baffle wall

  1. LittleNipper

    Position of Subwoofers on Baffle Wall - Advise Needed.

    I'm about to build my baffle wall. And to be honest, I don't know the best position for these subs. As you guys know more about subwoofers than I do. I thought I would ask for a "gut" feel on this, because i can't position, measure and then re-position as required. They were purchase via this...
  2. stevie0

    Genelec 8040’s baffle wall advice

    I am considering this and came across these enclosures, any opinions to if there is any point in using them ? Bearing in mind at the moment the 8040’s have no stands and are missing Isopods I need a solution, and this seems a neat one.
  3. Roberto1975

    Behind the AT screen

    I am looking for advice please, having read quite a few forums on speakers for behind AT screens and baffle wall construction I am still not sure on the best way to go. Last year I started a dedicated cinema room in the loft. At the time I was using Apex A40 for LCR. Whilst they sounded quite...
  4. markymiles

    Baffle Wall Build

    So I am at the very early stages of planning a baffle wall as only decided yesterday. I will hopefully be looking to do it myself and will happily take my time so it's right. I have done a very rough sketch of what I'm planning but don't really have a clue exactly how to build a frame, what...
  5. John Woodcock


    New front end build for 2021 with curved middle section and 1/4 of the way in for 2 front subs
  6. fallinlight

    Handyman wanted to build home cinema frontstage and or frame for AT Screen build - London or will pay for transport of screen

    Handyman wanted to build home cinema frontstage and frame for AT Screen build - London SW11 area - or will pay for transport of screen What I want built: Screen: A 92.5" 2.40:1 screen. If stretching material over myself is easy, I can do this. Or, I would be happy to try spandex or a suitable...
  7. stainless-steel

    AT screen and baffle wall, experiences?

    Hi all, I’m looking to move to an acoustically transparent screen with my L/C/R integrated into a baffle wall. I reckon this is the best forum to ask questions as opposed to the HC speakers forum as I know a fair number of people use an AT screen on here. So my question to those of you that...
  8. ru555

    Question Distance from baffle wall to screen...?

    Hello fellow DIY'ers I'm a little concerned about screen movement from the subs...what distance should I have between by AT screen and baffle wall...? Whats your experience? Also is there a screen material which has less resistance to the air pressure from speakers....perforated? or woven...
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