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  1. T

    What Banana plugs for Mission 780se speakers

    Hi Really appreciate help ... I have two old Mission 780se speakers ... Trying buy Banana plugs for back of speakers. The set I bought don't fit. Can anyone tell me what sort of banana plugs I should be using and where I can buy them ? speakers bought 1995 Thank you
  2. K

    Banana plugs for thick cable?

    I have bi-wired cable talk 4.1 (i think) which are a nightmare to attach to my marantz amp. So looking for so quality banane plugs that will take what I assume is now some super thick cable.
  3. B

    Banana plugs - where to start

    I’ve just bought my daughter a TEAC turntable and Steljes Audio NS3 speakers. I’d like to put plugs on the speaker wire so that it is easier for her to move them around. I’m told I need banana plugs. I’ve googled and they all look slightly different. What should I get? This is all new to me...
  4. Z

    Banana plugs

    Hi I'm looking at banana connections to connect speakers for 5.1 system I'm setting up. Can anyone recommend something half decent that won't break the bank? Thanks in advance.
  5. dts197

    Banana plugs for 12 AWG/4mm wire

    Has anyone get any reccomendations for banana plugs that easily accommodate this thickness of cable and don't cost a fortune? Preferably available on Amazon for quick delivery. I bought some of these that I've previously used with 2.5mm wire but just can't get the screws tightened enough to get...
  6. C

    VERY old speakers, is it better to use wire direct or banana plugs, and is soldering wire best?

    I have some speakers that are around 50 years old, maybe more amazing Wharfdale speakears I got for free 10 years ago that I use for my plasma tv. Up until yesterday All I did was use very thick speaker wire and push into the holes on the terminals and tighen then piece around it, worked fine...
  7. L

    Klipsch Speakers and banana plugs

    I am building my first home theater, I bought all Klipsch speakers, and SVS subs. My bookshelves are the Klipsch R41-M speakers with binding posts. My receiver is the Denon X3700H The banana plugs I want to use are the Sewell Silverback plugs both right angled for the speakers and straight for...
  8. IvanichIvanich

    BFA connectors too big for spendor?

    Hello! I've recently purchased spendor classic 4/5 speakers and analysis plus oval 12 cables... With native BFA (wavey banana) connectors. However, i can't fit them into the speakers' holes in the binding posts (they go well into my amp though). Is it possible to make the diameter smaller with...
  9. Unlucky Alf

    Question Speaker wire and banana plugs

    Just ordered a Denon DM41 and Dali Spektor 2 speakers to replace an old hifi separates system. 👍 I also ordered some Cambridge Audio Micro Ultra cables and banana plugs, but after some looking around, I’m wondering if that was a mistake, and if I would be better off changing to Van Damme Blue...
  10. BlueWizard

    Mediabridge Banana Plugs now in the UK

    I've used and recommended Sewell Deadbolt Banana Plugs for years. It came to my attention that a company called MEDIABRIDGE made very similar near identical Plugs but with metal (anodized aluminum) bodies was now available in the UK. I was just on Amazon-UK and saw the Mediabridge listed...
  11. Onlythesound

    Question Banana plugs or bare wire bound?

    I read a lot about people’s experiences with banana plugs but over decades, have always stripped my speaker wire and bound it to the speaker posts. Are banana plugs better? Thanks
  12. M

    Banana plugs for Q Acoustics

    Hi, I have just acquired some speaker cable terminated with banana plugs and wanted to test in a secondary dormer room system with some Q Acoustics 2010i speakers but the binding posts are in an odd place on these speakers and the holes for the wire or plugs are vertically aligned if that makes...
  13. RobTi

    Question Inserting speaker cable into banana plugs

    Hi do i just insert the cable (van dame blue 2.5) into the plug (fisual easy fix) or do i fold it back doubling it up then insert it ? Thanks
  14. K

    banana plugs in new Pioneer VSX LX-303 AV amp

    Guys, I recently purchased a Pioneer VSX LX-303 from RS to replace my very old Sony Amp (STR-DB1080). I have my existing speakers Kef Eggs (HTS 2001 5.1 setup), which have cable connected with banana plugs. I am keeping my Kef's so thought that switching the amps will be as simple as plugging...
  15. A

    Yamaha RX-V467 BANANA PLUGS - is it possible?

    Hi, so I bought some banana plugs (6mm) for my speakers and amp. They fit into my speakers fine but at the back of the amp the hole seems too small. I've always intended to use banana plugs but only just got round to it after a very long time of owning this amp! In the manual I found online...
  16. giggsy1950

    Question QAcoustics 2050i and banana plugs...

    Hi all. This might be a silly question...but does anyone connect to their QAcoustics 2050i speakers with banana plugs? I'm trying to install them but the binding post doesn't seem deep enough to fully accept the plug. That is to say they won't go all the way in. Am I being dopey?! Thanks.
  17. D

    Question Stripping Rumour X and fitting to banana plugs

    As per the title, I have acquired some Chord Co. Rumour X cable, enough for my front LR and Centre speakers in an Atmos setup. Looking at the cable it is twin core so: 1. How do I go about stripping the ends (and is there a reasonably priced tool to make it easier)? 2. When the cores are exposed...
  18. C

    Banana plugs - both screws against copper?

    Hi. I’ve just received my box of KabelDirekt banana plugs. Each plug has two screws. One near the cable end of the plug, the other screw nearer the plug end if that makes sense. Should both screws contact the core or should the screw closest to the cable end pinch the outer sleeve of the cable...
  19. sebna

    Question Can anyone recommend me good banana plugs at reasonable price?

    Hi, I am preparing to put together bedroom system and bought myself 2x but they do not fit into speaker posts and I managed to install one of them in the AVR but this is how it looked afterwards...
  20. mhweb

    Should I use just cable or banana plugs on a new sound system

    I'm building my first sound system, and it'll be first time making cables, so I was thinking if it's better to use banana plugs or straight out cables? This is going to be my setup: Yamaha RX-V685 SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer x1 Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speakers x1 Polk...
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