1. MaryWhitehouse

    Bargain turntable refinish

    Love my Pioneer PL12D turntable. About 6 months older than me gulp. However I've not been a fan of the dark, dull 'wood'. I've previously made all the mods I wanted for sound (cork mat, memory foam inside to dampen resonance and in springs for damping) and a modern cart, AT VM530EN, so it was...
  2. dannydj

    For Sale Icebreaker x 2 mens tops merino wool - bargain - only available till sunday

    both new with tags Jet Heather Black Large RRP £160 Monsoon grey / Estate blue lapis Large...
  3. Demon

    For Sale Kamei Husky XXL Roof Box (used once) / 2 x 3200W Split Airconditioning Units (Unused)

    2 x 3200W Split Airconditioning Units (Unused) - £150 - SOLD to tami - <Money Received and items picked up by buyers courier KAMEI HUSKY XXL Roof Box - Black - £50 - SOLD to its_all_greek - picked up
  4. The Sound Counsel

    Bargain The Sound Counsel - Pre-Owned List with Photos

    Our Pre-owned & Ex-display stock list – A little older, a little cheaper but still a very good buy. If you are interested in any of the items please PM or email us at [email protected] so we can keep the thread as relevant as possible. Typically we can email more Hi-Res photos to...
  5. reddwarf4ever

    BARGAIN Hitman GOTY for Xbox ONE

    Hi XBOX1 Hitman GOTY edition only £8.99 for the next 4 more days only, have to have gold to buy it at this price.
  6. H

    Thought I'd got a bargain - need a solution

    first of all sorry if this is in the wrong section. Think I've a way around this but Just need someone more tech savvy to confirm this I recently purchased a Sony Dav-is10 all in one system from Facebook marketplace. The thing is over 10 years old and discontinued however the guy had it in his...
  7. Tyler Durden

    Question Bargain Used Projector Buys - What are your recommendations?

    It's been a while since I last looked at projectors, back then the JVC X3-7-9s were on my list, but things didn't quite work out. What bargains are there out there now on the used market at under £500?
  8. stevenmp3

    Bargain OEM EPSON ELPLP89 BULB FOR EH-TW9300 EH-TW9300W HC5035 NLS £45

    Hi all EH-TW9300 EH-TW9300W owners, found a good deal on oem lamps for EH-TW9300 EH-TW9300W at £45 each delivered, so far i have purchase 3 ,i made an offer of $30...
  9. A

    H65U9AUK- Now a bargain?

    Now available for £899. Considering it's original price and its 75" variant got a good review, is this a TV worth considering? I realise it doesn't have Dolby Vision, but having seen some comparisons on YouTube, it doesn't really bother me.
  10. Paul7777x

    Bargain Dali Callisto super bargain. A preposterously fine bargain for anyone looking for a new hifi, or just a pair of excellent active speakers.
  11. J

    Bargain Expired Hisense H55B7500UK currently £350 delivered using temporary code on ebay Item price: £389.00 -£38.90 Your price: £350.10 Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 17/04/20. Terms and conditions apply. PRESENT10 Other 50"+ TVs in...
  12. D

    4K firestick bargain

    Best price I've seen for the 4K firestick £29.99
  13. JCXDenton

    Ebay Bargain: Absolutely "Mint" Apple iPad mini 4 128GB

    Link: Apple iPad mini 4 128GB, Wi-Fi, 7.9in - Silver 888462368827 | eBay Cheers.;)
  14. jonnee

    Pioneer VSX-LX303 a bargain at £449?

    Hi all, I'm up for an upgrade from my Sony STR-DN1040 and had narrowed the choices down to: Sony STR-DN1080 @£429 or Denon AVR-X2600H @£425 'Accidentally' popped into my local Richers and they have the Pioneer VSX-LX303 @£449 - any thoughts on where to put my money? I know the Sony is highly...
  15. ItsNotAllSnakeOil

    Hi-Fi Bargain: Sonos AMP (NEW)

    I have recently decided to streamline my setup as i could no longer be bothered with all the boxes. I was running a Cyrus 8vs2 amp, Sonos Connect, PSB Imagine Mini Bookshelfs, CA Dacmagic + all the required cables. The system has sounded very good to my ears for a while now but i really wanted...
  16. PerryGunn

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless £161.65 / £156.03 delivered

    Stolen from HotUKDeals Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Touch Control now £161.65 / £156.03 delivered with fee free card at Amazon France
  17. alexhol

    Bargain Oyohotels 30% off.

    OYOREVOLUT. Can be used 5 times. New and existing customers. Expires in 10 days.
  18. W

    Wait for Q90T or get a bargain Q90R now?

    Hi Everyone, I have a 9 year old Samsung UE46D8000 (yes I know, ancient), but to be fair has held up very well, and most of my viewing is plain old broadcast HD TV (and YouTube), so haven't felt need to upgrade until now. But finally time and mulling over waiting out April for the 2020 Samsung...
  19. J

    Bargain. Q75Q70RAT

    Hi guys Just spotted this tv for £1649. Pretty good deal I thought.
  20. DHarrison1221

    Bargain DVD/Blu Ray/4K Pickups

    Hi All, I'm fairly new to the forums so forgive me if there is already a similar thread to this but, as someone who doesn't pick up new titles at launch but instead gets the majority of my collection from the likes of charity shops and car boot sales, I thought it would be nice to have a...
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