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  1. C

    Wharfedale Diamond 9.1, bass replaced

    I'm thinking of buying a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers. The bass unit on one was apparently damaged and both have been replaced with Peerless sds p830656. The owner says they sound just as good, if not better than the originals. Any thoughts? They are inexpensive (under £30), but...
  2. Italian Job

    Wool felt for bass traps

    Hello I recently bought some 1cm thick wool felt to stick under my rugs, to my surprise I got delivered a huge 130cm x 50cm roll 😄 god knows how heavy it is! Now I'm thinking it could make an amazing tube bass trap, all I need is a couple of sturdy cardboard tubes with caps and I'm golden. What...
  3. R

    New KEF KC92

    Didn't see a thread and no doubt it will create a lot of chatter. Coming April '24 apparently.
  4. sparkzz

    Ideas for a Bass Shaker amp for 4x Aura AST-24-04 50w 4ohm on a sim-rig

    Hi Gang, Sort of an AV question :-) I am after some sort of small form amp or amps to run 4 bass shakers I have installed on my sim racing set-up. I bought some cheapie things off fleabay to see if the theory worked, which it did but they sound like a jet taking off with the naff fan & design...
  5. g8ina

    Wanted WTD single bass driver from a Castle bookshelf, carbon fibre cone

    Not sure of the model as the labels are missing, but its the smaller bookshelf model with carbon fibre bass driver with solid bullet nose. This one had the spider detach and even my expert repair man could recentre it fully so its now catching the voice coil....
  6. Dave Gray

    Question Kef Q5 bass dust cap repair

    The dust cap on my Kef Q5 floorstander speaker bass driver has somehow become detached. Is it just a matter of sticking it back on, if so what type of adhesive should I use? Any advice would be greatly welcomed!! Thanks all!
  7. atmos74

    Question Using bass shakers with Denon 4700

    Hi, I currently run a 7.2.4 system with a Denon 4700 and Sony STR 1080 (just for Atmos speakers) My speakers are Dali Zensor 1's with a E12F sub and a Bk Monolith running off the second sub output. All set up with Audessey and happy with how it sounds Would like to add a bass shaker to my couch...
  8. D

    Acoustic engineers

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right place to post this but after some advice/experiences/recommendations :) I have found myself upgrading every part of my system trying to find the right sound but never seem to get it. I am finding lows not low enough and highs too high. After a year...
  9. R

    Nvidia-Shield access to subtitles

    Hi, I stream using Nvidia- Shield and am currently watching 'Lawmen Bass Reeves' on Paramount plus. I can't fathom out how to access the subtitles, could someone enlighten me please? Many thanks Geoff.
  10. S

    Question Bass shaker placement - Valencia Seating

    Has anyone fitted a bass shaker unit to Valencia seating - i have the Valencia Verona seats and have a bass shaker ordered (dayton BST-1), i was curious as to how or where people chose to attach the shaker for the best effect?
  11. M

    Surround Speakers: Full Range or Bass Limited

    I started my Home Cinema setup with a 5.1 and currently have a 7.3.4 system and I have always followed the usual guidelines setting all speakers as small with 80Hz XO, even when using full range (floorstanders, to be more precise) in L&R and, at some point, surrounds . To be honest, I dont think...
  12. T

    Dirac Live Bass Control for Denon and Marantz

    Dirac live bass control has now come to the D&M avrs and pre pros however peoples experiences with it are scattered in to different threads for each individual avr. So I thought for those of us like myself who haven’t yet pulled the trigger on it and to help those that already have tweak their...
  13. A

    Mission M74 Amp partner for huge bass

    Hi All, I’ve acquired a pair of Mission M74 and have paired them with Arcam alpha 7 cd and a Marantz 6005 amp. I was wondering if anyone knew of an amp for around the £200 mark, second hand that would deliver some more bass. Many thanks in advance. C

    Added 2nd Sub, lost Bass Punch

    Hi guys, I need some help please. I've just added 2nd subwoofer to my setup and the bass sounds and feels different. First the bass punch I got from the single sub who gone and the bass in general feels weak using 2. Am I doing some thing wrong? I've calibrated the speakers using audyssey and...
  15. S

    Question Adding a 2nd sub for more punch. Question/Recommendations?

    Hey folks. I've got a dedicated cinema room (4.5x6) with a P12-300SB-FF handling the bass. Happy with the low end stuff, but would like to add some more punchiness to the whole thing. I don't want to go crazy, so will either pick up a 2nd hand or budget extra sub to do the work. (e.g. around...
  16. M

    Subwoofer suddenly stops working after 10 mins.

    Hello guys, I've got quite an old setup with an ONKYO TX-SR606 and the KEF KHT3005 Satelite Speakers (5.1). This setup is being used for over 15 years now and still working, except the sub. It suddenly stops outputting anything after around 10 mins running. When is turn it off/on again, it...
  17. M

    Marantz SR7015 = Tons of LFE bass after Audyssey

    Hi all, Happy to be a member of this forum. I have lurked for a while, and come across many threads which have helped me to remedy many of the issues over the years. Sadly, this one bugs me to an extent that I'm forced to ask. I have previously powered my home theater speakers (mostly polk...
  18. simonmlewis

    Can you put a subwoofer on a low table?

    I have a heavyish sub (with spiked feet) behind an arm chair at the moment. The chair is between the right speader and the Sub. So far, sounds good. Can feel it through the floor at times. Can' see the sub. The hole of the sub aims forward (so to the right of the arm chair if you looking...
  19. B

    Question for those with Bose soundbars and bass module

    So about a month ago I bought a Bose soundbar 550 for my bedroom. I didn’t like the way it sounded with the soundbar trying to play the lows as well so I just bought the bass module 500. With my living room setup I was running a Sonos arc and didn’t like it playing low frequencies as well so I...
  20. B

    Phase question for Dual subs..

    Just wondered if this makes any sense.. If I run multiple bass rew sweeps with 1 sub on 0 phase and changing phase on sub 2 in small increments, will the highest spl give me the optimal results to send to Audyssey for calibration... Thanks....
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