1. majorwedgy

    Wanted £100 gpu and Dell laptop battery wdx0r

    What gpu can I get for 100 quid. Ideally looking for 1050ti, or something without power input required Long shot in battery but anyone got one of these, good or bad, just need something in the slot
  2. DJW007

    For Sale Sony RX100 M3 | 64GB SD Card | Leather Case | Spare Battery

    Due to lack of use I'm reluctantly passing this on. It's been a brilliant camera and only lightly used when on holiday. Bought around 2016, still got the receipt, for £549 or so. Sony RX100 M3 Sony original leather carry case Lexar 64GB SD XCII card Original Sony battery After market battery...
  3. icemanonline

    For Sale L Bracket Tripod Quick Release Plate Universal for Cameras. Arca-Swiss Compatible. Plus ... EN-EL15 BATTERY FOR NIKON

    Bracket Tripod Quick Release Plate for Cameras. Arca-Swiss Compatible. £14 Plus ... EN-EL15 BATTERY FOR NIKON. I used it on Nikon D7100. £15. Advertisement elsewhere.
  4. S

    Wanted Oculus Quest 2 Elite Battery Strap And Case

    Looking for an Elite strap with battery and case. tia
  5. WeegyAVLover

    Sparky Help - convert battery lights to mains power?

    Hi all, My wife wants to buy new Christmas lights for our hallway and sadly they only come in battery operated form. I prefer all my Christmas lights to be mains powered so I can control with smart plugs via Alexa. Is it possible to convert the battery lights to mains power. I am happy to try...
  6. Bennyp281080

    Xbox series x battery suggestions

    Hi all, we have Our first every Xbox for Christmas and need to sort a battery solution for the series x controllers. What do you all reccomend? Thanks
  7. N

    Wanted Wanted 3 or 4Ah Makita 18v Battery

    Wanted 3 or 4Ah Makita 18v Battery in excellent to new condition.
  8. T

    Sony xperia Z3 compact (SGP612) tablet failing battery?

    I seem to be having issues with my tablet it charges fine and i can use it from 100% battery, but i turned it on today and it had around 64-70% battery and in a matter of minutes it was down to 1% and then turned itself off. I know in tablet specs this is an old one but is the battery...
  9. M

    For Sale Sony VG-C3EM Battery Grip

    Sony VG-C3EM Battery Grip for A7iii, A9, A7riii mirrorless cameras. Very good condition. Boxed. £150 delivered
  10. G

    keeping my battery in the best shape possible

    Hi all, ive bought a poco f3 and wanted to know the best ways to keep my battery in the best shape possible so it doesnt drain quicker than necassary. For example.. is it better to let my battery drain all the way down to zero or charge it at a certain level or maybe just charge it overnight...
  11. S

    Best way to prolong battery life on Echo Dot 3rd Generation battery base

    I've tried in vain to find an answer to my query online so hope someone on the forum here may be able to help. Whilst the instructions for the D3+ battery base I've bought to give portability to the Echo Dot indicate there is a 'special' chip to prevent overcharging, I'd like to know how best...
  12. jouster

    New Car Battery

    if I need one, any reason why I shouldn't get one from Halfords and get them to fit it.... Is it something I can buy and fit myself? NOt really got much clue on changing car stuff case you couldn't tell.
  13. S

    S7 Edge Battery?

    Can anyone recommend a good place to buy a battery for an s7 edge, so far I have had 2 from the repairoutlet both have been duds, the first only had 68% battery capacity and the second 72% I find it very disappointing to say the least. So I am looking for somewhere else to buy from. Thanks.
  14. S

    Solar panels and battery storage

    I'm thinking of getting the above system I wanted to know your thoughts is it worth it etc thanks
  15. J

    2010 Macbook Air Throttling when battery half empty

    For some reason, my Macbook Air is throttling and not running at full performance when the battery level is under 40 ish percent. I have iStats Menu and it seems like the CPU is peaking around 140 degrees compared to the 180-190 that I normally get when I use my computer at full load at battery...
  16. Xenomorph

    Looking for a solar panel battery charger

    Posting this in the motoring forum, but I'm looking for a solar powered charging kit for trickle charging a 12V leisure battery in a caravan. I've seen products on Amazon, some of which are suspiciously cheap and I'm not sure how durable they are i.e. will they stop working after a month? These...
  17. R

    Laptop will not boot up after new battery fitted.

    Hi there. After my Assus laptop battery stopped accepting a charge (wouldn't even work when plugged in) I abandoned it and bought a new laptop. As there is stuff on there I would like to keep I eventually bought a new battery for it which now holds a charge ok. Problem now is when I start it...
  18. W

    Recommended trustworthy replacement battery supplier for google pixel 3

    Are there any shops or websites that only sell genuine replacement batteries or is it just a gamble when you buy a compatible one? I contacted google pixel help by chat, but they only have the option of sending the phone in and they will fit one. I will fit it myself.
  19. paulyoung666

    11 pro max v 13 pro max battery life ?

    Simple question , how are people finding the battery life between the 2 phones 👍
  20. Wirelessjack help needed

    I placed an order for a new battery for my Panasonic camera from, I haven't had any confirmation emails nor will they reply to my emails, they took my money nearly 2 weeks ago. They link this forum (av forums) to there website too. What are my options now as I have no battery...
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