The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster. It is headquartered at Broadcasting House in London, and is the world's oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, with over 20,950 staff in total, of whom 16,672 are in public sector broadcasting; including part-time, flexible as well as fixed contract staff, the total number is 35,402.
The BBC is established under a Royal Charter and operates under its Agreement with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Its work is funded principally by an annual television licence fee which is charged to all British households, companies, and organisations using any type of equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts. The fee is set by the British Government, agreed by Parliament, and used to fund the BBC's extensive radio, TV, and online services covering the nations and regions of the UK. Since 1 April 2014, it has also funded the BBC World Service (launched in 1932 as the BBC Empire Service), which broadcasts in 28 languages and provides comprehensive TV, radio, and online services in Arabic, and Persian.
Around a quarter of BBC revenues come from its commercial arm BBC Worldwide Ltd, which sells BBC programmes and services internationally and also distributes the BBC's international 24-hour English-language news services BBC World News, and from, provided by BBC Global News Ltd.

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  1. brian s

    The Ministry Of Time. BBC.

    The Ministry Of Time is be better a new time travel drama based on a new novel by Kaliane Bradley. Bri
  2. P

    Question UK BBC C'fax

    Hi people.. I have bought a 32" TCL roku TV in January..when I first switched on and set up all the scans channels ect I had the BBC C'fax available and all of the channels too ... now some of my channels are gone every time I switch off and I have to scan to get the missing channels back...
  3. R

    Doctor Who-Whoniverse on BBC iPlayer

    60 years, 1 epic Time Lord, 800+ adventures... and NOW it's ALL accessible on BBC iPlayer! Think: Epic journeys from the 1st Doctor to the 15th (and beyond!). Classic villains like Daleks and Cybermen chilling alongside newbies. EVERY episode, including spin-offs, finally under one roof...
  4. Willis1995

    Zooming in on UKTV Broadcasts

    Hi, Has any one noticed that there is a weird problem on Drama channel (Freeview) when they broadcast Classic EastEnders? Some episodes are shown zoomed in, and some are shown full frame. What is this all about?
  5. R

    BBC on Freesat

    Has anything happened to BBC HD on freesat recently? Seem to have lost signal on BBC1HD, and all the regional variants.
  6. H

    BBC iPlayer security issue

    Getting this message when I launch iPlayer. Any ideas ?
  7. raigraphixs

    I, Jack Wright (BBC tbc) DTBC

    John Sim cast in new thriller series with possible pick up by BBC. Penned by Chris Lang, previously BAFTA-nominated for co-penning ITV’s hit drama The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe. Past credits include TV’s Unforgotten, Innocent and Dark Heart. Sim will play Gray Wright. I assume they...
  8. raigraphixs

    The Way (BBC) TBC

    new drama written by James Graham, directed by Michael Sheen, and created by Sheen, Graham and Adam Curtis. The three-part drama tells the story of an ordinary family caught up in an extraordinary chain of events that ripple out from their home town.
  9. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Freely TV platform set for a Q2 UK launch & comments

    We also get a first look at the user interface of the new live streaming and on-demand service backed by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. Read the news.
  10. Ralphy1981

    Not posted in a while but I’m back

    Hi folks, I’ve been a member of this forum since 2007 and after recently buying a new tv I thought I’d log back in! I’ve got a Samsung UE55CU8500 hooked up to my aging Yamaha RX-V685 receiver and Pioneer BDP-LX55 blu ray player. Wanted to ask a question or two… 1) I’ve checked and my receiver...
  11. S

    Question BBC iPlayer sign-in

    BBC iPlayer is requesting sign-in every day on my KD48 A9... I recently updated the firmware to Android 10. How can I get the TV to remember my sign-in?
  12. T

    Question Problem with BBC radio and DVBSky player

    Problem with BBC radio and DVBSky player I have a DVBSky S950 V3 - DVBS/S2 PCIe card, and use DVBSky Player. Everything worked fine until a week or so ago, when I ceased to be able to get most, but not all BBC radio stations. No problems with TV. My difficulty is that I can no longer rescan...
  13. DemonAV

    The BBC. Past their sell by date?

    Just finished watching ITV's excellent Mr Bates Vs The Post Office and there is no denying the impact this factual drama has had raising the complete injustice of those affected and the quality of the production as a whole. It has made me think about the historical arguments that have...
  14. Garrett

    Annie Nightingale

    Annie Nightingale first female DJ on the BBC has died age 83 R.I.P. Annie Nightingale
  15. S

    LG C3 & G3 issues trying to record BBC HD Channels.

    Hello all. Recently purchased the C3 and totally agree that the picture quality is awesome. It replaced a Panasonic OLED as the quality was not great overall. My issue is while the C3 is an amazing TV it refuses to record or set reminders for BBC HD channels. 101,102,106,107 there maybe...
  16. I

    One small step for man, one giant leap for BBC Television! This is an article on how BBC TV planned for the long mammoth coverage of Apollo 11.
  17. Martin14

    King and Conqueror (BBC)
  18. Ice Tea

    The Kemps Getting great reviews, am i the only one that found the humour rather tame and lackluster?
  19. raigraphixs

    Gladiators 2024 (13 January 2024 BBC1)

    Bradley & son Barney Walsh will host the revival
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