1. beefybarn

    Wanted Nintendo Switch improved battery version.

    After one of the above for a friend, must be the improved battery version, excellent condition and boxed as its going to be a gift.
  2. quosh

    For Sale Thread Title - iPhone 6 128gb Unlocked with 100% battery health

    iPhone 6 Space Grey 128gb Network Unlocked Purchased by me direct from Apple UK store 100% Battery Health (had a genuine replacement recently) Touch ID working as it should Had a replacement screen, so it's in mint condition Original Box, but no accessories included Some marks to the back...
  3. Spurs4ever

    For Sale (SOLD) Nintendo Switch Grey (Improved Battery Version) - 256GB MicroSD, charging stand, card holder, 4 games, 6 months warranty - Now £269 delivered

    I have for sale the following... Nintendo Switch Grey (New Battery version) Fully boxed, excellent condition apart from a few small marks on the back where it rubbed against the dock, and one small mark above the stand. Screen protector on it since new. Never been out of the front room, let...
  4. R

    Apple AirPods Pro battery life

    Hi,I’ve had a pair of these for Xmas and the battery life doesn’t seem that good ,after 3 hours they were down to 10 %,any ideas
  5. R

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Grey (Improved battery)

    Barely used - probably 3 times. In perfect condition, boxed, with all accessories. 128GB SD card included
  6. chippyteaforme

    Question about car battery charger settings - 100% or float?! Auto on or off?

    Hi all, Went to move mum's car earlier, hasn't been used in a while (she can't drive, having treatment for macular degeneration) and as expected the battery was flat. Now, I've got an old fashioned charger of dad's, and it's got a few settings : A rocker switch with AUTO ON / AUTO OFF A...
  7. burtonpark

    For Sale Apple Watch Stainless Steel SS Series 3 42mm GPS Cellular, battery health 94%

    An excellent watch in great condition, cant see any marks on the glass, stainless has usual swirl marks As shown in photo. comes with Apple charge cable. i have a few different Sport straps so you can take your pick of those once I add photos.
  8. B

    Battery ipod speaker

    Hi everyone, I have a iPod classic 160gb and a Bose sound dock digital music system but my concern is whenever it's on the dock then it charges and worried about damaging the battery as always full or charging but I really enjoy listening to my music from my Bose as they are the best so please...
  9. Electa78

    Wanted iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb battery: above 95%

    Looking for above in mint condition please boxed. pls let me know what you have. all colors except gold.
  10. B

    For Sale Genuine GoPro battery hardly used

    Genuine official Gopro Hero 8 Battery hardly used. £15 delivered
  11. V

    Remote Control (RC) vehicles and 3.7v Battery query

    Bought my son a RC Excavator as he loves big machinery. As such, he also loves this. But it literally lasts 90 seconds before it’s flat. I’m no sparky or wiz with electrical specs. But my head says I should be able to get a larger capacity battery... the battery component on the digger is...
  12. G

    Question iPad 6th Gen 13.6 charging and battery problems

    Hello all My 6th Gen iPad is having issues charging and also general battery consumption. Firstly, the device only charges when it's powered off. If I plug the charger in when it's powered on nothing happens - it just says "not charging". It does charge to 100% if charged when powered off...
  13. S

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Grey (Improved Battery)

    Decided to sell this as it rarely gets used. In excellent condition, screen protector fitted since day 1. Comes boxed with grey joycons and blue/red thumb grips, as well as dock and leads. Thanks for looking
  14. Fatamorgana

    iPhone 5. Love it but the battery .....

    Do not want to bin it, but after being on charge each night, it decides to shut down. Back to full life each late morning. 5SE 64GB, plenty of storage left (55%). Maybe a new / replacement battery? Can that be done? Thanks in advance.
  15. alitech

    Phone to use as a hotspot with full day battery life?

    I plan to travel to the US and get one of those t-mobile tourist sim cards with unlimited 4g. I will share the internet with 4 mobile phones in the family so we will be killing it all day long. We just internet on the go while still keeping our UK mobile numbers active while out there. Any...
  16. swift1

    Logitech Harmony One replacement battery recommendation?

    Evening, as per the title.... My battery on my Harmony One won't hold charge, had a look at Amazon and ebay, there are loads of 3rd party batteries available but not too sure on the reliability hence asking here and what people here usually go for? Thanks.
  17. kingolympics

    New Controller: Can’t Open Battery Compartment

    I’ve got a brand new Series X controller from Amazon - but I can’t get the back off to put the batteries in! Has anyone ever had this? for what it’s worth, I’ve never had this problem with any other controller! I’ve tried brute force andit didn’t work!
  18. N

    For Sale iPhone XS Max 256GB with official battery case

    I recently purchased the new iPhone 12 mini as I needed a smaller phone. As a result, I’m selling my iPhone XS Max which was purchased from Apple in June 2019. I can provide proof of purchase. It’s the space grey model with 256GB storage. It’s in excellent condition, with just one tiny mark...
  19. M

    Siemens HB676GB Cooker Clock - Battery backup

    Is there supposed to be a form of backup to the clock in the event of a power fail? Every time the mains goes off we have to resent the date and time on the clock on the Oven. I wonder if the installer forgot to remove the bit of plastic on the battery if one exists. Can anyone help ?
  20. I

    Amazon 'renewed' iPhone battery life?

    Hi Would anybody know whether Amazon check their renewed iphones for a minimum battery life before selling? Looking for an iphone 8 for my mum and don't want something with a naff battery life. Thanks
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