1. dazed&confused

    Wall mounted to beat my floor standers?

    Background - I'm not going to be spending any more money for quite a while, having just purchased a Lyngdorf TDAi 3400 to integrate with my 5.1 system, but there's nothing wrong with planning ahead, and I'm thinking speakers may be my next *change*, if not *upgrade* :) I'm positing here...
  2. I

    Question Does anything beat the Sonos beam at the price?

    The sonos BF sale starts tomorrow and I'm in the market for a new sound bar. It's a secondary system as I have a dedicated HT room for big films. As a result I'm not really interested in atmos etc. So just in terms of sound quality for watching TV, streaming netflix movies and the odd blu ray...
  3. ml337

    Question Best TV under these parameters for a cinema room

    Hi guys, I have finally got round to buying a TV for my cinema room that I am completing. It is an almost blacked out room. I'm just going down the TV route without a projector. I have the following constraints: - Max size possible within a roughly £3k budget - 4k with Dolby vision (so no...
  4. Jimster71

    Beat Saber - 20th November 2018

    Surprised there is no thread for this. A rhythm game with light sabres, what else do you need? It's been going down well on PC (and in VR arcades) so should hopefully shift a few more PSVR units.
  5. P

    Beat Saber

    Looks like really rather good fun. About the £15 mark I think so I'll blow that £11 Oculus credit that's lying around on it.
  6. T

    Question Beat value 4mm2 speaker cable out there?

    Hi all I'm currently in the process of building an extension which has speakers in it right now, the cables go back to the rack. In the new room, the speakers will be in a totally different place, and I need to extend the existing wiring. Ideally I would run all new cables but I'm trying to...
  7. R

    Question Desktop Speakers to beat corsair sp2500

    I'm wanting to upgrade my Sp2500. I want something to blow it out the water. My max is £500 but if it's phenomenal I can stretch. I have a STX soundcard and am thinking of buying Audioengine a5 with KEF subwoofer. Mainly for movies and music. How would I connect them to my PC?
  8. R

    Question Richer Sounds Price Beat

    Hi, I’ve been looking to get an OLED55B6V over the past few weeks and recently found a website (Visions-Direct) selling it for £300 cheaper than Richer Sounds, so I asked Richer Sounds for a Price Beat. The offer at Visions Direct seems to meet all of the criteria as laid out on the Richer...
  9. H

    Sub to match or beat BK Monolith and SVS PB2000

    Hi all, I'm new to this, but was thinking what would the cost to make a sub to beat the two mentioned in the title? What would I exactly need, where to buy and what would you guys recommend. Many thanks.
  10. nabby

    Welcome, President-Elect Trump!

    Yesterday, in front of a crowd of supporters onboard a WWII aircraft carrier, Donald Trump said that he believes all Muslims should be stopped from entering the USA with immediate effect. He said there should be a "total and complete" shutdown of the country's borders to Muslims, "Until we are...
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