1. J

    Denon AVC A1D

    Hi folks, I was using the above amp until very recently without any problems. Upon reinstalling (after decorating) the amp powers up fine but absolutely no sound from the speakers.. not even hiss. Checked all connections. I tried factory reset.... nothing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  2. mps

    Wanted Denon AVC A1SE

    Just wanted to revisit the good old times with this fine monster of an Amp. Collection probably not an issue.
  3. password1

    Anyone used AV.com and Wharfedale d300 3d speakers

    https://www.av.com/Speakers/Wharfedale-D300-3D-Walnut-Surround-Speakers-Pair/4HB0 I've never used or heard of av.com before. customer service good? are they legit? I've not seen these speakers recommended on this forum.. are they any good? These are much cheaper than other height/atmos...
  4. ramu3060

    Initial setup settings between Wharfedale and Denon AVC X3700H causing volume issues?

    Hi All, I recently bought my first 5.1ch system with Wharfedale Dx-2 5.1 speakers and Denon AVC X3700H AV receiver with LG C1 TV. As i am fairly new to home theatre system, I am having low volume issues in setting up my system correctly. AV and TV are connected via 2.1 HDMI in both eARC ports...
  5. ramu3060

    Setup Denon AVC X3700H with Wharfedale DX-2 5.1

    Hi All, Advice needed please for above setup as new to 5.1 surround system hobby. I am having trobule with setting up both sound systems correctly having spent atleast 2 full days but couldn't acheive full sound experience from what are both excellent units. Here goes the story.... I recently...
  6. W

    Denon AVC X4700H settings

    Hi I have X4700H all installed and sounding fantastic However just needed a little confirmation I'm reading the manual right. My confusion is all about the surround mode settings. If I have the sound mode set to "DD + Dsur" with the input signal dolby digital , will the output default to using...
  7. JL12W7

    Denon A110 Anniversary or AVC X 8500HA

    Hello I am in a bit of a bind or a confused place I was going to buy the Yamaha RX A8A but that will be out of stock for the forceable future so Have decided on the Denon AVC X 8500HA or the Anniversary A110 both of which are in stock depending on which one I plumb for. Reason for a such a...
  8. silouette

    Denon AVC A11sr in pain

    Not mine but neighbours, daughter has thrashed it at birthday party,now just displaying flash red light. Have tried resetting but to no avail. Is it kaput or worth saving or just too old to bother with?
  9. S

    Denon AVC 4700H 2.1 and RTX 3090 handshake not playing nice despite reassurances from Sound United

    Last year i put off purchasing a new receiver due to the 2.1 bug, however a video from Sound United on YouTube titled 'Configuring an NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Graphics Card with a Denon/Marantz Receiver for [email protected] Gaming demonstrating that the bug does not affect gaming on PC using a Nvidia RTX i...
  10. AdtAdt57

    DENON AVC-A110 - Owner’s Thread

    I’ve decided to create this thread, however, I realise it maybe too close to the well subscribed Denon AVC-X8500H Thread... ... so perhaps just for anything specific for the A110 model? As I upgraded from the AVC-X6500H I‘ve notice the following after three weeks: Improvements: Improved...
  11. R

    Arcam AVR10 - Should I stay or change to Denon AVC - X6700

    Not posted for some time but just completed replacement of my Home Theatre but had issues with my new receiver, Arcam AVR 10. Professionally installed and Dirac setup, but had various sound issues including clicking sound in speakers and other noises, but Arcam through dealer suggested firmware...
  12. B

    Denon AVC A11XV - firmware recovery, please advice and share firmware

    Hello, Please advice on restoring the firmware in AVC A11XV
  13. T

    High file size output with AVC to MPEG4 video

    I've been using a program called Video to Video (Media Converters) on and off for a while, it's not the best video conversion program but it seems to do a decent-ish job with converting various video formats. However, I've been converting some HD AVC files to MPEG-4 and some reason the outputted...
  14. K

    help with sound from a denon avc x4700h

    hi all finally set up my denon avc x4700h, i used audassy to set it all up, started to watch a movie through sky Q and i really have to have the volume up to 60 to properly hear it. you can’t hear a thing until it gets to 23 on the dial. is this normal for this amp? i had a x2300w before and...
  15. J

    Denon Avc 3700h no subwoofer on test signal

    A few days ago i purchased a Denon avc3700h when i came to the set up the test tone came out of all the 9 speakers but nothing came out of the subwoofer which is a REL T2 i have changed the subwoofer cable but still no sound comes out of the sub it was working with my previous denon avr 3300...
  16. bodiuk

    Is the Denon AVC-X3700H worth it compared to the AVC-X3600H?

    Hello I'm looking for views/opinions. For context: I'm upgrading my AV system, going from an old Denon 1900 receiver and KEF 5.1 'egg' surround package. My biggest interest is movies, 4K, & Dolby Atmos. I have a budget of around £4K and plan to spend half on receiver/speakers and the other...
  17. F

    Denon AVR-x6500 vs Denon AVR 6700 which would you buy?

    Hi there Im looking at the 6500 v the 6700.I have a 7.1.4 configuration and wont be going beyond that.Correct me if I am wrong but the dtx pro is only useful if you go beyond 7.2.4 so realistically i dont need that. The 8k I dont need as my TV is 4k and dont see a reason to upgrade .The new...
  18. marcd5123

    Question Denon AVC-A11SR Still worth the buy???

    Hi guys, I am I big Denon /Marantz fan my self. I have seen this AMP on the Web for sale and wanted to see what was the general consensus on how folks still stand on this amp. Now I own a Denon X4100W which I'm using now and and an older 3805 which is in almost mint condition as a spare my...
  19. G

    Denon AVC X6500H

    I have my Denon hooked up to a Benq W2700 projector and also a 65 inch Sony TV. If I only have the projector on randomly I lose the source and have to wait a few seconds for the picture to return. If I have both the projector and TV on this does not happen at all. Any suggestions. Jimmy
  20. stegalv

    Denon avc x6500 marantz sr812

    Using Yamaha 3050 for 7.2.4 speaker system.with a pioneer av amp for the extra 2 speakers. I'm thinking of buying the denon or marantz so that I have a single amp,looking around the denon for seems to be selling everywhere for £1650,but the marantz is £2200. Apart from slightly larger power...
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