1. T

    For Sale iPhone 8 64GB Space Grey 99% battery with warranty

    AVF member here for nearly 17 years Looking to deal with an established AVF member with an excellent feedback rating Bank transfer only Posting by RM Special Delivery UK addresses only Spec iPhone 8 64GB Space Grey UK model MQ6G2B/A Factory unlocked Sim Free Status One owner from new In use...
  2. mark1000

    Battery powered jump starter advise needed.

    Hi, i have a Kia Venga 2 which gets little use ( half a mile round trip twice a week )i also have a beatit jump starter and have to use it now it's winter. my ? is, when i connect the jump starter to the car battery i hear a clicking sound every 1.5 to 2 seconds apart, the jump starter starts...
  3. SwinBob72

    For Sale Nintendo Switch Neon Console (New battery version) 3 months old, as new.

    Got myself an extra switch at the back end of last year, but turns out I've barely used it. Console is in perfect condition, with orzly premium tempered glass screen protector on it that was fitted as soon as I took it out of the box. Comes boxed with all accessories (hdmi, joycon holder &...
  4. Saldawop

    Solar panel for leisure battery

    My partner has a horse and runs the electric fencing using a leisure battery{85mah}. She has a small solar panel (5w 12v)with controller(5a}, but doesn't seem to do anything . We are assuming the solar panel /controller is too small? Did anybody know which size she would need?
  5. Borisyo

    Question Help Matching Battery For Cellphone

    Hello, I have cellphone for seniors and can't find exact battery for this model. However there is battery on eBay that seems to be the same size but it is Nokia cellphone battery. The specifications for original battery are as follows: Name: SKL BL-5K 900mAh 3.7v 3.33wh The specifications...
  6. Olly1202

    Question NP-55 Battery for Sanyo Camcorder

    So I’ve finally got round to getting my Sanyo camcorder to work, sound a cheap Sanyo NP-55 battery online. While searching a noticed that there was a few Sony NP-55 batteries as well. My question would a Sony NP-55 battery work on a Sanyo Camcorder? They are the exact same specs, I’m just...
  7. A

    USB battery pack

    I need some battery back up for two mobiles on a 5 day camping trip coming up this year. Currently I have an Anker 20,000mAh pack which is quite good but won't last the trip. Can anyone recommend a larger capacity pack? There seem to be plenty of packs around 30,000mAh priced similarly but then...
  8. A

    Samsung Galaxy bud battery drain issue - only one affected

    One of my galaxy buds started acting up. It was receiving phantom touches so pausing/skipping tracks. I gave the sensor a wipe and it has stopped doing this now, but the battery keeps draining. I'll put them in the case on charge and when I open the case the right bud will be on 20-30% battery...
  9. sh55

    Question Battery drain on iPhone 11 Pro Max

    I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max about a week ago ( December 23) and it seems that I’m experiencing battery drain issue I unplugged it at 10:30am with 100% and now it’s 1:20pm and it’s at 77% with minimum usage ( sent a few photos , texted family and friends , played music for about 20minutes, had a...
  10. E


    SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 (BLACK) - BRAND NEW SEALED (UNLOCKED) - 6.7" SCREEN, 128GB, OCTA CORE, 4500MAH BATTERY, TRIPLE CAMERA - 2 YEAR WARRANTY £239.99 Will be posted Royal Mail Special Delivery
  11. C

    For Sale Iphone X 64GB Space Grey Unlocked 93% Battery

    Hi, just upgraded so trying to move on my Iphone X 64GB in space grey. The phone was purchased by me at the Apple store in the US. had a screen protector fitted by Apple and placed into the leather folio case. I would say its had light usage hence the battery is at 93 % and been very well looked...
  12. P

    Question Smart Watch with the best battery life?

    I'm looking for a smart watch to use with an android 9 phone. I essentially have two criteria, it needs to have the best possible batter life (yes, for a smart watch), and I need to be able to read the contents of an email without picking up my phone, rather than just get notification that one...
  13. nickylewis

    For Sale Anker Soundcore Life 2 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones - Boxed with Protective Case - ANC and 30hr Battery Life

    Selling as will have had under 5hrs use since purchased in August 2019. Accordingly in perfect condition. Further information about these headphones can be seen on Amazon here . They get great reviews for budget wireless ANC headphones (review here ) and are very comfy with memory foam ear...
  14. Z

    For Sale Nest Protect (Battery) x2

    I have 2 Nest Protects (battery operated) that I no longer require as we have had to change to wired ones for some building work regulations - they were both purchased from JL in January this year and I've had no issues with them Asking £120 for the pair Thanks
  15. Tempest

    Can a different WiFi Router cause phone/tablet battery to run out quicker?

    I am kinda pre-posting this, as I'm just starting to do some real testing, as something feels different. I've had a Superhub 3 for years, and then recently a Archer C9 which was good other than some google casting issues. And have now moved onto a Tenda Nova MW6 mesh of 3 units. After some...
  16. cameron1975

    For Sale iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case black.

    Apple official battery case for the XS Max, it’s only been used twice in great condition. Fully boxed. £65 delivered via slow 2nd class recorded mail.
  17. Mr-Lex

    For Sale NEW Dyson V6 Battery Power Pack & Screws

    Got a brand new and unused original Battery Power Pack & Screws for Dyson V6. It is now surplus and no longer required. Got it direct from Dyson R.R.P around £50.00. Not sure if the power pack will work on other handheld Dyson cleaners!? Prefer collection but can post as well. Additional £5.00...
  18. R

    Lenovo X 260 extended battery compatability

    Have just bought a Lenovo X260 and would like to get a 72 wh extended external battery for it, was looking at an aftermarket one on Amazon and it had 2 reviews to say it would not work, as Lenovo had software on the machine to prevent it charging a battery other than a genuine lenovo one ...
  19. icemanonline

    For Sale Grip D-BG4 for Pentax K-5/ K-7 ... Genuine Lumix battery DMW-BLD10E + extra

    As title 2 items. Battery grip D-BG4 for the K5 or K7. Boxed brand new. £25 Genuine Lumix battery DMW-BLD10E plus a third party battery.. Both excellent. £25 the two. Advertised elsewhere to Ice
  20. E


    SAMSUNG GALAXY A70 (UNLOCKED) - 6.7" SCREEN, 128GB, OCTA CORE, 4500MAH BATTERY - BOXED Came with my Sky contract just under a week ago, opened to test fully working as new condition. Selling as I already have a mobile phone. Will be posted Royal Mail Special delivery with tracking details...
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