge (model TLS481NS) well cared for, clean coils, plenty space etc. No freezer on it. It’s was keeping its temperature fine but past few weeks it keeps switching off and not cooling. The light stays on. This is becoming more frequent now too, about...
  7. A

    Issue With BEKO Fridge Freezer

    Heya, our BEKO Frost Free Fridge Freezer is having a few issues with over cooling in the fridge department and the top half of the fridge at the back is icing up and there is frost buildup on it. Even at minimum and with a thermometer in the fridge its getting as low as -1 or -2, the freezer...
  8. J

    beko fridge freezer warm

    my beko fridge freezer has gone warm, the fan in the freezer is running and the compressor runs for 3/4 seconds every 5 mins or so. its not iced up any ideas anyone.
  9. G

    Beko CF5533APW frost free fridge freezer

    This is 3 1/2 years old. This morning I noticed some of the freezer stuff was soft but not all so cannot have defosted completely. Ive tried unpluging for an hour and re connecting and the compresser runs for a few seconds then switches off. Any ideas where to look ? Ive fixed TV's...
  10. danny26

    need help on my beko condenser dryer

    hi guys i have a beko condenser dryer (DCX 83100 B) and i have pressed something and now i cant use the program panel
  11. inchindown

    Question Beko Fridges - How good are they?

    I'm looking for a new 5 foot tall fridge to fit a space in my kitchen. Only one I've been able to find is a Beko. It's a bit basic, but it would do. Beko Fridge So my question is - Is this cheap brand of fridge any good, and are they reliable? Thanks.
  12. J


    hello all I need your help its my last resort, I have a BEKO tumble dryer DCU7230w. a small belt has come off the bottom of the dryer which makes the tumble dryer turn and I have ordered a new part I just can't find a link or video on how to fit the part see picture for where it goes...
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