1. G

    Castle Avon speakers (from 1997/98)

    Would appreciate help/advice from anyone who either owns, or has previously owned, these speakers. Having acquired a pair of Avons which have been unused for 2/3 years, I’ve discovered one of the mid range/bass drivers isn’t working. Am currently investigating repair/replacement (I realise...
  2. scoobysmiff

    Castle Avon 5 floorstanders

    Has anyone got any experience they can share with the Castle Avon 5's. I am considering them as alternatives to KEF R700's which are taking my fancy this week as an upgrade to my aging KEF Q50i's...!!!
  3. J

    Question Replace Canon SC10 with ? (Old Castle Avons as mains)

    Hi. I've posted another thread about amps, speakers and soundbars - General Amp/speaker/possible soundbar advice - and I'm leaning towards the one bit of advice there which leads to changing my centre speaker for something better and more suitable. I currently have Castle Avon mains - the old...
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