1. T

    Question 65PUS8204 - backlight bleed or IPS glow, and is this too much?

    Hi All, Bought a brand new 65PUS8204, my first Ambilight product, and as soon as I set it up and turned it on my first thought was there was way too much light around the edges of the screen. The bottom right corner of the screen had a 'reddish' haze around it and on the other corners it just...
  2. FKInTheCoffee

    Question Is this amount of backlight bleed normal? (LGUM7000)

    #1 I'm wondering if this amount of back light bleed is normal. I've only just noticed that there seems to be a bit of a glow during black scenes, most commonly in video games like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. It's not that noticeable but its making me wonder is there something wrong with my...
  3. M

    LG backlight strip types question

    Does anybody know what is difference between REV 0.6 1 R1-TYPE 6916L-1215A REV 0.01 1 R1-TYPE 6916L-1215A strips?
  4. I

    Backlight Bleed

    I just recently purchased a LG 75um7570pud LED. When I watch movies the picture is beautiful. I also noticed while watching a movie in widescreen there had been a little light shining from the bottom center of the TV. I’m thinking this is backlight bleed and it is common. Do you think I’m...
  5. M


    Hi, I've recently bought H657300UK. When I click thru dynamic backlight control (off/low/high) there is no change to the picture. Is this correct? I would expect to see some change - so is my tv broken? When i go into backlight from there, this is a 0 to 100 slider and this does adjust the...
  6. M

    Samsung backlight

    Hi all and happy new year to you all. My fathers Samsung tv backlights went just before Christmas, did the torch check and could see picture in background. So thought no harm in getting backlights and changing them as tv already be scrapped so nothing ventured nothing gained. I tested the...
  7. D


    Hi I just purchased Panasonic 58 tx-gx820b , having a problem with a light shadow in bottom corner of tv in dark scenes, anyone any ideas of how to fix it with any settings?
  8. J

    Question 50LN575V-ZE Backlight issue?

    Hey, having an issue with our LG 502 smart tv, possibly the back light has gone? Tv switches on, Lg Logo appears for 0.3s Then screen goes black. Sound works fine and if you look closely the picture is there, just no back light. Back light does occasionally turn on when the power off button is...
  9. I

    Question Philips 50pus8804/12 - backlight

    Hi Does anyone have experience of the Philips 8804 series backlight levels? Or any new (2019) Philips VA/direct lit panels. main issue is that the black parts of the image are showing some light glow. I have tried testing different settings and even turned brightness right down but the is...
  10. Baixa

    Brand New TV Image Problem Samsung 7400 Backlight Bleed/Clouding? help

    Hello!! I just bought 2 days ago a new Samsung UHD 4K 43RU7405 TV with VA Panel in a reputable store, but I notice that there is a problem with the picture (I uploaded photos) some white spots on the edges of the screen on the top middle side, left side, right side and also on the edge botton...
  11. B

    LED edge or direct backlight?

    Looking for a TV roughly around 43"-49", I heard the direct backlight is better but it seems there are more with the edge backlight is there much of a difference?
  12. Pagetftw

    Question Panasonic backlight issue

    Hello im after some advice please i have a Panasonic tx55cx400b that im having issues with, the tv turns on like normal but after about two minutes the back light cuts out and it goes dark but the sound stays on like normal ive tryed to search the issue but cant find any info? Im fairly tech...
  13. J

    Help needed! Hisense M3000 Screen goes black after a second of switching on

    I have an issue with my Hisense M3000 50 inch television. I still have sound coming from the television however the screen is black. When i go to switch the television on it lights up the Hisense Logo for a second and then the screen goes black with the sound still working. I would appreciate...
  14. W

    Dolby CP750 / CP-750 cinema processor LCD failure or backlight fault

    Evening all. An organisation in my area has obtained the keys for an abandoned cinema, and is looking for charitable status to reopen and show classic films, indie and foreign films, local productions and the like. I've agreed to repair a CP750 sound processor which had been left behind by the...
  15. Gedj

    Question Samsung UE46F7000 Screen Problem (Red tint, shadow, dim backlight?)

    Hi all, I’m new here. Found this forum and thought it might be good idea to come and ask people who might have come up or seen or have any idea what problem I might experience with my Samsung Smart TV. It started recently for no reason. I was watching TV one day and screen start weirdly...
  16. E

    Opinion on backlight bleed - LG TV

    Hi there I know there’s a lot of these threads but I’d like a second (third, fourth) opinion on the backlight bleed. Just bought an LG 43UM7500PLA. There is some IPS glow in the four corners; not sure how “bad” it is on my particular screen but I can live with it given it’s a trait of the...
  17. Maxinoob84

    Visible backlight strips through panel.

    :thumbsdowHello! I have googled this all evening and can't find anything on it. Take a look at the picture. I have had the tv ripped apart and couldn't see anything wrong. It looks like 1 single led is out, in the middle near the top. Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to fix. Thanks!
  18. A

    Question Please can someone advise me ue40f6400

    Hi everyone, I need some help I brought a Samsung tv several years ago within the first year it had to go in for repairs as some of the lcd screen was showing little dots. It came back and the repair was botched the 3d stopped working so it was sent back again this time it was returned working...
  19. D

    Question Will using aftermarket backlighting kit effect TV performance?

    Hi all. I have a perfect spot in my house for a “Ambilight” led backlight. I’m really leaning towards getting a Philips OLED because of this. However, I’m a big gamer. And I’ve seen the philips OLEDs have a fairly high input lag of 38ms even when in “gaming mode”. This made me think, I...
  20. Baxterbeats

    Question Using old projector as ambilight

    Ok here goes, I've got an old projector sat in my draw gathering dust, it's a LG PA75 I think. Led 16:10 1280x800? What I'm thinking of doing is placing it behind my TV (there is about 30cm/1 foot of space) and placing some kind of lens or Fresnel lens in front so that the projector illuminates...
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