1. R

    AX Wifi 'AP' with an AC clients

    Hello and apologies for the noob-like question. I am looking to replace an older Access Point in my daughter's room with a newer AX router (set up as an AP). The AP is linked in to my home network via wired ethernet. The rest of my home network runs at 1Gbit but because the old AP in her room...
  2. O

    Sony FDR AX 53 obnly saves to Stream on card. How to change?

    Hi. Sony FDR AX53 VIDEO CAMERA SETUP Used to shoot in both 4K and HD or either one , then save okay through Sony's Play Memories on my Win 10 PC, but after someone else was using the camera, it has now changed. After my last shoot I noticed the only video saved on the camera card was .MTS...
  3. L

    Which virgin box has co ax out port?

    Hi all I used to have virgin tv a few years ago and it had a co ax port - which basically let me watch tv in another room as I had the cable already running under the floor boards Magic eye didn’t work as with sky so I just used the virgin remote app and if did the job However I cancelled and...
  4. xyeovillian

    Problem with home theater setup with new LG Oled with Yamaha RX 840 and Naim 200/202

    It was working fine with my old 9 year old LG TV if turned Yamaha on would automatically go to Dolby digital with Naim doing front 2 channel and Yamaha doing centre,sub and rears. I bought the RX 840 to replace Yamaha DSP-E800 which was basically surround sound! My problem now is I would like...
  5. 8

    Denon avc-x3700h connection issues with Asus ax86u on multeq app

    Hi. Been a while. But alway been reading this forums which help me, guilde me getting new tv and home cinema packages over last two years. Which was very helpful. Anyway I seem to have problems getting the multeq app to connect with the mics and/or going through calibration stage which not...
  6. T

    Pioneer VSA AX 10i replacement

    I see this has been discussed quite a few times, however it was a while ago and used prices drop. I've never got on with the complexity of this amp and it's due an upgrade to a used receiver. When reading the old posts Onkyo seemed to be mentioned a lot, what older receiver would now be better...
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