1. T

    Running a Virgin Media SuperHub 3 off a battery bank

    I have a VM SuperHub 3 in router mode. According to this website and my own testing, my SuperHub 3 consumes around 11 to 12 watts. I wanted to know if I could get at least 10 hours of use from a Jackery 240 () which has 240Wh. In theory, I should be able get around 20 hours so my requirement of...
  2. RogerDingo

    looking to upgrade my AV system ... need some advice and suggestions without breaking the bank

    hi all i am interested in upgrading my aging AV system with a brand new spanking one to go into our new house ...we wont be moving in till Feb/March next year so thought id start doing some research into what my options would be.... so we got plenty of time to find the right fit. my current AV...
  3. deans6571

    Bank Holiday Monday if England Win?

    Should Boris give the country a Bank Holiday this coming Monday should England win the Euros?!
  4. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired Anker Powercore Power bank reduced from £17.99 to £13.99. Expires 22/06/21

    Anker Powercore Slim 10000, Extremely Thin Power Bank, Compact 10000 mAh External Battery, High Speed, PowerIQ And VoltageBoost Charging Technologies, Power Bank For iPhone, Samsung Galaxy And More Discount doesn't seem to be available for the white model. Must have amazon prime to receive...
  5. Buzzcrow

    I'm putting together a gang for a bank heist, are you in? If so what's your role?

    I am Mr Big obviously.
  6. M

    Decent AVR with proper pre outs without breaking the bank.

    Hi Guys, As above I’m looking for a good AVR with proper pre outs to run the L & R channels on HI FI amp? 100 watts PC minimum. I am still on 5.1 sound so don’t need multiple channels as will only be using centre and rears. I’m kind of thinking Marantz or Denon? What does everybody else think...
  7. The Dark Horse

    Starling Bank - Opinions please

    I’ve been looking into switching my current account to the app based Starling Bank. Any downsides any users have found, like things you can’t do easily or get charged for?
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