1. G

    Anyone using bass reflex plugs in KEF LSX?

    I just got a pair of KEF LSX and my plan was to keep them at the TV stand to use them for all music and TV in my living room. However, the stand is (as usual) next to a wall so they are quite close to a wall from the back (~10 cm or so). Furthermore one of them is quite close to the room corner...
  2. B

    Is the Denafrips Pontus 2 a little bass heavy?

    Hi there, I just set up the Denafrips Pontus 2. I upgraded from the Ares 2. Out of the box it sounds quite heavy on the bass. Ive read in reviews that the bass sounded a little thick but I didnt pay attention to it. I loved the Ares 2 so much and I assumed that the Pontus 2 would be better in...
  3. D

    Unrefined listener help and suggestions

    Hi I’m looking to upgrade my hi fi set up for the first time in 20 years, like a lot of my peers in the uk I was brought up on bass heavy music of the 90s, (drum and bass, dancehall, garage etc), so at the moment I’m left with some big old Cerwin Vega E712s, Arcam 8 amp and power amp, and a...
  4. L

    Naim atom no bass with sub

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to get any better bass from the naim unit atom. Currently setup with planet L speakers and Dali 12 inch Sub. It's like it has no grunt.
  5. N

    Subwoofer to fix natural roll-off vs to boost all-around bass?

    Around the web (and in my amp manual) I'm told that the ideal subwoofer settings (for stereo music) is to find set the subwoofer to only pickup sound where the speakers roll off. I've tried this and I don't like it: 1) If my sub only starts with freq below 50hz (the rolloff of my speakers), it's...
  6. watermanpc

    Bass management redirection and LFE +10db?¿?¿

    Hi all, I would like to have some help understanding this issue given I feel more confused the more I read about it. Simply put, when I adjust subwoofer LEVEL in the Avr and in the subwoofer's amp to read, let's say, 75db in the listening position, exactly, what am I calibrating?, I mean, is...
  7. X

    Best amplifier or receiver for good bass and treble?

    Hi all. Newbie. I’m looking to sell my separates and buy a good amplifier that has Bluetooth, Apple, and a DAC built in as well as phono inputs. I was looking at the Denon PMA-600ne. I was set on buying it soon. After popping down to my local RS. But after seeing some video reviews it seems...
  8. sjackson

    Bass Trap vs Broadband Filling (eg. RW3). Just Thickness?

    I'm doing some research on filling material for acoustic panels. I see RW3 & RS60 discussed a lot. For Bass Traps and Broadband panels, is the filling essentially the same but just different thickness? For example the Gik panels... Broadband 242 panels are 67mm deep 244 Bass Traps are 118mm...
  9. TB Rich

    Audyssey App results

    I've just finished doing a second play through now I have XT32 and the Audyssey App - I've got 3 different curves, interested to know which one most people may choose? - Is this broadly how other people are setting up their systems too? Red line is the as-is XT32 output, so mains were set as...
  10. The Eggman72

    Poor bass Denon X8500Ha & 2 x svs sb2000

    ok ive got a Denon x8500ha amp and 2 x svs sb2000 my room is about 15ftx9ft but im getting next to no bass ..test tone runs fine...tried crossovers/moving them (as much as I can) ect even with subs turned up id have tthought in a room my size it would be strong but nope...if i connect up an old...
  11. D

    ADVICE - Pinchy and harsh treble vs Woolly and flabby bass floorstanders

    Hi all. I'm looking to replace my old Mission 71i speakers with some decent quality floorstanders. Everything I've tested so far sounds very harsh. Monitor speakers we're shrill, although they had great clarity, Fyne 302s were the same and even Focals, which we're priced at around £1,000...
  12. G

    Marantz AV7706 Little Bass

    When I listen to Spotify the bass is excellent. Much better than previous Outlaw Audio preamp. Movies have good bass but lower than expected; I'm sure I can adjust that. The problem comes when playing CDs on my OPPO bluray player. Bass is ridiculously low. I've tried HDMI, 7.1 direct...
  13. mgoldenbarnes

    Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 + Marantz PM6004 Bass Distortion Issue

    Hi all, so I've hooked up my Wharfedales and Marantz amp for the first time, hoping to have my first "dream set up". All working well so far but I have an ongoing bass distortion issue with the speakers and I can't figure out how to fix it... So far all I've tried is using the Source...
  14. Bluedog

    Bass lacking after Calibration?

    Not sure what’s going on but there is a notable lack of ‘thunderous’ bass after Calibration? Never had a problem in the past with the same setup. Had upgraded the rear speakers and then did a pioneer MCACC FULL CALIBRATION like I’ve done loads of times. What could be the issue ? If I switch...
  15. ralphm773

    No bass to subwoofer when using Phono

    Hello, nice to meet you all! When I'm using my turntable and setting the app to phono it's not sending a signal to my subwoofer. my AV receiver is a Sony STR-DA5700ES. The manual doesn't mention needing an outboard pre-amp. Thoughts?
  16. Matt Hardy 1988

    Samsung TV QN900a QN800a and QN700a sound vibration bass issues

    Samsung TV QN900a QN800a and QN700a sound vibration bass issues - Good afternoon all. I purchased the Samsung 8K QN900a back in June 2021. Ever since I received this I've had sound issues. A vibration at the back of the TV when watching anything with any bass. Walking Dead for example. I didn't...
  17. RezaD

    Boomy bass vs punchy bass

    Hi all I already had 2 LG subwoofers with this specs: Driver = 8" Output Power = 150w (RMS) - 300 w (Peak) 88 dB Frequency Response = 35 Hz to 200 Hz I sold 2 LG subwoofers and buy a Pioneer S-RS3SW subwoofer with this specs: Driver = 12" Output Power = 200w (RMS, 100kHz, THD 10%) - 330w (Peak)...
  18. T

    Older Denon X4300H weak bass

    This is yet another thread about bass management. More specifically about bass management on an older Denon X4300H. I have searched this for quite a while, and sometimes I end up in the owners thread. Seems like I can never get the bass settings just right on my receiver, and I am starting to...
  19. Steve Burling

    Emotiva Bass X A3 shall I take the plunge ?

    Hi, Just need some advice, As per my set up below I’m thinking of adding a separate AMP to at least run the front soundstage. My AV receiver has the Pre outs so wanting to utilise to add a separate AMP. My worry is will a separate AMP make a considerable upgrade difference to the sound...
  20. Viking65

    Treble and Bass Settings

    Hi, relatively new to hifi, since my youth anyway, my system consists of Denon RCD DAB41 and have Cambridge Audio SX50 speakers. I listen to my music now through Poweramp android app using Bluetooth and have all the eq settings at flat, my question is what I should set the treble and bass at on...
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