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  1. Peroni

    Question Excellent Battery Life, Excellent Camera & Good All Rounder Handset

    Hi, I am off on a trip to Thailand and I am not a massive photographer and I don't want to lug around a camera so I am looking for an Android Handset with Excellent Battery Life, Excellent Camera & Good All Rounder. I am not a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy range due the the curved glass. I...
  2. T

    Battery life on Deezer twice as high as on Spotify

    I've been conducting some tests, comparing the power consumption of Spotify and Deezer on iOS. My findings are that streaming music on Deezer can last up to twice as long as Spotify on a single battery charge. My test were done on both an 6. gen iPod Touch and an iPad Air 2, both running the...
  3. F

    Question Battery Life

    I need a phone that will last 3 days. Only minimal use but must be able to connect to 4G. Any suggestions?
  4. RFC84

    Question Iphone 8 battery life

    How are people finding it? I'm talking about the normal 8 not the plus. I'm thinking of going back to Apple from S7 edge and lately Redmi 4x. I find myself keep looking at iphone 8 deals.... Although the xiaomi has been great so far so considering just going sim only!
  5. Tempest

    SatNav Battery Life - TomTom

    Despite having a smartphone, and trying waze etc, which is great, there is just something, for me, better in having an actual physical stand alone SatNav device that fits on the dash. (waze burns my mobile's battery for one thing, and in the summer, a phone on the dash in sun would die of being...
  6. Sarah7

    Question Amazon Fire TV Stick battery life

    A couple of months ago, I replaced a first generation Amazon Fire TV Stick with the newer model that has Alexa voice control. I've also since replaced another one in the same way. However, the initial (Amazon) set of batteries in the remote control for the first stick ran down in just 1 month...
  7. oligopoly

    Battery Life (Idle)

    Hi guys. Thinking of picking up a tablet - mainly for internet browsing and also watching videos via Plex. My experience of tablets up to now is split between quite expensive (an ipad) and cheap (the cheapest android tablet we could find on ebay for my son). What's most important for me is that...
  8. A

    Question One+ Three battery life

    Just purchased a One+ 3 phone to replace my old Galaxy S5. The battery life is not great (less than a day with little usage). Does anyone have experience with this phone or any tips on battery management?
  9. G

    Lithium ion battery life

    Having owned an EV since 2015, I've been keeping a very close eye on real life performance of lithium ion battery packs. We are all use to the battery packs in our phones/laptops dying after 2-3 years, so many people were rightly worried about the same thing happening with EVs. After all no one...
  10. B

    1 Hour Battery Life?

    Evening everyone. Firstly I want to say I'm a massive fan of the Switch and thoroughly loving Zelda! However, has anyone else recently had a massive drop off in battery life while using the Switch in portable mode? Until a few weeks ago I recently got 2 and a half to 3 hours battery life...
  11. S

    Question iPhone 6/6S Plus battery life depreciation over time?

    So, I'm looking at buying a second hand 6 or 6S Plus, but my biggest worry is battery life over a year or two of having the phone. On my current phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) and my last iPhone (4S) the battery eventually started dropping out at 20-30% and emptying far quicker than it did at...
  12. duskerin

    Question Longest battery life endurance smartphones

    Lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries are the most popular pick nowadays. Lithium-ferrite (iron) may come up the next star rising. From what I see in the market, Gionee Marathon M5 from India manufacturer is the current king in the term of endurance smartphones. Asus ZC550KL with 5000mAh...
  13. U

    Question Battery life - iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7+

    Hi folks, hoping to get some real life experiences with regards to battery life of the new iPhones. Im definitely getting one, but I can't decide which, and my decision is basically hanging on battery life. What's it like? I'm assuming the 7+ is better due to a larger battery? If I can get...
  14. G

    whats happened to my wifes battery life

    Hi all, I bought my wife a mobile phone from aldi last christmas (aldis own brand) and all of a sudden the battery seems to loose alot of the charge even though shes not used the phone. Any help or advice would be appreciated Kind regards Mark
  15. O

    Iphone 5s vs Sony Xperia M5???

    Hi. I need to buy a new phone. I have chosen that im going to buy one from those two. What do u think, which one will be better? I want to get one which will have better battery life , cause im using a lot of internet when im outside my home , which one will keep my battery for longer? Thank you...
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