1. Big Rob

    Google Assistant & BBC Sounds

    I cannot get any BBC Radio stations to play via the Google Assistant. I have tried my Google mini, phone and Android Auto. With the commands "play radio Newcastle or play radio Newcastle " it asks me to install Apple Music! Can someone try it, to see if they have the same problem, thanks.
  2. G

    Panasonic 58HX820B (2020) have to sign into bbc iplayer and other apps every time.

    I bought the above tv very recently as I wanted freeview play, (getting rid of sky). However i have encountered an annoying issue. Every time I turn the TV on from either being totally switched off or from standby, I have to re sign into any of the apps I want to use. For example BBC IPlayer...
  3. maraschino

    BBC iPlayer - UHD playback issue workaround

    Hi guys, Theres a workaround to getting the iplayer to work on Sony TV's see below for the post, essentially dont use external speakers have just tested and works fine for me on xh90 i switched it from external to TV speakers (also before you try you cant start the program with tv speakers...
  4. T

    Question Should YouTube and BBC I player 4k/UHD work on Firestick 4K?

    Can anyone confirm the above? I've tried to watch 4K YouTube clips but according to "stats for nerds" they never go above 1080p even though my connection speed is above 50Mb/sec, HDR kicks in ok but still only at 1080p. My BBC iPlayer app on the fire stick won't run at 4K or HDR at any...
  5. Pollywoggle

    Question Huge subtitles on BBC iplayer on Apple TV 4K?

    Apple TV 4k complete newbie so apologies if this is a daft question (a search didn’t throw any light).... I had a quick look at “The Bridge”, on BBC iplayer and the subtitles seem to take up a quarter of the screen, is there any way to make them smaller? Not sure where to start looking?
  6. bluegeranium

    Cannot get subtitles on BBC Iplayer on Ipad

    The subtitle icon is not on either the website or the app on my ipad. It works fine on my PC and an Android tablet any ideas? thanks
  7. JohnnyMN

    Anyone having trouble streaming UHD content on BBC iplayer?

    I'm trying to watch the latest episode of His Dark Materials and it won't play. As if it's still buffering. It plays HD content fine. My TV did just update to the latest firmware so I'm not sure if it has something to do with that or the iPlayer. Anyone else experiencing problems with iPlayer?
  8. BrianAtlantic

    Industry on BBC

    Anyone been watching the new series on BBC 'Industry'. It's about a group of young people working in the banking sector in London. It's compulsive viewing and really sucks you in. It's worth a look.
  9. E

    No BBC iPlayer picture playback, only sound

    Hi Virgin TV folk... When logged-in to my BBC iPlayer account through Virgin to watch catch-up programmes from the series/show select menu, I can’t see pictures, only hear sound. If I fast forward the programme, I can see the standard thumbnail images of the content in a strip under where the...
  10. E

    No playback picture on BBC iPlayer catch-up

    Hi Virgin TV folk... When logged-in to my BBC iPlayer account through Virgin my TV to watch catch-up programmes from the series/show select menu, I can’t see pictures, only hear sound. If I fast forward the programme, I can see the standard thumbnail images of the content in a strip under where...
  11. R

    GX500 series BBC I Player

    Hi Hope someone can help. I have a TX-43GX559. It came with a built in app for the BBC I player. When I try to use it, I get the message that "this operation is currently unavailable". I dont know why this is so. I assume it just connects over the internet. The app works perfectly on my android...
  12. Clem_Dye

    iPlayer video and audio quality -- BBC response

    As some AVforum members might have noticed, I've been pretty vocal about the rubbish video and audio quality provided by the BBC's iPlayer app., the service that we as licence payers, are expected to fund. To that end I've been exchanging my gripes with the BBC via a series of issue reports. I'd...
  13. T

    BBC iplayer, itv hub, all4, my5 apps on bush and Hitachi smart TV's

    Are these apps available/compatible on bush and Hitachi TV's?
  14. J

    Question iPhone 7 / bbc iPlayer issue

    Hi all I’m a newbie here and thank you for letting me join. The issue I’m having is with streaming programs I have downloaded onto my iPhone 6 via bbc iPlayer to my laptop. I have been doing this without issues for over a year now, but now suddenly I get only sound not visual on playback to...
  15. L

    Replacement for dead Denon Ceol N5- advice please to allow bbc sounds playback

    Ive had an N5 in my kitchen for 7 years linked to two half decent speakers and a sub which has served us well. It’s been misbehaving recently so I attempted to update the firmware and it bricked it (stuck midway- not response to various attempts at resetting. I often listen to BBC shows on...
  16. buddy777

    Question Samsung 65 " 8k tv wont get BBC TEXT pages

    It Just says not available.can get these pages on a lg tv in another room.Any ideas please?
  17. P

    LG PF50ks PF50 KS Projector - BBC iPlayer & Full Wireless Use

    Hi All. I'm a newbie to the forum, and hoping someone out there can help please?.... Earlier this year I bought an LG PF50KS projector. So far I have only used at home with WIFI. Due to COVID restrictions, I was looking to take it to a friend's back garden - where there is no wifi - and use it...
  18. DemonAV

    BBC Pidgin English news site

    Anyone know that the BBC have a Pidgin English website for Nigerian Pidgin English speakers.
  19. Tremolo Arm

    Netflix, Football, Gaming, Casting - 25% each

    Which 65" would you recommend between £2K and £2.5K for the above content? - The room is relatively bright. Viewing angle is pretty straight. - Audio is of no importance as I have an amp and 5.1 surround - A fast OS and a remote which controls all sources would be a a distinctive advantage...
  20. M

    The Pact (BBC) BBC Cymru Wales has announced that it has commissioned a brand new crime drama. With a strong cast and gripping storyline, The Pact is set to follow the likes of Un Bore...
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