1. S

    OLED B8 ?

    is the lg oled b8 still available for purchase i cant seem to find it on many main retailers? amazon currys pc world etc? anyone know if the model is now obsolete ?
  2. Vector Croc

    Question Upgrade Option and Help from LG B8 55"

    Hello, i had a LG B8 55" that when used caused me issues with reflections as it was used in a very bright room. I am ready to upgrade and was looking at what the best options are that available to me. My budget is around £1500. I was looking at the Samsung QE55Q90R but have been told that the...
  3. Motonie

    LG B8 Software update

    Hi does anyone know when we can expect new software for B8 that will allow airplay/apple tv on device?
  4. T

    120hz black frame insertion on older OLEDs

    So LG has finally introduced this technology to this years' line up of OLEDs. I have the LG B8 and this is one feature that I really wish it had. Would it be technically possible for LG to provide a firmware upgrade for older models to enable this feature? B8 only has 60hz black frame insertion...
  5. S

    Random artifacts on my LG B8 screen

    Hey everyone, since a few days i'm experiencing rare occasional artifacts on my screen. These artifacts are triangled in shape and remind a bit of a testpattern image. Since these artifacts occur at random and i haven't found a way to forcibly recreate, i don't have any pictures. These...
  6. Scrubs

    Question B8 issue?

    Hello, Recently purchased (within the last 8 months) 55 inch B8 TV and I’ve been having some issues with it. During dark scenes the screen will become very pixelated with lots of noise making certain scenes virtually unwatchable, however more concerning is what I can only describe as ‘marks’ on...
  7. B

    OLED Advice please - Good deal? Panasonic 65 FZ952

    Hi All, I need some feedback/ advice as I've just been offered a 65" (ex-display, from costco - so comes with the 5 year warranty too) Panasonic OLED FZ952 (so comes with the technics soundbar too) for £1079 inc VAT. Is this a good deal and would any of you go for it, if you were in my shoes...
  8. Y

    Question OLED Screen Fragility, specifically cracking.

    I'm a new member so i'll start by saying Hi :). I have currently a 65" B8 which is now out of action due to the tiniest of cracks on the edge of the screen :( . I still don't understand how it happened in the first place. it's certainly not had anything thrown at it and other than plugging in...
  9. C

    Question 65" U7A or 55" B8?

    Hi everyone. I've been toying with buying a new TV for a while to replace our existing 43" budget 4K LG in the living room. It's showing its age already, has a dead pixel on it and we are ready to make a jump to something bigger. So after months of stalking these forums and research, I've...
  10. CMPic

    LG B8 - banding after pixel refresh

    About 3 days ago I received my 55" B8 and immediately noticed a vertical whitish line about 2-3 pixels wide running down close to middle of the screen. It was apparent in any colour (especially light colours). Rang Richer Sounds who put me directly to LG. LG said to run pixel refresh (the manual...
  11. H

    Question Sony XF9005 or LG B8S - upgrade from U7A

    I picked up a Hisense 55" U7A last year, seemed like good bang for the buck; good reviews and knew many people who rated Hisense highly. Really happy with it and combined with a 4K Fire stick it's a fantastic experience. Watched a ton of 4K content on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and absolutely...
  12. A

    Question OLED B8 good or poor screen uniformity? Advice please

    So I recently acquired an LG OLED B8 55” brand new and so far it’s had about 10 or so hours of use. I decided to test the uniformity with grey slides on YouTube after noticing something similar to LCD tv light bleeding on the right bottom corner during a movie with black bars. Would like to...
  13. Stoo1701

    3 TV shootout.. just can’t call it ! HEEELP!

    Reet. Haven’t bought a telly since my trusty and beloved Panny GT30.. she has served me well.. but is getting retired this week. A small screen scratch has got me a £700 curry’s voucher, and I have a max of £500 to throw on top for the new set. After catching up on the tech changes and what’s...
  14. M

    Answered Worth upgrading from KS7000?

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I'll keep it short (ish), I bought a KS7000 in March last year and now I'm on the fence about selling it (it's in the classifieds forum) and getting an LG B8PLA. With black friday and the price a buyer has agreed in principle it would cost me £800 for the...
  15. N

    Question Sony X900F or LG B8

    Hey guys, I've been agonising over this for the past couple of days and with Black Friday tomorrow I need some help! I'm flipping between the 55" X900F and the 55" B8 but just can't decide. I have flirted with the Samsung QLED, but given that my budget is ~1200 and it seems like the consensus...
  16. benny279

    Question Need help choosing a TV, thanks.

    Hello everyone, I've been thinking on buying a new TV after 10 years of having my Toshiba Regza 42", very old by today standards. I'm not entirely clued up on TV's not really followed the technology on them, that aside I did have a LG OLED B8 55" for a short time until it developed a fault...
  17. Tuscans

    LG B8 OLED - Owners and Discussion Thread

    I couldn't see a topic on the B8 so thought after buying one, one of many OLED's which you will find out about, I would share my views, opinions and experiences of plunging into the OLED world. I started looking for a new TV in early January of this year. I spent several months checking reviews...
  18. J

    LG E7 or B8

    The 55" b8 is £1799 and the e7 is £1699. I'm trying to work out which to buy? (Still considering the b7 too) Looking at the differences between them on RS's website, these are: E7 info on LHS. B8 info on RHS HDR10 VS HDR10+ No gesture control VS gesture control No LED backlight VS backlight...
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