1. K

    Banding on Sony OLED AH8

    Hi I’ve noticed banding and discolouration on my 9 month old 55” A8H (or is it AH8?). TV has about 1200 hours on it. Is this quite extreme, or par for the course with OLED? We don’t use it for anything that has static images in that area of the screen. We don’t really use it for games or...
  2. Fat_Tony

    Samsung Ue75mu7000 banding issues

    Hi folks, I can see from a search this is a common problem. I've had this TV for 3-4 years in my cinema room, it got minimal use. Recently I've been using it alot more and tonight I've noticed some severe banding, I'm not sure how long it's been doing this. It's still under warranty from...
  3. teenaxta

    Is this much vertical banding on LG CX normal?

    Hello I have 65inch LG CX TV. I have noticed that there is vertical banding when watching movies in dark room. I cant understand if this is normal or is my unit a faulty one. Does LG replace such TVs or is it as is? The images exaggerate the problem but it is noticeable.
  4. M

    LG 65CX Banding

    Hi everyone, I'm the owner of this 65CX TV since 2 weeks and... I would like to get your opinion : I've already made a complete pixel refresh (one hour) when I received my panel (a mistake from me) Do you recommend a return ? How can I see total usage hours - since the last update I can't...
  5. JonnyTester

    Horrible banding on top streaming services

    I got a hankering for some Mandalorian in HDR and Atmos yesterday. So I fired up the family (HA!) Xbox One S, started the Disney+ app, and settled down. The first episode started, and I was very impressed with the picture quality (the Atmos audio, not so great). But then it came to the part...
  6. Sheeta

    Question about oled banding:)

    Hey all:) I bought my first oled TV, which is lg cx 55 inch. I have read a lot about banding issues in oled tvs, so I was wondering what is acceptable/normal amount? Here is picture of mine, is this good? I think it looks good , but I would like to have second opinions since I don't have...
  7. M

    Are OLED's more prone to have colour gradient banding?

    Like the topic says, are OLED's more prone to have colour gradient banding then LCD's?. The first few weeks I had my LG CX I didn't notice anything, but suddenly I started noticing it, especially when gaming there where some colour banding, much more then on my Sony XF9005. Especially panning...
  8. N

    Vizio M65 C1 Verticle Banding

    Trying to troubleshoot the banding issues with my TV. Pale vertical bands appear occasionally. Most noticeable in dark as well as light movie scenes. Any suggestions on how to remedy this problem?
  9. T

    Question LG 65sj810v and vertical banding

    Guys I have purchased last year a brand new(in very good price) LG 65SJ810v but I have problem with the vertical banding.LG here in Greece can't cover it as a problem.(It said that it is normally...).Could you suggest me the best settings to this model do reduce the vertical banding lines? Thanks
  10. S

    Question Is this amount of vertical banding normal?

    I've had this 55" C8 for 6 months now, and just wondered if this amount of banding is normal or if I should look for support? First time OLED owner.
  11. Volvik

    Question Vizio P659-G1 Banding 'that' obvious?

    Well it's time to replace my 5 year old 65" Vizio non 4K and now that I've got eye strain from reading reviews perhaps an owner of this 659 can pipe in. From all accounts this is a pretty decent TV and clearly better than my old one however the only thing that I have come across is this...
  12. mosultan92

    LG C8 Oled Uniformity Issues - 4th Defective TV!!

    Hey everyone, I have a C8 Oled with some visible uniformity issues in the form of a cross in the top left quarter of the screen. The tv’s total power on time is 1540 hours and I’ve done countless pixel refresher cycles with no help. This is my third replacement from LG after two tvs with much...
  13. Alex2309

    I've gone through one LED and 5 OLED panels, and all of them have been faulty and repaired/returned!

    This is going to be a long post. It simply can't be summarised briefly... So, in July 2018 I decided I wanted a new, high end TV. The first TV I purchased was The Sony Xe93 (X930e). Immediately I noticed a dead pixel on the screen. It was quite large, so was likely a cluster of pixels, as I...
  14. N

    LG OLEDB7 Image shade bands

    So has my unit just over 18 months now and have started noticing a different shade in colour. The left hand side of the screen is one shade and the right hand another with a perfect break line down the middle. So run some colour palettes (just solid colours) and it’s like looking at different...
  15. D

    Banding issues

    Hi guys, english is not my primary language,bu i'll try to explain my problem,my phone is an lg g7,i love it in every way,but it had and has today some screen issues.the first time,when i bought it,the screen had a little and quiete invisible light bleed on the bottom left corner,so (im...
  16. B

    Question What causes banding in OLEDs?

    I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere. I've done a Google search for the exact phrase used in the topic title, but I'm exclusively finding threads complaining about/comparing severity of banding, none explaining WHY it happens. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to TV tech, but...
  17. B

    how can I avoid dse and banding?

    I am extremely sensitive to dirty screen effect (DSE) and banding. I do a lot of gaming, so I am always staring at screens with camera pans, often with solid-colored backgrounds. Also, we usually use the tv in very dark environments, as light in my peripheral vision causes me headaches. I...
  18. B

    Question 2018 Vizio M-Series bright spot on top of screen (banding?)

    Hi all. I’m looking for help/advice on an issue that is driving me crazy. There is a spot in the top middle of my new Vizio M55-F0 that is noticeably brighter than the surrounding screen. It is most visible when the tv is displaying brighter colors, particularly yellow, green, and white. I play...
  19. GalacticaActual

    Oled return advice please

    Happy new year everybody . My 55b6 developed some screen burn after 2 years even though I was very careful with settings and usage. Richer sounds were very good under warranty and pretty much exchanged it for me for a 55 b8. However. I think this TV is not as good as it should be. I...
  20. A

    Question OLED B8 good or poor screen uniformity? Advice please

    So I recently acquired an LG OLED B8 55” brand new and so far it’s had about 10 or so hours of use. I decided to test the uniformity with grey slides on YouTube after noticing something similar to LCD tv light bleeding on the right bottom corner during a movie with black bars. Would like to...
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