arcam avr750

  1. D

    Arcam AVR750 Auto Setup/EQ only in 5.1 or more?

    Ordered a used Arcam AVR750 as I am moving from the AVR600 - I read online that the room eq will not work if it is not a 5.1 system? I thought the room setup/eq was identical to the AVR600 which worked fine with my setup. (2 fronts, 2 rears, 2 subs, NO CENTER), I have not setup yet, but is...
  2. T

    Arcam avr750 keeps going into standby

    So I recently bought a avr750 and it was running fine but all of a sudden it has a habit of jumping back into standby mode randomly, I can guarantee it happens when I run the auto setup, i have tried running the auto setup about 10times tonight and every time it trips out in to standby after...
  3. camelot1971

    AVR600 vs AVR750

    I own a reliable 600 and love it but am toying with the idea of getting the 750. Is there a lot of difference in the sound between the two? I have the 3d board in my 600 and split av on my oppo 105 so not worried about the hdmi differences. Also, the 750 weighs about 9kg less than the 600...
  4. P

    Question avr750 or avr550?

    Hi - sorry if this a bit of a predictable question, but i've been away from the forums for a few years and am now looking to replace my long serving and now dead avr250. I've been interested for a while in getting an avr750 but they've been out of my price range. i've now found a discounted...
  5. I

    Question Replacing AVR400 with AVR550 or AVR750

    Hello. I have an AVR400 already and it may be time to upgrade. The only thing I really don't like about my AVR400 is that on occasions the inrush current is so large that it can trip the MCB. I like the idea of the new technology in the AVR550 but given its the newer equivalent of the AVR400...
  6. R

    arcam avr750 = joke

    Small & simple rant.. I've had roughly 8 av receivers over past 10 years as I like to play around.. Out of these 8 I've had 2 faults. . 1 h&k that had a fit after I used some 2nd hand (damaged) £260 speaker cable, my fault. Arcam avr750 ? I've gradually learned over the past 6 months that...
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