1. W

    B7 55 to C9 65 picture settings question

    Got a C9 65 coming this week to replace my b7 55 I Spent a lot of time adjusting settings on the B7 to get the picture how I like it - In reviews of the C9 I see mentions of how good it is out of the box. Any recommendations or, am I going to have to document what I have got set and then set...
  2. A

    Question LG OLED B7 issue - Possibly Pixel Degradation?

    Hi, I have had the LG OLED B7 for about a year and a half. Yesterday I noticed that on certain colours (lighter yellows, reds, etc) there was a line down the centre of the screen. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the entire left hand side of the screen is a slightly different colour to...
  3. G

    Well this makes me sad (Burnin on a OLED65B7A)

    Have ran the pixel refresher a few times now (ran it right after I started to notice it) We honestly don't watch TV that much, and are always paranoid to prevent to it too - pretty sad a $3000 TV from early 2018 looks like this
  4. B

    OLED Advice please - Good deal? Panasonic 65 FZ952

    Hi All, I need some feedback/ advice as I've just been offered a 65" (ex-display, from costco - so comes with the 5 year warranty too) Panasonic OLED FZ952 (so comes with the technics soundbar too) for £1079 inc VAT. Is this a good deal and would any of you go for it, if you were in my shoes...
  5. mozza84

    Question How to fix dark horizontal lines on LG 55 B7

    Hi, my LG B7 has recently developed two dark horizontal lines across the bottom of the screen (pics attached). They are always present and on all sources. Any ideas on what caused this and can it be fixed? Thanks!
  6. N

    LG OLEDB7 Image shade bands

    So has my unit just over 18 months now and have started noticing a different shade in colour. The left hand side of the screen is one shade and the right hand another with a perfect break line down the middle. So run some colour palettes (just solid colours) and it’s like looking at different...
  7. meganr

    Question [email protected] on a b7

    Hi everyone, I'm a noob when it comes to A/V stuff so please bear with me. Also sorry if I'm breaking rules somehow, I can't seem to find them anywhere. I have a 65" LG B7 connected to my desktop PC. The OS is Windows 10 and the graphics card is a 1080 Ti. I also have 3 other monitors plugged...
  8. N

    Question LG OLED B7 - banding issue, help!

    I purchased an LG 55B7 in July from currys for £1300. I am having image issues in a lot of scenes, across SDR, HDR, HD and 4K content and want to know if I can fix it through calibration or if it’s just an issue with this type of TV. I never had the banding/pixelation affect on my 10 year old...
  9. I

    VSX923/LG b7

    Hi Guys, Have a ubpx800, a VSX-923 and LG b7 oled. I had issues when I first got it setting up getting DTS/DD output - it only gave me stereo. Somehow I got it to work, but due to some issues I had to reset the settings, and now I'm back to square one. Sky/BT passed through the VSX 923 that's...
  10. S

    4k/ dolby atmos on LG OLED b7 prime app?

    I was just checking out the new Jack Ryan series after reading it supported 4k dolby vision and dolby atmos but my player is showing 1080p and dolby digital + 5.1. IS there some settings to change or is the app limited to 1080P DD+? No such issues with netflix. Any news on a updated app if...
  11. B

    Need help choosing: Samsung Q7 - Sony XF900 or LG B7

    Helping out a dear aunt move house, I promised here my Samsung 48" TV to replace her HD-ready ancient monster. So, seems I am in for a new TV :-) My search has narrowed it down to 3 options. Samsung QE55Q7F Sony KD-55XF9005 LG B7 Initially I has only selected the first two as my favorites, and...
  12. B

    Does the B7 have a headphone socket?

    The review here at AVForums says it does (thinking of getting the 55" model), but I can't see it on the image of the rear panel. Can someone please confirm? thanks
  13. J

    Question LG - E6 to B7

    hi folks, We'll soon be moving house and I'm very tempted to get a 65 inch TV. We currently have am excellent 55 inch LG OLED - the E6 model. It's sound bar is wasted on us due to always using our surround sound. As the prices on the 7 series have come down I'm looking at either a 65 inch...
  14. PaulPearson1975

    Question High B7 brightness for PS4

    I've been posting in the B7 best settings thread regarding getting the brightest setting right in order to achieve true black and visible near-black. Initially I did this using a 0% black YouTube video in a completely dark room, with the on board YouTube app. I found this needed a setting of 51...
  15. S

    Answered HELP OLED55C7V replaced by insurance with B7... really unhappy

    Hi, At the beginning of June I purchased a LG OLED55C7V. Since I have been absolutely blown away by it, the 4k content has an almost 3D feel to it, my face automatically smiles every time I turn it on. My son decided to end my fun last week when he launched a TV remote through my beloved C7. I...
  16. B

    How to mirror my Iphone (and IPAD) screen on LG OLED B7?

    Hello, I recently purchased LG OLED 55" B7 TV and I love it :) I have few Iphones /IPADs and would like to see my phone/Ipad's screen on OLED TV. My Android phone has built in app to connect to TV and it works just fine without any issues but have no idea how to do the same from Apple...
  17. L

    LG B7 vs Philips 55POS9002 (And should i upgrade..)

    Hi all, I currently have a Samsung 55KS7000 that I bought about 18 months ago. I’m happy with it but recently found out I can get a full refund from Richer Sounds for it. I figured I may as well look at upgrading.. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 OLEDs, the LG B7 and the Philips 55POS9002. When I...
  18. Timh

    Question Dolby Atmos won't pass through LG B7

    I've been trying to get Dolby Atmos to pass through my LG B7 then back to my Receiver but with no luck I could send my Apple TV through my amp to the TV but then I don't get Dolby Vision as my amp isn't compatible. So has anyone managed to get Atmos to got to the TV then back to their Amp? Thanks
  19. J

    55" OLED prices by Sep 2018

    In Sep I'll need to bug a new tv. Will be looking for a 55" screen. (Currently have a kuro 5090.) Love the styling and picture of the A1 but the budget can't stretch that far. Plus I don't want to pay such a big premium for the sound technology. The B7 has great reviews and is significantly...
  20. J

    55" OLED prices by Sep 2018

    In Sep I'll need to bug a new tv. Will be looking for a 55" screen. (Currently have a kuro 5090.) Love the styling and picture of the AF1 but the budget can't stretch that far. Plus I don't want to pay such a big premium for the sound technology. The B7 has great reviews and is significantly...
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