bass management

  1. witwald

    Bass management on Yamaha R-N803D Network Receiver

    I was wondering if someone can provide some details about the bass management system that comes with the Yamaha R-N803D Network Receiver. I've taken a look at the Owner's Manual, but apart from saying that YPAO is used, it doesn't provide any further details. It seems to rely on completely...
  2. Pollywoggle

    Question Anyone remember the SVS AS-EQ1 bass management

    Does anyone remember the SVS AS-EQ1 by Audyssey? With no other eq in my system I bought one some years ago and it’s been doing a pretty good job looking after my subwoofers over the years including my current Seaton Submersives I’m now looking at getting a more modern receiver with EQ like...
  3. Umar1st

    Denon X2200w / Tannoy HTS 101 XP Audyssey Crossovers & Bass Management

    Hi All I've recently been doing some reading into crossovers and bass management. Initially when I bought my system, all I did was run through the setup Audyssey, wiring in the mic and going through the setup. Turned the switch from auto to always on with the sub, left it at phase 0, maxed...
  4. P

    Looking for an AV processor with flexible bass redirection for small speakers

    Is there any AV processor out there that allows one to set each individual "small" speaker to have its bass redirected either to the subwoofer or to the main speakers? I'd like to have the bass of my central speaker (a Magnepan) redirected to the main speakers, while redirecting the bass of my...
  5. lexicon

    Dirac Live with Bass Control

    Having just acquired the first Storm Mk2 I thought I’d start a thread on Dirac and in particular the way it handles bass management. I’ll kick this off with a copy of a post I made on the Arcam thread and the observations and experiences of @hestepare which seem to correspond with mine. I...
  6. frogyzq

    ALL LG's soundbars and SPK8-S rear speakers bass management flaw

    ALL LG's soundbars and SPK8-S rear speakers bass management flaw The sound bar not realize bass management to SPK8-S rear channels . It's simple to test it, run Dolby Atmos test tones (7.1.2) and for every sound bar channel the subwoofer make some bass (the bass management ), for the rear...
  7. P

    Room Correction - DSP's - Bass Absorbers - etc etc

    I'm looking at putting a HIFI in a room that I think is going to cause problems. Its got a large window opposite the speakers, a large beam in the ceiling where a wall was taking out by a previous owner. Plus it has a suspended wooded floor... This may have a massive effect on the sound, or it...
  8. V

    Question Bass Management for 2.1 setup

    Hi Guys I am very new to the AVR thing and just today bought my Denon X4500H with Klipsch RP-8000F and Klipsch R 115SW. I was fiddling through the setup for speakers and bass management. The settings for bass management are LFE + Main and speaker size set to "Large" crossover frequency Denon...
  9. YeongTae

    Question about settings for my system

    Hi, I just recently pulled out my Klipsch Promedia 5.1 THX sound system from 12 years of storage - I had been in an apartment where I couldn't really use them - and I absolutely love them. It's the first system I ever owned and the best by far (not hard when everything else I've had has been...
  10. <aNiMa>

    Answered Best way to set subwoofer with amplifier without bass management

    Dears, So I just bought a Klipsch R-115sw and I'd like to find the best way to connect it to my current system (Cambridge cxa60 + Tannoy xt6f + chord mojo). Now from my understanding the amplifier cxa60 doesn't have bass management but it does have the sub output. (from the amplifier...
  11. EN

    Question ONKYO 5530 soundfield processing

    Hi, I have Onkyo PR-SC5530 with 7.2.4 configuration. All speakers (except main front) as cut at specific frequency (set to small). I have some doubts about bass management. AFAK the cut-off bass from all speakers must be directed to the subs, correct? Because the front L+R speakers produce a lot...
  12. M

    .Q Acoustics 2050. I'm not so sure.

    Hi , I have had the Q Acoustics 2050 about 8 months now. I've always run them with a subwoofer and the sound is really great. the problem is if I switch the subwoofer off ,the Qs have no bass at all. All the reviews I've read praise the low end of these speakers.I don't get it. My Roberts radio...
  13. bandyka

    Question Individual sound mode settings for Onkyo TX-NR3030. How to?

    Hello, What I mean is the system is perfectly calibrated for movies when it comes to bass management but I would love a bit more low end for music listening I just can't figure out how to set and save bass levels for say "Stereo" and "Neo: X Music". Thanks
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