1. K

    Bedroom TV for PS5 and 3080 with £1300 budget

    My 55" X900E is starting to die so now I need to replace it. I'm trying to get a new TV under £1300 that has comparable or better PQ compared to my X900E. I'd prefer to spend less but if it's worth it I'd more than willing to spend extra to get a the best deal. My viewing distance is 6.5 ft or...
  2. Tristan45

    Bedroom TV-What size

    Looking to buy a new tv for the bedroom to be placed at the end of the bed 55 or 65 inch oled or LCD watching lots of sports and sky news
  3. Doctor Smith

    Small bedroom cinema room.

    I have a spare bedroom and I want to turn it into a cinema room with projector. The room is 9.9 ft Square. If I remove the built it wardrobe it will give me an extra 1.10 ft on one side. Im thinking of getting a BenQ w2700 or Epson tw9400. Sound is MA bronze 5.1.2. Ideally I want a 92-95 inch...
  4. Squirty

    LED Wall Tile Lights.

    Hi All, I'm currently turning a spare bedroom into a man cave/office. I've been looking at some lighting for the walls such as the Nanoleaf tiles... But blooming eck, they're a bit pricey for what they are! The thing is, all the reasonable alternatives are either cheap looking, too small or are...
  5. MainStandMan

    Help with choosing sound setup for a bedroom

    Hi, At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I've come to ask what sound setup I should be looking at based on my situation. I bought an LG CX at the end of last year, and I love it. However, I've come to learn quickly (maybe not as quickly as others would have) that the integrated speakers on...
  6. S

    Sky over WiFi?

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked before... I have a Sky HD+ 1tb box in GF living room, connected via HDMI to Sony TV. Is there a way of watching and/or controlling (I guess controlling is not possible) Sky in the bedroom, directly above? In our previous house, I had a coax amp & splitter...
  7. T

    Bedroom TV - Anti glare

    Hi, I am thinking of replacing an aging Samsung 43 inch plasma in the bedroom tv. Sources are Sky Q and Amazon Prime & Netflix from a Firestick. Dont really care for 4k, looking for a budget TV The two main considerations are reasonable motion handling for football (Inherit benfit of plasma...
  8. O

    £350 bedroom hifi setup suggestions!

    hi all! I have £350 I want to get a hifi for my bedroom. I listen to a range of music. heard a bit about active/ passive speakers but really not alot. under the impression that perhaps passive is better because you can upgrade elements at a time? would quite like portability as a...
  9. C

    Aerial in bedroom for freeview

    Need advice. Whats the best way of getting free view into bedrooms. Each room has sky connections, but no aerial sockets. I have two old sky boxes, which will now be Freesat boxes if I set them up. Would we need an aerial guy to run cables, or will indoor amplified aerials be suitable? Our area...
  10. S

    Bedroom TV recommendations

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a 49 or 50 inch tv for a bedroom. Will be wall mounted and content will be mainly streamed so smart apps would be good although I do have already have a firetv stick. No gaming use. thanks.
  11. Z

    Just want to get some ideas for this setup

    Looking for something with horizontal and vertical lens shift. Basically have a wall that is large and empty in front of my bed. 11ft from where I would be setting a projector. Currently can not mount it on a ceiling since the policies here where I am renting are pretty strict. I can use the...
  12. J

    Recommendations for a 65inch TV for the bedroom.

    Considering buying an inexpensive 65 inch TV primarily for Film viewing in dark and low light. Good HDR a must have. Decent inbuilt sound would be good.
  13. jont

    New bedroom tv

    Just finishing redecorating and looking at wall/chimney breast between the wardrobes and thinking a nice 40-43" would slot in there ... do I stick with Sony (as my other two sets are) or LG or Panasonic ... seems to be a few 2019 models around £350-400 from major retailers ... will probably pop...
  14. AjsDerby

    Can I use a 24" monitor for bedroom to use with fire stick?

    Looking for some advise please! I have very limited space & would like a TV in my bedroom to use with a fire stick. 24" is max size but very limited in the tv's available. Can I buy a PC monitor instead? I have read conflicting things but from what I've read as long at the monitor has built in...
  15. P

    VA 50 inch tv for bedroom

    Hi again. I am still on the hunt for a tv. I am considering spending about 400 for a bedroom tv. I have read through the forms and dodges best TV’s. I am not sure about a Hisense due to the software and also I have heard reliability can be an issue. I had bought a song xg8396 from the refurb...
  16. Ascotbilly

    Help Please - Low Cost Turntable system for daughters bedroom

    Please advise, I'm looking for the above I've two routes I think. 1.) Gift her my NAD C556 (RP1) she will need a phono stage & amp c/w some form of bluetooth and active speakers. 2.) Buy bluetooth turntable and active speakers. This type of kit maybe ...
  17. mmurdoch

    Gaming Tv for bedroom

    Looking for a tv for lads bedroom. Around 42-50” for Xbox One gaming, Netflix, Now a Tv and Sky tv via his xbox. With using a Netflix maybe a smart tv with a Netflix built in? probably a Sky Q mini later on. Doesn't have to be top end as it’s just for lads bedroom, couple £100 ish I know this...
  18. M

    Question Best TV for bedroom

    Hey all, I'm looking for a new tv for my bedroom, currently have a 10yr old 32” Toshiba. Looking at 43” but able to accommodate bigger, will be on a unit which will be purchased to suit (unsure of wall mounting due to rental property). Budget around £300-400 trying not to go higher. Smart TV...
  19. R

    need help decididing between either a Sony HT X8500 HT or LG SL6Y soundbar for the bedroom

    really torn between the LG SL6Y which is a 3.1 with a separate sub the Sony X 8500 HT has a built in sub and has a 2.1 speaker config with a built in sub. the LG also has DTS virtual X support which the Sony hasn't. but the Sony has DTS, Atmos and DTX -s I'm looking to attach this to...
  20. A

    About 1000$ 1080p to bedroom ceiling projection (used device)

    Hi, For my first projector I plan using the flat (90°) ceiling above my bed as screen. I'm only watching without lights around to mess up. And the distance from my headboard to the ceiling is 1,5m so I don't expect very large image. I''m going to 3d print brackets to keep the projector upright...
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