1. 5

    Wanted Usb-C Apple Watch Charging Cable & Genuine 44mm Watch Bands

    Looking for an Apple Watch charging cable with the usb-c connector Also interested in genuine Apple 44mm watch bands - not any crazy bright colours ideally lol
  2. Don Rogers Tash

    Best Bands Of The 70's.

    10 CC for me. Amongst many others. Even though they were discovered by a vile paedophile. You ?
  3. JoeCap

    Are available frequency bands on unlocked mobile phones the same on carrier specific versions?

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting the Samsung A52 5G unlocked USA version but want to make sure that it has the full frequency bandwidth capabilities as the carrier specific versions. I've been searching around but haven't found a reliable source saying if an unlocked phone has different bands...
  4. Lusaka

    Scrolling bands on a C1

    I have a new C1 55" which must be still under 100 hours so probably hasn't done the automatic pixel refresh yet - I wish we could see the hours ran like the US version seem to be able to see. Uniformity looks very good to my novice eyes from watching the Youtube video from Darko with no bands or...
  5. B

    Best Sounding Budget/Mid Range DAP for Metal bands such as Metallica, Slayer, In Flames, Rammstein

    I used to use my IPOD Classic to listen to all my Mp3s but ive started getting the FLAC files for the same songs. The Ipod recently broke so been using my Samsung Note 4 phone and obviously does not sound as good. So looking to buy a new DAP but I do not really need features such as WIFI...
  6. owl61uk

    Why are all the best selling rock bands all male ?

    Been thinking about this for a while now. But if you check just about any list of top selling rock bands, they all have one thing in common; they are all males in the band Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Stones Led Zeppelin,Metallica, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Queen and so on. The main exception to this...
  7. M

    TCL TV light horizontal bands

    I bought this 55p816 TCL in Austria a couple months ago. I have noticed some horizontal lines on the TV since I first bought the TV, but I thought it was normal or caused by some specific applications. However, after more than one month, lines still appear. The lines do not appear clearly all...
  8. D

    Question Epson TW1000 - red and blue bands on the top and bottom of screen

    I recently changed the lamp on a ceiling mounted Epson TW1000. Since then I've got a pale red and blue band (about 6 inches wide) on the top and bottom of my picture (see attached example). Have I dislodged something in the unit ? These bands appeared immediately after installing the new lamp.
  9. S

    Resistance bands

    So, with all the gyms shut down until further notice I have been looking at resistance bands to give me a bit of a workout at home. does anyone here have any, or can recommend any? In between which style to get, either something like this (although with more resistance)...
  10. RLepecha

    H49N5500UK moving bands

    Hi all, I've had my Hisense H49N5500UK for a couple of years and today I noticed 3 or 4 moving dark bands in the picture. Particularly evident when the backlight is set low (cinema day & night mode) and even more so in dark scenes. The bands appear to be a couple of inches wide and start at...
  11. staffy 2

    Bands after second 2000 hour pixel refresh

    My lovely E7 has developed horrible bands after it’s second 2000 hour pixel refresh.They don’t show on my iPad camera but look bad on my iPhone.What does everyone think as I’ve a 5 year warranty with Peter Tyson and they show bad in football the most.Can everyone see them
  12. E

    Question Elastic tensioners projector screen

    I just saw that my projector screen had ripples left hand side. When I took the screen of the wall I noticed that 2 of the elastic tensioners , that keep the screen under tension were broken. I noticed a few more that look brittle. Any help appreciated. Thank you ener1
  13. R

    Vintage t shirts

    Hi, I am a vintage t shirt collector and I am interested in adding more film, music and sport t shirts from the 80’s and 90’s to my collection. If anyone has any t shirts they are interested in selling. Please get in touch. Kind regards Krish
  14. D

    Question Discoloured bands

    I've attached a photo. I keep seeing this and it's usually when playing content through Netflix and I think it's when I'm watching HDR content. These bands on discolouration keep cropping up. They're not visible in every scene, it tends to be more visible during dark scenes etc but it's really...
  15. T

    Question LG OLED65B7V - Vertical stripes on dark backgrounds

    Hi all, I just got an LG OLED65B7V a couple of weeks ago and I've noticed a problem with dark vertical stripes on the screen. They're not visible when the picture is bright, only when the picture is dimmer or the background is darker. Has anyone else seen this? Thanks, Tony
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