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  1. D

    HTPC sound to AV Receiver and HDMI to 4k TV

    I just bought a new 4k tv and would like to connect my HTPC to this and still get sound from my old Pioneer LX-52 AV receiver, which doesn't support 4k passthrough or even ARC. I saw a thread somewhere which I can't find now saying that I could use a display port to HDMI adapter to connect to...
  2. dartone

    AV Reciever help

    I have a Yamaha RX-A860 that has all started randomly mutes on its own and the decoder goes off the unmute button turns the mute off but the decoder is still off and I have to power off the receiver then back on to get it back some days it does not happen then other days it will do it 3 or 4...
  3. Kev Ratters

    Question AV Reciever Footprint (size)

    Hi all Im after a new AV Reciever that has quite a shallow footprint (from front panel to rear terminals) Can anyone suggest anything? Currently have a breeze block sized Yamaha RX-V673. Just needs to be able to output 5.1 and be compatible with EARC/ARC 👍
  4. S

    Amplifier Or AV Reciever For Music?

    Which is better for producing the best sound for music? I currently have a Yamaha amplifier which does produce good sound, however does not have Sub out connection.. Only high level speaker connection or Rca line out. Is it worthwhile selling my Yamaha Ax-396 and purchasing a AV receiver that...
  5. L

    Question Advice needed for upgrading old setups AV reciever

    Hi everyone, i recently decided to set up an old 5.1 system that we had collecting dust, and have been really inpressed with how it improved my movie watching experience. However ive been having some problems that i believe are caused by a crappy av receiver so i am looking to get a new one. The...
  6. S

    New av reciever advice

    I am moving house I have 512 setup at the moment but I want to increase to 514 any advice on new av reciever up to £1000 I have q acoustic 7000i and monitor CB 165 in ceiling
  7. graymattor

    Question My first AV Reciever

    Hi All, I am sorry for another one of those threads! I am looking to delve into the world of home cinema sound and purchase an AV Reciever and speakers and in the future (or straight away) expand to a Dolby Atmos system. I am really posting for recommendations, I have done some research and...
  8. Tristan45

    B&W 703 s2 5.1 which AV reciever

    Looking to buy Denon 4500 or arcam 390 or 550,which one guys
  9. S

    Receiver choice advice

    Hi. At the minute I have a denon avrx1200w reciever which only has one hdmi output. I'm looking to upgrade as I have an oldish projector which won't go up to 4k (that'll be my black Friday purchase) so I would like a reciever that I can plug my TV into so I stream all my 4k content without...
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