1. G

    Samsung Part number for LED backlight Streep EU50MU6120

    HI. I have big circle in picture (EU50M6120K) I suspect it's a LED strip (?) Can someone provide the part number of the LED Backlight? For this model. Thanks.
  2. P

    Backlight turns off on dark screen

    Bought myself a 65 TCL P610 and has some issues. When the screen turns completely dark (between scenes, empty loading screen, etc) the backlight cuts off. It keeps lit for around 1 sec, then turns off, only to return back when there is again action on the screen. Is this normal? Sounds like a...
  3. SlimyRiddler

    Backlight MAXIMUM for HDR? Having a laugh??

    Greetings. I have the NU8000 and understand HDR isn't great, but passable. So figured wth I will give it a shot anyway. (this is mainly for gaming) I have read one needs the backlight set to MAXIMUM - SAY WHAT?? I have my backlight at around 11, maybe 12 for games. Watching movies or TV...
  4. P

    TU8570 Backlight Bleed. Normal?

    So I recently bought the 43" of Samsung TU8570 and later learnt about the backlight bleeding issues that users are reporting. Since then, I'm always worried if my TV has this problem as well. Attaching some photos of my tv playing backlight bleeding test video in a dark room. Please let me...
  5. G

    Question LED backlight issue

    Good evening to you all. I apologize if I am posting this question in the wrong spot but I already looked through the rest of the website and could not find a more suitable place for it. If there is then please let me know...thank you. As for me question...I have a 55" Hisense smart tv which...
  6. M

    LED Backlight

    Hello. i am trying to repair a Samsung TV (it's LED diffusion lens are falling off) but was suprised that many of the LED's display a strong blue light. I am sure they are all supposed to be white? would this be caused by the LED's themselves or perhaps by other circuitry? Photo attached
  7. O

    PS5 Lord of the Rings 4K problem

    Hey everyone, basically I’ve had this really strange issue going on when trying to watch the Lord of the Rings 4K Blu-ray on my ps5. During the intro where Galadriel is speaking and the screen is black the screen appears to be lighting up and darkening over and over again. it‘s almost like the...
  8. Y

    Q95t backlight after firmware update.

    Got the 65 inch q95t today as an upgrade to my 5 year old ku6000. I bought directly from Samsung as my employers discount site knocked me a couple of hundred off. Came at 7am this morning. Set it all up fine. Picture was good etc. Decided to do the available firmware update, tv restarted as per...
  9. sanocoffie

    LG tv backlight problem

    Hi, first I apologize for my English. I bought a new LG nano91 TV and checked the picture on gray uniformity and screen bleeding and everything looked pretty fine. Unfortunately, I noticed dark marks that look like some light pollution, a ray from the backlight. Personally, I saw it on 2 more...
  10. K

    65” OLED or 85” backlight LED

    Guys, looking for some advice for our new cinema room. We are looking for a screen for our snug/cinema room. The rough dimension of the room are 4m wide by 3.5m. My dilemma is do I go for all out picture quality with the OLED or the frame of the bigger 85” LED. Budget is approx £2,500. Looking...
  11. B

    50PUS8555 backlight red flicker issue

    Hi, I have a strange/annoying issue with my Philips 50PUS8555 that no amount of calibration sems to be able to rectify. It is a red ghosting/flashing that is most visible when you move your eyes in high contrast scenes. See the attached videos and still frame. There is 1 video at 60fps which...
  12. D

    Taking the outer front Bezel of a UN65TU7000FXZA Samsung TV to repair the LED backlight

    I bought a 65" 2020 model of the Samsung Crystal TV. Backlight failed in 3 months, all else works if you like watching black. The fix is to get at the LEDs and find the failed one, replace it and all will come to life when the correct current is able to flow. But how to take off the sexy...
  13. V

    Question Scratch between LED and Backlight panel?

    Hi guys, first timer here! I recently noticed these things on my Sony 55" X800E. They appeared out of nowhere, at first I though it was a scratch or hairs in front of the panel, but after close inspection these seems to be behind the pixels, only noticeable if the picture is dark or black, they...

    Samsung UA48JU6400 bright spots and looking for its adequate backlight strips

    Greetings. I had the 48" UA48JU6400 model since 2016 and I have been using it only for gaming and not watching TV so it's use is just few hours a week and sometimes no use at all for weeks or month and whenever it's not used it's always covered with many sheets to avoid it getting dust and while...
  15. Bico

    Question How bad is this light bleed? (JS9000)

    Hi, my TV is 4 years old now, lately I noticed "lighter edges" than the rest of picture specially in football games, or like the plain grey background of youtube app etc. also in some scenes edges seem having bluish tint and in others not so much, and it has perfect black though! (In...
  16. I

    Samsung Frame 2020 Backlight Bleed

    I got this Frame 2020 55” TV and noticing a bright light on the bottom edge. This is the replacement unit and earlier unit also had this issue. This one however seems much more prominent. I want to confirm if its in fact a backlight bleed problem. Can someone help with this.
  17. stuMC

    philips backlight replacement

    Hi i have just had the backlights changed on my philips 43pft4001/05 tv. The picture has now returned but it has a shaddow/mirror effect when ever you stand up or sit down.
  18. N

    A7100 Backlight Settings Won't Change

    Hi all, Got an A7100 today and looks and sounds great overall, but I'm having some trouble with the backlight settings. I have to option to change the backlight setting, with the choices being "off", "low" and "high". It was automatically set to low so I changed it to high, but it looks...
  19. S

    Question Is this a common Philips issue? (frame/backlight issues PUS8204)

    Hey. I recently bought a 65" PUS8204. Wife wants the amblight, and I actually really liked it too after seeing it. However we've had issues with the frame of the TV being loose on one side, and too hard on the other side. This causes extremely bad backlight bleed. Including pictures. I've...
  20. H

    Question Samsung Q70R backlight glow - bad panel or normal FALD?

    Hello! Trying out the Samsung Q70R as an upgrade from my 2018 TCL R617 and have been generally very happy with motion-handling and color, though I think prefer the TCL's better local dimming and deeper blacks. The bigger problem though is this subtle but obnoxious glow I'm seeing along the...
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