1. M

    BBC Three Is Back.

    From February 1st. Having binned it's third most popular channel on grounds of cost v viewing figures and going online it's back with research having shown that young people are still watching bbc three commissions just on Netflix or youtube. 80m budget per annum though maybe less after Mad Nads...
  2. B

    No sound on tcl sound Bar

    When watching non HD material there is no sound on my freesat and tcl soundbar any solutions thank you
  3. raigraphixs

    The Green Planet (BBC)

    Stunning start to this new series. You won’t look at plants in the same way, some scenes look like out of a mini horror film 😀, There’s amazing camera footage to tell this series.
  4. D

    BBC The Green Planet, UHD?

    Tonight the green planet starts on BBC1, does anyone know when it comes to iPlayer it’ll be UHD? I’ve tried looking to find an answer but can’t see anything.
  5. D

    BBC On demand Stereo Channels Swapped round

    So, watched Shaun the Sheep at Christmas and the left and right channels were swapped round, now watching “The Tourist” and AGAIN left and right are swapped. On BBC On demand through Sky Q…. Not sure who’s fault it is, but very annoying.
  6. D

    Sony KD-65XH9296 BBC

    What has happened to BBC iplayer on these tvs. Mine has dissapeared and cant seem. reinstall it?
  7. buddy777

    Humax freesat recorder does it show BBC teletext

    Iam thinking of buying a Humax freesat recorder but only if I can get the BBC text service every morning.Can anyone advise it this service is available on a Humax box
  8. encaser

    The Weakest Link BBC One with Romesh Ranganathan

    Out of curiosity, I thought I'd give this a whirl after seeing Romesh on Norton and liking seeing him on his adventure/travel type show. Well, that, and memories of occasionally watching smugly Ann Robinson years back. I was glad I did, as the once a week format seems enough to not get too tired...
  9. raigraphixs

    Shaun the Sheep - The Flight Before Christmas (BBC)

  10. JeanCremers

    snooker on the bbc, big yellow score bar, safe to watch?

    Hi, Any snooker fans here? The bbc now has a big yellow bar as wide as the screen around the score that stays on screen all the time. I'm afraid to watch on my 65A16LA. Any opinions please?
  11. john milton

    BBC i player on OLED 856 Disappeared.

    BBC i player has disappeared from the Home Screen and I can’t find it to download. I’m sure it was there when I first got the TV.
  12. N

    BBC iPlayer: all programmes fail to start

    Since the afternoon of Friday 19 Nov, any programme I select on my Smart TV fails to start properly. The initial audio plays three times while the buffer circle does its thing on a blank screen, then the message comes up ‘something went wrong playing this programme ......usually...

    Can't get bbc 4d upstairs

    Hey all, I've recently moved home and we now have an aerial as opposed to freesat in our last house. I had a professional set up the aerial and it is all linked via rf wall sockets in most of the rooms. What is weird is that I can get bbc 4hd and bbc news hd on the tvs downstairs but I...
  14. I

    The 7 chronicles of Narnia DVD Audio of the 4 part dramas’s of all 7 books from BBC Radio from 1988 to the early 1990’s.

    During the late 1980’s-to the early 1990’s, BBC Radio 4 broadcast all 7 chronicle of Narnia with all 7 books made into 4 part dramatisations to much acclaim. I never listened to these 7, 4 part dramatisations on BBC Radio 4 despite having all the books of the Chronicles of Narnia in hardback...
  15. shed53

    Freesat pixelated BBC News and ITV HD

    Sometime in the past couple of months or so, the BBC News Channel on Freesat became badly pixelated. It's unwatchable and my Freesat recorder can't record programmes. The same has been the case for ITV HD for several years. I haven't checked every channel, but several other HD services work...
  16. I

    13 Minutes To The Moon: Series broadcast on the BBC World Service 2019 I listened to this 12 part series on the BBC World Service in 2019 about how the Apollo 11 mission after President Kennedy's speech and how the decade of the 1960’s and the problems, failures and successes that lead to the Apollo 11 landing in 1969 and...
  17. raigraphixs

    The Outlaws (BBC)

    This looks about average as the other Beeb show The Cleaner I’ll still give it a go
  18. M

    The BBC Four Thread

    Anyone watching anything on the beebs re purposed bbc four? The new Saturday night foreign language double bill is running. Paris Police 1900 about the anti Semetic ferment post Alfred Dreyfus. Made by StudioCanal it's got off to a good start with solid production (bar one crap cgi fire) and...
  19. I

    The Sky At Night when BBC 4 becomes an archive channel

    With BBC 4 going to become mainly an archive channel! I’m wondering will The Sky At Night have a future on BBC TV? And if so which BBC TV channel will The Sky At Night continue to be broadcast on. Or will The Sky At Night come to an end on BBC TV. Although I must say since the sad death of...
  20. spinaltap

    BBC HD Regional Programmes

    21st October, 2021…
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