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  1. Lev Trotsky

    Question Am I really playing Battlefield 1 with Dolby Atmos on my Gtx 1050?

    Hello everyone: I hope you help me to solve my issue that relates specifically to my GPU and Dolby Atmos. This is my set up: GTX 1050 (notebook) --- AVR Pioneer VSX 534 --- LG TV um7100 I explain myself, I want to play Battlefield with Dolby Atmos but I am not sure of getting the 3D audio I...
  2. D

    Battlefield 1 Hardcore conquest Infinite ammo

    hello Add me on psn if you want to play hardcore conquest with infinite ammo PSN ID XI_deano_XI041 please put battlefiled 1 in the friend request so i know to add you must have mic Time Zone (BST)
  3. Stuart Wright

    Battlefield 1 awesome glitch - flying battleship!

    People were doing a lot of killing from the boat - firing down on us!
  4. mattressback

    Battlefield 1 sniper rifle broken (won't fire)

    hi, is anyone else experiencing this? All weapons seem to work fine except the sniper rifles, I pull r2 to fire and nothing happens, or if it does it's about 5 seconds after I pull it. Swapped to lefty set up and it works fine with L2 As I say all other guns that I've tried work fine tho...
  5. samo8076

    Question Battlefield 1 HDR

    Hi, Does anybody know when the HDR will be patched into Battlefield 1? Cheers
  6. King Tones

    Battlefield 1 - Video Thread

    Some 'How To Play' Videos
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