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    Hisense B7500 VS Hisense B7120 VS Panasonic GX800B

    Hi, I'm trying to get a budget to mid-range TV for playing video games and I'm looking for the best visual fidelity (resolution, HDR implementation, etc) that my money can buy, along with an at least not bad sound quality. I can afford all three of the following TVs, which are my "finalists"...
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    55" Hisense B7500UK Owners, Happy With It?

    55" Hisense B7500UK Owners, Happy With It? Tempted, I sit right in front of the TV as its at bottom of the bed on the wall. Can you change TV voluem with Sky Q remote also?
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    Hisense B7500UK - My Calibration Settings (SDR and HDR)

    Hi I got the 43" Hisense B7500UK. I mainly use the TV for gaming and movies on Xbox One X. So below are my calibration settings. With these settings white level won't be crushed. Colours are vibrant and punchy. When adjusting HDR brightness in games should be perfectly fine for Not Visible...
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