TAG McLaren AV32R SL (PDF Users Manual)

    Good afternoon Team TAG ..... Has anyone got a PDF version of the manual for the TAG McLaren AV32R SL they could send me if I send them an email address via PM? TIA if you can assist
  2. mabu

    Starting an AV32R 7.1 + 3x Multiroom setup, how many power amps?

    Hi, I'm starting a full 7.1 + multiroom setup using my AV32R-DP and 2 of the 100x5R + a Rotel RB-990BX because it still slightly sounds better... How many power amps can be connected to one AV32R pre-out? Looking at the impedance of inputs and outputs that is 47 Ohm pre-Out on the AV32R and 47...
  3. mabu

    TAG McLaren AV32R to HDMI TV

    Hi, how can I get an AV32R connected to a modern HDMI-TV for programming menu? Do I need a analog-HDMI converter or can I get the menu also via the DVD32FLR and TAGtronic Bus out of its DVI interface?
  4. Karpa1

    tag mclaren av32r display problem

    I changed the front on my tag mclaren av32r. Since then the display remains dark. All other functions work normal. When i put the old one back, the same problem. Anyone a hint?
  5. C

    TagMclaren AV32R

    Hi The display on my AV32R is suddenly in German and I can't figure out how to get it back to English. I've tried the Digital - THX - Right Arrow reset to no avail. Additionally once I've hit the setup button on the remote, the display shows MENU but the remote navigation buttons don't do...
  6. B

    Tag McLaren AV32R

    Evening, Does anyone know the difference between the single processor AV32r and the BP192 version? Is it just an upgraded 24 / 192 DAC? Has anyone had experience of both and see any value in upgrading? Thanks
  7. Mr Yakimoto

    Question Tag Mclaren AV32r 192 dp...downsampling?

    Hi, A question for the very few people in the know. If I connect an external DAC to the analogue inputs (I do not have a bypass unit) and feed HiRes files/music...... ie 24/192, 24/352, dsd64 or dsd128, is the tag downsampling to 96? I am aware there is some other nonsense conversion going on...
  8. Mr Yakimoto

    Question Tag Mclaren AV32r DP using external Aqua La Scala DAC

    After a silly amount of years Ive jumped for an external DAC. Why? well i am going to be in possession of the Antipodes EX/CX Solution Renderer streamer package. The better connection to use is USB, and we know that the av32r dp doesnt have that. I now have a Aqua La Scala DAC, which can...
  9. laalves

    TAG McLaren AV32R DP update to v4.31

    Dear all, Totally stumped with the destruction of the knowledge repository that was the TAG McLaren forum in the AVForums. I think it was a really bad move. I still have my kit, will not go anywhere and even have bought a AV32DP from ebay to serve as a backup to the other. Which leads me to...
  10. M

    Question Arcam 860 as replacement for Tag AV32R

    Hello Many years ago I was running a tag av32r through Bryson amps, subs and big b&w speakers. Sounded sublime. Skip forward 20 years and I still have the same system (amps and speakers seem to last forever) except that the Tag has now died. I’ve been trying a Denon 4400 solely as a processor...
  11. fatrich

    upgrading from a Tag AV32R

    I hope someone could please offer me some advice I've been off the AV scene for sometime. Current AV gear is a Tag AV32r 7.1 and x3 Audio lab 8000p and x1 Audio lab 8000M , x2 Kef Reference 1 speakers to the front and a Kef Ref 200C centre speaker and x4 M&K tripoles doing the rear and rear...
  12. R

    Tag Mclaren DVD32r and AV32r Dual Proc

    Well, my DVD32r no longer reads disks so I am forced to move on. Both the DV32r and AV32rexp dp 192 are for sale - check them out in the classifieds - just in case you are interested. Hope they can go to a good home on here. Thanks
  13. mabu

    Multiple AV32R for multiroom

    Hi, I have those speaker setups: 7.1 + stereo + stereo + stereo Then I have 2x10 power amplifiers of the 2x 100x5R. I already have 2 AV32R single processors and plan some AV32R DP for a 7.1 setup + the stereo setups in the other rooms. That would need to switch the Surround back from 7.1 to...
  14. M

    TAG AV32R dual processor on Ebay

    There's an AV32 7.1 dual processor on Ebay this week.
  15. J

    Anthem 520 v 710 v Tag Mclaren av32r for my setup

    Folks, I'm not an audiophile or terribly technically minded so need your help and opinions. I have a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and recently bought a (2003) Cremona Center speaker from KJWestone. (Haven't seen it yet but is supposedly in very good condition with a brand new tweeter...
  16. jolaca

    AV32r DP and new emotiva mc-700

    Hi again!! After two years thinking about it, I've just placed and order for a new emotiva entry level processor, the new mc700 to, maybe, take the place of my beloved av32dp. I'm planning to compare them side by side after applying REW and filters to the new one. If the emotiva wins the...
  17. mabu

    Switching multiple TMREQ profiles

    Hi, after some rebuilding of our house and also the speaker installation I'm going to have a 7.1 setup but also multi-room (2 channels per room). To be honest, I also considered switching to some used Lexicon for more features and multi-room. I currently have 2 single CPU AV32R but looking for...
  18. fortisflyer75

    Question AV32R bypass question's...

    My memory is not what it once was now i'm getting older like our Tag gear!... But if you had the AV32R with a bypass does that mean it had to have the twin dac installed so it could do 192K processing as opposed to the sl which was upto 96k. Can't seem to find the info for that at the moment...
  19. H

    Question AV32R gives error when turing on after power loss

    Unfortunately I have some troubles with my great AV32R. Whenever I turn off the power completely (with the hardware switch on the device) and turn it back on, it gives an error and says "Turn off for 60sec". When I try once or twice again, it always works. Maybe turning the volume wheel while it...
  20. M

    Upgrading a TAG McLaren AV32R sl

    Hi guys, first time poster, long time fan. I have an upgrade question but also some general questions that I would love some expert advice on. This is a long post for those interested in details but I have tried to highlight key points for those who are not. I have just been given some home...
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