1. B

    Power issue or led backlight?

    Hello all, I have a hisense, model 75R6E1 75 inch and I'm facing a little problem. A few days ago NY wife was watching TV and the screen went black. She could hear sound and all that. Well, I unplugged it for an hour and tried to do a hard and soft reset and nothing worked. I tried all...
  2. D

    JVC LT-32C790 LED Backlight Control

    Having just successfully replaced both 11 LED's backlight strips on my 32 inch JVC LT-32C790 TV (Vestel boards) due to a single LED failure, have noted that the LED backlight power control on the video menu is set to 100% but "greyed out", ie., can't reduce in an effort to preserve LED life...
  3. O

    No backlight or sound to tv

    My tv has stopped working this morning. Went to turn it on for the kids before school and it has power and turns on but no picture/backlight or sound. Started to troubleshoot and found with the torch/flashlight test that I have colour on the screen with many vertical lines and each end of the tv...
  4. T

    What is a good backlight setting (Hisense 65U7G)?

    I just picked up a Hisense 65U7G and was wondering what a good backlight setting would be to preserve the TV's health? The last TV I purchased my parents lasted about 3 years (think it was a 65 inch LG) before the backlight started to wear out and dim, it was located in a well lit area and when...
  5. T

    Sony X95J 85" Bad backlight?

    I just bought a Sony X95J and noticed a few bright spots on the bottom of the screen. I know some Clouding and Banding is normal for LED TV's but I'm wondering if this is something else. It is brighter than the vertical banding on the tv. Any ideas?
  6. steverob

    Toshiba 43T6863DB Weird Backlight Problem

    Toshiba 43T6863DB Weird Backlight Problem My two year old Toshiba 43T6863DB 43" TV has an intermittent fault that has baffled local repair people. The backlight fails, but when the TV is laid horizontally and the back panel removed, it recovers. I initially thought this was down to cable...
  7. LarryDv

    Dirty Screen Effect and screen uniformity after repair

    My TV is having problems & Samsung Egypt wouldn't help they're useless and my TV is out of warranty anyway. The panel is old (2015 Model JS9000 55 inch Curved TV) The light bleeding at the edges is very obvious and annoying. Then There's big brown or darker patch on the top left side that...
  8. N

    Backlight problem

    So I just recently bought a Samsung TU7000 65 inch tv and I noticed on the bottom right corner the backlight is slightly brighter and shines through more than the rest of the tv! Is this normal or is it a defect? Has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks!
  9. K

    Samsung Q70R 49" - Backlight failure? What to expect w/Richer sounds?

    TV: Samsung QE49Q70R Retailer: Richer sounds Potential fault: Backlight failure? Black/blank screen with audio only. Realistically how long have others awaited from the moment of the fault being reported to a repair/replacement with Richer Sounds? I use this as a PC screen via a dock when...
  10. M

    Samsung Q70A backlight bleed

    I just recently bought Q70A 65" and have been quite happy with it until I watched some TV in a dark room. I noticed major clouding. Is this normal or should I return the unit? Thanks for all replies!
  11. buddy777

    What are the best backlight s/ets for a 65 tv?

    Are the mains driven backllights better and brighter the the ones driven by the usb output on the tv?
  12. M

    "half moon" backlight issue on Philips 55PUS6201/12

    Hi, my Philips 55PUS6201/12 started showing a weird half-moon-shaped area where the backlight is more intense. You can see it in the picture below, it is on the mid-top part of the screen. Is there any way I can try to fix it myself? Is this a common issue? Thanks, M.
  13. Willis1995

    LG CX OLED Light Settings

    Hi, I have an LG CX 2020 OLED TV. in ISF Expert (Dark room) mode, the OLED light is set to 60 by default, and in Filmmaker mode it’s set to 25. Can anyone explain why this is?
  14. E

    Sony A8 Backlight issue

    Hi I've noticed my picture keeps dimming on its own on my Sony A8. The backlight is turned off. When I press the settings button the picture gets brighter. I think that there is an issue with the Backlight button, Has anybody else had this issue!!
  15. Drax1

    Backlight (11th February 2022) Liam Neeson Stars

    Another day, another action thriller for Mr Neeson. This time he's a fixer for the FBI who helps pull undercover agents out of dangerous situations. The underrated Aiden Quinn also stars. It's directed by Mark Williams who helmed Honest Thief so I won't hold my breath for anything other than a...
  16. W

    Philips 901F unidentified issue, possibly HDR related, flashing/pulsing/unstable lighting

    Hello everyone! I am having some problems with my 55pos901F, where in particular HDR content is giving me some issues with some sort of instability in the brightness of the image. The problem is usually very visible and distracting, as it is some kind of blitz effect, that occurs typically with...
  17. C

    55PUS5401 Blackscreen but backlight is working, no startup logos.

    Hi all, I have a 55PUS6401 which is probably about 3-4 years old, it has had very little use being in a back room. Recently my boy has started getting into the old playstation, and it has started to be used more, unfortunately though I don't think he has been turning it off properly before...
  18. F

    Q95t picture and backlight issues

    I have had a Q95t 65in for 3 months now and have been underwhelmed with the picture quality. It replaced another Samsung model, so I don’t have an issue with the brand. However in the past couple of days I have had a serious backlight issue. The images attached were taken after switching the tv...
  19. G

    philips backlight

    hi i have 2 Philips tv : 1- 65pus8901 ambilux 2- 65pus9809 both have backlight problem. i searched for backlight but unsuccessfully. now my question is can i use other philips 65 backlight for my models ? i am live in iran and we have no phlips customer service here ..

    Backlight de sony vaio MBX-260

    Disculpe alguien podria ayudarme a encontrar si tiene backlight o cual de estos fusibles smd N devo de checar para encontrar esa falla. O en caso de no ser esos fusibles donde devo de checar para encontrar el backlight. Es una laptop sony vaio MBX-260. Por favor y gracias
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