1. G

    Arcam AVR850 Remote Control

    How do you reset it please? –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Keeps freezing. Have to keep removing the remote control batteries. Or is it am amp reset/firmware thing? Thanks.
  2. G

    Question Buy Arcam AVR850 today?

    Hi All. Been a while...... Simple question really. The threads are huge here ref the 850 so haven't got the time to read it all. Had an Arcam AVR400 before and loved it. Now I have a Marantz SR8012. Great bit of kit, but with the sell off of the 850s now they have released the HDA range...
  3. bass007

    Arcam AVR390 vs AVR550 Vs AVR850 AV860 As a Processor ONLY

    Hi, I'm thinking of replacing my Pioneer LX-87 with one of the above. Reason for upgrade is simply after reading about the wonders of the Dirac room correction has given me upgrade bug. Now I will ONLY be using it as a processor, what are the main differences ? is it just the power amplifier...
  4. t-force

    Answered Xbox One X, LG OLED65B7 and Arcam AVR850

    Hi guys, Mods - please accept my apologies if this is best served in a different forum: I took delivery today of a lovely shiny LG 65OLEDB7, and a beautiful beast it is too. At this point in time, my only 4K source is my Xbox One X, which I've had for a week. It's hooked up to my Arcam AVR850...
  5. W

    Question Arcam AVR390 to AVR850: Can anyone definitely hear differences in the amps?

    If I've understood correctly, the Arcam AVR390, 550 and 850 have identical(?) processing and number of channels handled at the preamp stage, but different power amp sections (in power, number of channels, amplifier type etc.). Can anyone definitely hear the difference between any of these three...
  6. dyson2004

    Arcam AVR850 Playing 5.1 DTS on 7.1 system

    I own the Arcam AVR850 and Arcam P429 amps and use them with my 7.1.4 system. I use an Oppo UPD-203 bluray player for films and to bitstream my 5.1 surround sound DTS CD's, my 5.1 SACD's and my 5.1 DVD-Audio discs. When I play a Dolby Digital-encoded 5.1 music disc, only the 5.1 speakers play -...
  7. B

    Arcam AVR850 in 2 Channel

    I'm considering the purchase of an Arcam AVR850 for hi-fi and home cinema (priority is hi-fi). I currently run a hybrid system with AV and hi-fi amps and a Beresford switch box. I rather like my Cambridge 851A hi-fi amp as it has 2 XLR connections into my Roksan Blak CD player and Cambridge 851N...
  8. K

    AVR850 or AV860 plus P7?

    I've had AV8 and AV9 but I moved away from Arcam processors a few years back because they'd fallen behind on features and room correction, so ended up with the Yamaha CXA5000 processor. One of the reasons was I realised I hardly listened to music any more - most of the use being TV, XBOX and...
  9. BAnderson

    Arcam AVR850 no longer detecting Atmos signal

    I've had the pleasure of owning an AVR850 for about 5 months now and absolutely love it. I bought the Atmos demo Blu-ray Disc and it blew me away. About a week ago, the 850 stopped detecting the Atmos signal from source. I bought The Martian on UHD blu-ray and noticed the Atmos setting in...
  10. P

    Question Arcam AVR850 or AVR550 Plus Power Amp?

    Wondering which to go for as like the idea of DIRAC and if the latter could anyone recommend a 7.1 plus power amp up to £2.5k? Many thanks.
  11. BAnderson

    Question Arcam AVR850 - cabling recommendation to Ceiling Speakers

    I've enjoyed my AVR750 for about 4 years now and have absolutely loved it, it has met all of my requirements for music and home movie listening. Now the 850 has arrived with improved sound and features, especially the connectivity for Dolby Atmos and DTS X, I'm looking to buy a couple of B&W...
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