1. M

    Scalpers / backup buyers - why!!

    Has anyone else noticed how bad this has got lately. Xbox / PS5 sold out instantly, only to be put up for inflated prices on eBay (or here) , or even more likely returned to the store, when all 5 consoles arrive and fail to be sold for massive profits. This is happening even worse on Amazon, my...
  2. M

    Siemens HB676GB Cooker Clock - Battery backup

    Is there supposed to be a form of backup to the clock in the event of a power fail? Every time the mains goes off we have to resent the date and time on the clock on the Oven. I wonder if the installer forgot to remove the bit of plastic on the battery if one exists. Can anyone help ?
  3. J

    WHS 2011 Backup Disk Question

    For donkeys years I've happily run WHS 2011 on an N40L. Recently I replaced my server's external backup disk for a much bigger one and everything is working fine. I use the standard backup process baked into WHS 2011. Question: I have a lot of free space on the new external backup disc. I was...
  4. S

    Question ASUS zenbook 14, difficulty restoring backup from external, boot problem BIOS related, how to

    Restoring my ASUS Notebook UX433FA (solid state drive and windows 10), I would appreciate any help please. Last week I got a blue screen crash "critical structure correction" which since then, although my laptop appears to be ok and even google chrome is now working, I am not quite comfortable...
  5. L

    Anyone use a UPS power backup with their projector?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone uses a UPS power backup / regulator with their projector? It's something I've thought about getting, just to protect the projector against possible power cuts. I also worry about voltage drops, which I hear that UPS devices protect against with AVR...
  6. RBZ5416

    Synology USB Slow, Especially Hyper Backup

    I have a DS218j & really struggling with Hyper Backup through USB. I've tried a full NTFS format from Windows & EXT 4 format from the NAS. I've also disabled data compression as that seems very CPU intensive on what limited resources the 218j has. But USB transfers are desperately slow. I've...
  7. A

    Android Photo Backup 2014

    Let me start by admitting I'm not at all tech savvy... I have lost an old phone (currently unsure what model as I can't remember) but was wondering if there is any way to find out if my photos are backed up elsewhere. The phone would have been used between 2014 and 2016. I currently have...
  8. M

    Promoted [Giveaway] Grab WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for Free – Backup & Digitize Any Old/New/99-Title DVD Movies

    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is one of the best-known and well-loved products in the WinX catalogue. It allows you to digitize any new movies on DVD, 99-title DVDs, kids DVDs, TV series DVDs, scratched or old DVDs etc. For a limited time, you can get a giveaway copy of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for...
  9. mfp2gosling1

    Backup software for Blu Ray, DVD & 4K’s

    I’ve just bought a Zappiti media player and want to backup my Blu Ray & DVD collection to its hard drive (and USB hard drives) and will also want to backup 4K discs as I buy them, what’s the best software to use for copying my discs onto a hard drive? My PC is running Windows 10. Thanks
  10. fiorito82

    Best backup media..

    I like to ask, what is the best backup media for save files?? I use most hard disks, but most things i record on blu ray discs for backup my photos and videos.. So, is it safe to use BDRE for back up, and also, i plan to get LTO tape drive, seems it last long :).. But for now, i usualy use blu...
  11. VibraniumSpork

    Recommendations Please! External Hard Drive for TV Recording and iOS Backup.

    Hi, I'm a first-time poster, so apologies if this is the wrong place for this! I'm hoping that someone might be able to give me some product recommendations or advice on what to look for in terms of meeting a couple of requirements. I'm looking to get an external hard drive that can be...
  12. B

    Garage door battery backup

    I have 2 liftmaster lm80evs garage doors. I have them connected to the app so can open and close them remotely for deliveries etc. I am looking some advice re a battery backup. I believe I can wire 2 12v batteries in series and place them in an enclosure to operate the garage door in a power...
  13. RayP

    No Backup option available on Motorola Moto G - Android 6.0

    My Motorola Moto G (2nd gen) is running Android 6.0. I cannot see an option to backup the apps and related data anywhere. Foolishly I deleted the backup in GDrive thinking I could just generate another one so I could be certain when it was created. But despite repeated searches on t'internet I...
  14. S

    MP3 Backup

    Hi There I have a lot of MP3's all neatly sorted, and arranged into various folders on my NAS, depending on Artist, and Album etc. What is the best method of backing these up, should there be a problem with my NAS? Do I just simply "copy and paste" onto another hard drive, or is their a back...
  15. D

    Since restoring iPhone 7 unable to backup to pc

    Hi hope u can assist, thanks in advance. since restoring my iPhone 7 due to storage space issue I’m unable to do a backup to pc. It states; unable to backup due to read write.... I tried following the W+R %ProgramFiles...... DeviceBackupsDisabled but was unable to run this
  16. Vorlon

    Panasonic DMR-BWT700 Backup to Blu-Ray discs

    I have copied recorded content, mostly SD but also some HD, from the HDD onto several Blu-Ray rewriteable dual layer discs as a backup in case the aging HDD ever fails. My question is, when the recorder initially formats the discs, are these discs actually playable on the same recorder after the...
  17. disneyboy

    Question Help Please: Trying to recover photos from an iPhone backup on to a macbook

    Hi all, The backup won't restore on to my iphone so I want to open the backup up on my macbook and pull the photos out of it. Can anyone recommend any software for this please? Cheers all.
  18. Knight Rider 1963

    Android Backup using Helium

    I'm trying to backup my game saves using Helium, but when I use it, it says unable to login and Backup Error. An error occurred while performing your app backup. My device is Moto G6 Plus.
  19. T

    Question Getting data off iPhone with dead screen

    Hi, My son just dropped my iPhone 6s Plus and now the screen is covered with flickering horizontal and vertical banding lines and is unresponsive. The screen is not actually physically damaged from the outside but I assume the screen controller or similar has become disconnected or damaged...
  20. Z

    Question Backup embedded XP using USB and external HD

    Dear Expert The picture below for a computer box that has embedded XP that is used for with wood cutting machine. Imgur Machine similar (not same) to this : Buy Woodtech Machinery Combined Planner WT 101 at discount rate online in india | Woodzon Last week OS XP stuffed up and...
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