1. P

    Help with best synology setup

    Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice on a home setup with a Synology DS220+ I’ve just purchased. I’ve stuck 2x 4tb WD RED plus drives into it, and also bought a third one that I’m going to use to replace my old Seagate barracuda 2tb secondary HDD in my home pc. In terms of planned usage, would...
  2. robex

    Export channels 65PUS7906

    Hello, How can I export live tv channels for editing on PC, and then reimporting it? Philips does not offer a dedicated software, also I did not find a software compatible with Android10 Thanks
  3. Downinja

    Photo Backup

    So the Mrs' phone is full, and of course I have to sort it :) She doesn't have any crazy sized apps and by far the biggest culprit is her photo library. She's happy to just have all the images and videos put on an external drive and delete them on her phone. Is this as simple as plugging it...
  4. JimJoiner

    Backup of my Dolby Vision/ Atmos UHD Blu Ray Library - MKV file playback via USB connected to JZ2000 USB port?

    Dear all, I spent a lot of time over the most recent lockdown backing up my collection of UHD Blu Ray Dolby Vision Atmos discs to file. I am almost complete and the ones I have done are now on an 8TB external usb 3.0 hard drive in .mkv format. I have been waiting for delivery of a Panasonic...
  5. R

    iPhone Backup Concerns

    Hello, hope you are having a nice weekend. I am trying to backup my old iPhone 6 and it is turning out to be so stressful. I wanted basically to store my WhatsApp data, App data, pictures etc on my Windows PC. However backup to iCloud does not let you access App data or WhatsApp data. iTunes is...
  6. DavidT

    iCloud backup storage size

    Why did iCloud backup tell me I needed to upgrade from the free 5gb plan but then once I had upgraded the backup size is just 319mb? Have Apple duped me into paying for an upgrade I don’t need.
  7. C

    NAS advice for media streaming and auto data backup

    I've ordered a 4 bay NAS(asustor 6604) with 8Gb RAM and 4 X 4Tb HDD. I primarily want it for three functions, media streaming of movies/video to smart TVs and tablets, automated backup of files from PCs, and storage for 3 X IP CCTV. I'll also use it as extended storage for the PCs in the house...
  8. -gonzo-

    iOS 15 Backup Over Cellular

    I’ve done a search but can’t see if it’s already been mentioned so thought I’d post for those that may not be aware. Just seen this on YouTube and Apple in their infinite wisdom have added a Backup Over Cellular function in iOS 15 which is turned on by default so once you’ve updated it might be...
  9. RRT

    XVIM Home Security System: Backup issue

    I have the XVIM Home Security System and its supposed to be able to Backup the video files to an FTP server. I have setup the FTP server however when I try to manually do the backup I get the error message "You have not selected a device". However under 'Main menu' >> 'Network' > 'Net Service'...
  10. F

    Backup Family video from Samsung DVD-SH893M

    Hi I have the Samsung DVD-SH893M , which has the build in HD , have all my family videos in the hard-drive. The problem is the player DVD burner is broken and no way I can get the backup. But luckily I can play through HD and see on TV. Initially I was thinking to buy the new TV which has...
  11. wormvortex

    Can't work out why iPhone backup is so large

    My iPhone backup was always a few GB but suddenly it's shot up to over 10! I can't work out why. I don't back up any photos or videos and have deleted the backup and started again but it's the same. I can't find anything that would be consuming so much space??? Any ideas.
  12. R1S8K

    Should I backup games when upgrading the HDD?

    Hi, I want to upgrade PS4 storage from 500GB to 1TB. My questions: 1. Do I have to backup trophies and games save data? or they are updated to the cloud storage automatically? 2. Also, can I just swap the HDDs and retrieve the games from the old HDD ? or I must transfer the games from the old...
  13. M

    Promoted Who is your favorite superhero and why? [Pick and Win Amazing Gift]

    When watching a Marvel or DC movie, we often find ourselves in awe of the super powers of the heroes and villains on screen. If you had the job of assembling a team of superheroes, who would you choose and why? Now is your chance! 1.👉Visit the campaign page 2. Pick 5 favorite superheroes to...
  14. sep8001

    Booting from Usb backup

    Hi I have a Lenovo T450s which had a HDD. I cloned the hdd to a ssd and replaced the hdd with the ssd. Everything is working fine, however if I place my HDD into a usb caddy and try and boot from that it does not boot, I get a blue screen with the message attached. The laptop is running...
  15. K

    Bringing back deleted whatsapp chat on iphone

    To bring back a deleted Whatsapp chat on Iphone, I know that we must uninstall and reinstall whatsapp to bring it back. But this is not alone enough right? Must we perform a backup first, before deleting a whatsapp chat on iphone, if we want to bring it back later? What if a Whatsapp chat gets...
  16. S

    Backup certain files to remote USB

    Backup certain files to remote USB Hi, I am looking for a way to automatically make copies of only very large files, and place them on an USB disk connected to my media player. What would be the best way to go about this, and what tools to use? My NAS is a Synology DS218play The disk is...
  17. amardilo

    4G PAYG USB Dongle as a Failover

    Does anyone have and recommend any 4G Pay as You Go USB dongles as a Failover for regular broadband? I have fibre broadband (fibre to the cabinet) and was looking at a way to maintain Internet access if there are issues with the connection. I have an ASUS DSL-AC68U Modem/Router that has a USB...
  18. D

    AVIC F60DAB backup folder

    Hello, I thought I would update to the 2020 maps on my AVIC F60DAB and the USB stick that I used had a couple of sandisk files on it and that probably was the cause of the problem. Maps will not load. Can anyone please tell me how I can restore the files from the “Backup” folder that was...
  19. unbearable bob

    Norton Cloud backup - help required.

    Hi all. Hope this is the right place to post this question. I bought an Acer gaming PC for my son last year, & in June I subscribed to Norton 360 Deluxe for 12 months. My problem is this: He is getting constant messages from Norton on his PC that he is low on cloud backup storage, & has about...
  20. MrMav11

    Backup 2nd user game saves

    We have 2 accounts on the PS5 (had same on PS4). Subscribe to PS+ so on main account the game saves are auto uploaded and saved the cloud. Before resetting the PS4 I check the 2nd user game save and the option wasn’t there to upload the game saves. I backed up to USB. Sorted PS5 and put the...
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