1. TruroSpurs

    Decision Time Nad T778 or Arcam AVR20

    Trying to decide on a new AV receiver and after huge amounts of reading I’ve narrowed my choice down to either the NAD T 778 or Arcam AVR20. It was going to be the AVR10 but I can get a manufacturer’s refurb AVR20 for the same money and warranty. Initially I will be running a 5.1.2 system using...
  2. Hevanna76

    Arcam AVR20 with LG G1 TV & Airplay issues

    Hi Everyone Ok so we upgraded our tech recently & I am trying to use Airplay 2 for picture & sound, I can play movies from my iPad Pro & get sound from the Arcam & LG but what I want it to do is have the sound from the Arcam & picture on the LG. If I turn off the Arcam I can use Airplay 2 to...
  3. G

    Connecting monitor to Arcam AVR20

    So I have a Nvidia Shield Tv into an Arcam AVR20 and then out to an Epson projector. I want to see the Shield so I can play with the settings etc without having to turn on the pj. So I bought a Dell computer monitor and connected via Hdmi to Output 2 on the Arcam but monitor says “no signal from...
  4. kcsun

    Marantz 8015 or Arcam AVR20?

    I want to purchase a new AVR and have narrowed it to the 8015 or avr20, unless there is a 3rd option, both of these are about £3k?? I only require 5.1 and will not be adding any more speakers in the future. My main speakers are B&W803Dii and a B&W HTM2 as a centre, B&W bookshelf's as the rears...
  5. D

    Arcam AVR20 weird problem with Logitech Harmony

    Hi there, i recently changed my Onkyo Receiver to an Arcam AVR20. Since years i use the Logitech Harmony with the Harmony Hub to control my equipment. First thing when configuring the AVR20 with Harmony is that it knows the receiver but has no power on/off switch included for the actions, so i...
  6. anthonyallure

    Arcam AVR20 - controlling source from LG TV

    A couple of years ago I used to have a Bose Lifestyle system connected via HDMI to a Sony Bravia... I could choose the source/input of the Lifestyle system just using the TV remote and it would list everything connected to the Bose as though it was connected directly to the TV as an input... I...
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