1. sea surfer

    Bargain Why So Serious / Lightbox / Bargain

    Just found this, it might be of some interest to fellow members: Hot Toys DC Comics Batman: The Dark Knight (Why So Serious? Version) Lightbox - UK Exclusive Use code RL15 for new customers for £21 + £2 postage. RRP £130
  2. jimbo3147


    My grandson has a projector which was overheating after about an hour and then cut out. He would really like to have a working projector. Is it worth looking at having this fixed or is there a reasonably priced (i.e. cheap) alternative either new or second hand which I could consider getting for...
  3. D

    Oled black friday bargain...wanted

    Looking to be tempted by a cracking deal on something 75" plus.... anyone seen anything tempting......?
  4. hotchilidamo

    When is the best time to grab a bargain?

    So I want to buy a gaming rig, but I’m in no desperate rush. I’m wondering when might be the best time to buy to get the best bang for buck? Is Black Friday the best time, or in the January sales, or actually is it better some other time of the year when sales are down like the summer when...
  5. D

    Bargain Hisense 120L5F Bargain again
  6. MikeKay1976

    VR Bargain Games / Hardware Thread

    Hi I often post games or VR deals and rather than make new threads maybe it would be good to have one here all in 1 place. I will kick off Creed £3.55 Nice discount on this vr boxing title
  7. Paul7777x

    Speaker mega bargain here guys.

    A pair of awesome active Adams here for a silly price. They wouldn’t be if I had the cash to grab them... 😔
  8. dix316

    Bargain: Panasonic 55HZ980

    John Lewis have one left in stock (at Leeds) of the 55HZ980 for only £689…
  9. acgingersnaps

    Possible Bargain - Kef r3

    Hi All I may be either late to the party or missing something (apologies if so), but Peter Tyson appear to be doing the Kef r3, in Walnut, at £999. Very decent.
  10. M

    Dali Opticon 2 at Richer -- grab that bargain!!

    I've just spotted that Richer Sounds are flogging off end-of-line Dali Opticon 2 speakers for £249 a pair. That is stunning, unmissable value! I bought mine from Richer about three years ago when they had an RRP of £649 (OK, they knocked fifty quid off for me -- big deal). They are superb...
  11. Coco0202

    hdmi splitter 2.0 issue

    Hi all, Without HDMI 2.0 splitter, via CEC the 4k Chromecast is able to turn on and off the tv, and switch inputs, but when I have the splitter in the middle, it does not work at all.
  12. T

    Samsung Q90r 75" bargain? £1199

    So I bought a 75 inch Samsung Q90r for £1199 yesterday. It was a display unit used hence the discount and of course a 2019 model but as far as I can see I've snapped myself a bargain? Was it the right move?
  13. D

    2020 XH9505 or 2021 X90/94J?

    Hi I am in the market for a new TV. I love my existing 50" 1080p Sony and it works seamlessly with my surround system so want to stick with the brand. I was looking at the 55" XH9505 previously but thought I would wait for the replacement. However, it turns out the new X95J will not be...
  14. Andy Bassett

    Bargain 20 percent off HBO box sets at Zavvi

    There's 20 percent off a mix of HBO Blu-ray and DVD box sets at Zavvi right now, including Game of Thrones, Succession and Big Little Lies - just use the code HBO20.
  15. T

    Q Acoustics 3050, bargain for 450€ ?

    Those popular Q3050s go for 450€ with warranty? List price 800€ right now. Also would it be a big improvement to my MA Bronze 2s ?
  16. Calderano

    Bargain Q80T 75" Bargain Buy

    Not posted on here for a very long time but felt the need to advertise Costco's £400 price drop on the Q80T 75 inch TV. Not really advertised anywhere as far as I can see and just saved me a rather large wedge as RS price matched it with a further £20 off for good measure and an additional years...
  17. C

    New house requires new bargain system....

    Having been forced to down size our house i have take the male stance my aging Hifi had to go and settled on using my smaller system consisting of .... Project Essential Turntable Arcam Solo Mk1 (owned for last 12years) q acoustics 3030i So replacing the Arcam solo and has served me well but...
  18. GeneticMutation

    The AVF PS5 Bargain Hunters (Penny Pinchers) Thread

    Link to the PS4 thread which has some useful info posted by @Cha1ky
  19. meep

    Bargain 14TB external for £189

    The 14TB deal below has now sadly expired. However, there’s still up to 20% of WD externals in the Amazon Boxing Day sales event. Amazon have a sale on these right now... 14TB WD External Down from £249 This is a great price. And these can be shucked for use in storage arrays etc.
  20. GeorgeStorm

    Bargain Toshiba 65UL2063DB for £429 a bargain or still not a good deal?

    Hi, As above, came across this morning, and whilst I hadn't considered Toshiba TVs, I wonder if at that price it suddenly becomes viable?
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