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  1. keogh

    LG OLED C9 disable internal sound for AV unit

    I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, but I have all my devices connected to my 5.1 Onkyo AV receiver, and the TV Out on the Onkyo going to my LG OLED C9, just how you are suppose to do it. On my old Sony and Samsung TV there was always an option in settings to disable the TV sound completely...
  2. M

    LG OLED C9 detecting input behind AV unit

    Hello, I have a denon X1300 with a fire stick and a pc plugged into it and the output connected to my TV. I've noticed in the input menu that even when the AV unit is set to TV, the TV can still detect the fire TV and switch to it, which is brilliant. However, I still have to use the old...
  3. F

    Question Adding AV unit to my Sonos System

    Hi I am in the process of reviewing my current TV and AV receiver, I think I have decided on the TV, but not the AV receiver. My current unit is about 11 years old and powers my surround system, what I would like to do is upgrade my AV receiver, but also link it into my Sonos system to have...
  4. davidwatsonok

    AV Unit similar to this from Stump ?

    013 Solid oak AV unit - Stump Furniture Hi, we have our new TV on the way and need to change a few things to get it looking just right. Our current set up has the centre speaker wall mounted within a wooden panel surrounding the old TV. Looking to relocate the centre into the AV Unit along with...
  5. W

    DIY av unit - clearance for AV receiver?

    Hi As per title I am building my own AV rack using IKEA lack side tables. I have a Yamaha RXA-3060 receiver. What clearance above the AV receiver would you recommend? AV receiver is 190mm tall. Would 100 mm be about right? I don't want to make the entire unit unnecessarily tall, just enough to...
  6. W

    Oak AV unit help

    Hi, Am doing a TV wall build, down to the location of sockets, sky, phone, etxlc. We've decided to put an av rack (hi go rack style) into the corner of the room and connect TV via HDMI. I cannot find a hi to style AV rack anywhere that is deep enough to fit my Yamaha AVENTAGE rxa3060 (473.1mm...
  7. shahedz

    recommendation for a compact AV unit just for Seperates

    Need a compact AV unit. Will house AMP, SKY, PS3 , Mac Mini and a Blu ray player. Wood or White- must have a door as I have two kids. Any recommendation? Thanks
  8. Naaktgeboren

    AV unit issue - help please

    Thout I'd throw this out to the AVForums faithful as I've been trying to find a solution to this issue for days now and I'm still struggling! We have a small utility style room which we want to convert into a boys room for our 2 lads, TV, games console and pool table style thing. Only aspect...
  9. nhoj

    AV unit

    As with everyone else, I was having problems finding a unit that was deep enough for my equipment. So I ended up making my own. I ordered the ironmongery online and got a solid wood worktop cut to size at B&Q. The shelves are 1000mm by 500mmby 27mm, the heights are 230mm and 160mm.
  10. happychappy

    Question Securing DIY speaker grill to front of AV unit - best fixing?

    Hi all I have an Oak Furniture Land Alto large TV cabinet that I have placed a sub inside of the centre section which is unused for equipment. Alto Natural Solid Oak Large TV Cabinet I have made a speaker frame/cover for the centre section from oak and have covered the open section of the...
  11. B

    Speaker and AV unit

    Hi there. Hope your well. I have had a look through the form and don't see anything recent so I'm going to post. I am looking to replace my old TX SR607 with a new account unit and speakers. Ideally wanting to go for something that can support atmos Budget around 1k. Possible more if...
  12. J


    Hello , new to this forum . redecorating the home and manage to get a pair of bowers and wilkins cm8 ( looking to purchase a bkxxls200 or 400 to complete my setup ) i will be using to watch movies but i am far more interested in listening to music i want to get a AV Reciever unit to handle...
  13. S

    Finding an AV unit to fit my centre speaker and Amp

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could suggest AV furniture that doesn't break the bank but can fit the following bits of kit; Samsung UE55KS7000 - so the the furniture needs to be about 1300mm wide S1 Bowers and Wilkins HTM61 centre speaker - W545mm x H198mm x D339mm and Finally space for a...
  14. Chris4891

    Question Speakers sat on wooden AV unit - should I isolate them?

    Going to be using KEF eggs for 5.1 cinema but wanted to get a pair of Dali Zensor 3's for hi-fi music use. My question is would the Zensors benefit from isolation to the wooden AV unit? Thanks
  15. Lorchan

    Question Please Help! Best Av unit For £500

    Hi Guys Currently have Onkyo 636 and now on the look out for new Av unit was just wondering what would uses recommend Onkyo, Denon or Yamaha? I have round £500 to spend would use the unit to listen to music and watch movies. I currently have Dail Zenor 3 front right and left Dail Centre and...
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