arcam avr550

  1. cjlhessing

    At my wits end really so need advice.

    Hi there. I have an arcam avr 550. This is running the kef r3 series speakers as centre left and right, and two rear speakers are q acoustic 3020i left over from another install. If I do use the sub, it’s pretty much always off, it’s the PB3000. It’s a 5.1 install basically. No atmos speakers...
  2. G

    AVR550 Power Amp

    Hi, Hoping someone can help as I am relatively new to the AV world I currently have an Arcam AVR550 receiver, B&W 683 S2 for the fronts, Monitor Audio W280IDC for sides and surrounds and Monitor Audio C265IDC for atmos ceiling speakers to achieve a 7.1.4 set up. As standard the Arcam receiver...
  3. ahaydock

    Question Tidal Hifi Vs Arcam AVR550

    Been a long time Spotify Premium user and use the Spotify Connect feature on my Arcam AVR550 which works well. Started a Tidal trial and want to do the same but can’t figure it out? I’ve got the Musciclife app but no joy. I don’t want to use AirPlay as I believe that’s limited so I won’t get...
  4. J

    Arcam avr550 centre lift?

    Hi all When watching a film sometimes the voice, centre is a bit low, can you increase its level from the remote whilst still watching the film? Thanks
  5. F

    Question Replacement for Denon 3312 options Arcam AVR550 or Denon X4500H or ?

    I have a current 5.1 system using the Denon 3312 to drive the centre speaker and two rear, and pre out to a Naim Pre-Power for the front stereo pair, and a self powered Sub. I now have a Panasonic GZ1000 so want to upgrade to an AV amp that will pass through 4K Resolve some hand shake issues...
  6. W

    Denon X4500h... or stretch more for NAD or Arcam with Dirac Live?

    I'm close to pulling the trigger on a Denon X4500h. On paper it ticks all my boxes - Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, up to 5.1.4 (I'd do 5.1.2 first then expand later), Dolby Vision, good HDMI connectivity. Though I'm not fussed about multi-room capabilities or HEOS. It seems to be available for around £800...
  7. ahaydock

    Question New AVR - Help Me Spend My Money!!

    I am looking at a new AVR for my living room and have a budget of £1500 (possibly a little more for an absolute bargain the year). Requirements are: - Will run as 5.1.2 for now, but will upgrade to 7.1.4 at some point. - Atmos / DTS:X. - 4K pass through. - Main uses are streaming Plex...
  8. W

    AVR550 Dirac Setup for a less than ideal room

    Hi all I've just bought an Arcam AVR550 and am trying to set it up using Dirac. My question relates to the seating positions in my room which is slightly off centre- I was wondering if I should treat the main listening position as the "centre" requested by Dirac or whether I should use the "true...
  9. S

    Adding Atmos

    Hi, System: Arcam AVR550 + KEF R500/200c/100/50 Atmos Modules/ HTB2/Blu Node2i/AppleTV 4K. I need to add amplification to go from my current 5.1.2 to 5.1.4 adding two more Kef R50s for the rear height channels. I was considering a second hand Arcam P75 power amp. Would this have the power (50...
  10. D

    Question Arcam avr550 Buzzing?

    Hi Im new to this forum ... I wonder if anyone can help with this issue? THe Toroidal tranformator humming like upp and downs its relly iritating late night watch if the volym are low the buzzing goes up and about 5 to 15 seconds to normal bussing , iknow this trafos sounds a littel but hey...
  11. maxbrooker

    Question Yamaha RX-A3070 vs Arcam AVR550 - is the Arcam worth the extra £1k?

    Looking to upgrade from my Yamaha RX-V777 to a new amp to include 4K and 7.1.4 capabilities. I'm running all Dali opticon speakers in my current 7.1 set up with the large 8 floorstanders at the front (with poweramp), plus a BK Monolith sub. I'll be getting Dali Altecos for the height speakers...
  12. A

    Tidal Masters on Yamaha RX-A3070 or Arcam AVR550

    Hi there, I'm looking to upgrade my Yamaha RX-A1000 to either the RX-A3070 or try Arcam for the first time with the AVR550. Wondered if anyone can confirm if either of these receivers can play Tidal Masters directly? It would be great to find a system that supports it so I don't have to plug...
  13. dmartinburns

    Arcam avr550 & Dirac Live

    Whilst awaiting installation of my avr550, I've been looking at the manual. At the end of the Dirac Live section, I was surprised to see...'for those wanting the most accurate results for ultimate surround performance we recommend manual (speaker) set up'. With Dirac being so highly regarded...
  14. P

    Arcam AVR550 learning remote LED not lighting up

    Hi I can't get the remote control for my AVR550 to learn any other remote. I've read and re-read the instructions, put fresh batteries into the remote, but no luck. As I understand it you have to press number 1 and the device you want to set up (in my case an Oppo Blu-Ray player - i.e. BD) for...
  15. P

    Question Trying to get Marantz DV7001 to play SACD on Arcam AVR550

    I've managed to play DVD-Audio and CD through the Arcam AVR550, both using HDMI and digital coaxial cables. n.b. I'm only trying to play stereo with sub at the moment until some building work is finished. I was hoping that I could play SACD in stereo using a digital cable, but there's no sound...
  16. Bordeauxman

    Question AudioControl AVR7 versus Arcam AVR550

    I've searched this forum and I understand that there are some connections/shared components between the AudioControl & Arcam. The back sides of the two subject units appear to be identical. I do know that on the next level up one uses class G amplification and the other uses class H. I will...
  17. SoundPaul

    Martin Logan Stealth Speakers + Anthem MRX 720?

    Hi all, I'm building a 5.1.2 Atmos system (please see below link to my build thread) and I have a few questions. Hopefully you guys have experience with Martin Logan in-wall/ceiling speakers and Anthem AV receivers - as I want to know if the kit makes sense or if I'm missing something and need...
  18. Antistati

    Answered Arcam AVR550 VS 750

    Hi! I have bougth Quadral Platinum M40, so i am looking for AVR.... What do you think about ARCAM AVR550 vs AVR750? Is the AVR750 better? Thx, Laci
  19. DrGekko

    Question Anthem MRX720 vs Arcam AVR550 - your comments please.

    I wish to upgrade my current Onkyo AVR818 to something higher end for my 7.2 speaker set up - MK MP150s fronts, S150T and M4T surrounds with a pair of V12 subs. Ideally I would like opinions from past and present owners, especially about the Arcam as I appreciate the 720 has only recently been...
  20. P

    Question avr750 or avr550?

    Hi - sorry if this a bit of a predictable question, but i've been away from the forums for a few years and am now looking to replace my long serving and now dead avr250. I've been interested for a while in getting an avr750 but they've been out of my price range. i've now found a discounted...
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