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Audio/video receiver (AVR)
  1. U

    Need help understanding speaker to receiver compatibility.

    Hello, I am having real bad troubles trying to understand the technical information with my speaker HIFI system. The system as a whole is relatively old, however, they were stored for many years, therefore, the sound produced by the speakers is really good. The HIFI system is an AIWA CX-NV710...
  2. D

    Question sub-$500 receiver to go with C9?

    The web is rife with stories from people whose C9 isn’t communicating with their Onkyo/Denon/Whatever receiver. As we all know, the only folks who post are those having problems but that said, is there a particular make/model that’s a good match? TIA
  3. D

    Question Benefit to using a single company for AVR, TV, and Blu-Ray?

    I’m ready to upgrade to a 4K system and a less than comprehensive search leads me to threads/webpages addressing problems with componentnot playing happily together. I was fairly set on an LG B9 or C9 and in searching for a receiver kept reading about nightmares with Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, etc...
  4. P

    TV with HDMI 2.1 and Pioneer Receiver with HDMI 1.0.... issues?

    Hi all, Haven't posted here in eons, BUT... I am considering an LG C9 that has HDMI 2.1 connections, but my decades old Pioneer VXS-82TXS receiver has (presumably) HDMI 1.0 connections. Will I be stranding my Pioneer if I get the LG? I don't want to replace my Pioneer unless I have no...
  5. quicksand

    For Sale Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 Av Reciever

    For Sale: Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 AV Reciever In immaculate and fully working condition, purchased from Richersounds last March (receipt included). Has the ability to use wireless Heos speakers as surrounds and link with Heos multiroom setups similar to Sonos. Original box, remote, documents, etc...
  6. N

    Receiver to Amplifier Cabling

    I just bought a NIB 1986 Fisher component system. The AM/FM tuner LCD panel is out so unit is useless. I do own a vintage MCS 3248 Receiver that works perfectly. I want to run the MCS through my Fisher CA 861 Amplifier and to my Fisher 40 pound speakers. I have 2 Tuner RCA sockets on back of the...
  7. mtenga

    Question AV Receiver owners using a dedicated external streamer

    Most modern AVRs have their own built in networking for streaming your own material and mudic services. Airplay also opens up various avenues and there is also USB. All controllable by apps or TV and remote. Despite that does any AVR user feel they have benefited much by adding an external box...
  8. A

    Question Adding streamer to AVR

    I currently use a network Denon AVR with rear speakers set as zone two to deliver stereo music streamed from my NAS and from Spotify. Am I right n thinking that I could improve the sound by using a dedicated streamer (eg Cambridge Audio CXN) then running this through the AVR as the streamer’s...
  9. Harkon321

    Can you use the HDMI output from one AVR as the input to another??

    So for example: Virgin V6 box/PS4/Blu-ray etc as inputs on Denon 4400. Dual zone output to projector and then second output to a Denon 2400. Could the Denon 2400 then use this signal and output full 5.1? Trying to see if this could be a way of using the same source equipment in adjoining...
  10. P

    For Sale Pioneer 808rds Home Cinema Receiver

    Receiver is in good working condition Receiver volume knob is a bit erratic but unit works with remote control. Back missing on remote 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS full surround sound via optical in puts this unit has NO HDMI inputs. Open to offers
  11. Moore86

    Universal remote for several different things.

    Hey guys, I'm a long time user of this forum but first time posting. OK so I'm in a bit of a dilemma! I'm after a remote to use with my tv which is a TCL 50EP648, Roku Premiere, av which is Sony STR DN1080 and my Xbox one. If also like one that is upgradable, so when I upgrade my Xbox to the X...
  12. barrywi

    Arcam AVR 850 using atmos

    I have an Arcam AVR 850 used in 5.1 mode with spare amp channels bi amping the front speakers. No room for 7.1 side speakers. Vaguely thinking of trying to add Atmos using up firing speakers such as Dali ( to match my other Dali speakers) on the top of the current Rubicon 6 s. I would need to...
  13. B

    Hi all..Newb here. ARC issue with new Bravia 850 / Pioneer receiver

    Just got a new 85” 850. DIRECTV receiver / Pioneer 340 / Sony 850 HDMI cable to ARC and I get nothing...I’ve walked through the setup and enabled ARC in the receiver setup menu...I’m sure I’m missing that little something...hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance
  14. jobseeker

    For Sale Paradigm Milleniasub, black, with PBK and wireless receiver

    Paradigm Milleniasub in black. Very compact, so high WAF :). It will even fit under some sofas. Goes down to 24Hz -3db. Complete with base for vertical floor standing, plus feet for under-seat horizontal use or for use with included wall-mount bracket. Also includes Paradigm PBK with microphone...
  15. 187umkillass

    Question New Mid-Range AVR Advice needed.

    Hello, I need some advice, please. My TV is XE93 with HDCP 2.2 Speakers are Yamaha NSF51 front plus NSP51 Surround maybe not hi-fi but they do the job. I wont use any Blue-rays im streamig from TV netflix app plus PC and maybe PS5 in future. My setup at the moment is 7.1 but i can upgrade to...
  16. A

    Denon AVR x2200w no sound

    hi all my first post here and with a very crazy issue... here it goes: Setup is following Denon avr-2200x with speakers on front L and R, center speaker, surround L and R. Cable tv box connected to hdmi 1 Xbox connected to hdmi4 and optical 2 Avr connected to LG C8 via hdmi1 on avr to...
  17. unknownsith

    Question upgrading SPEAKER and AVR advise

    Hi all, I’m looking for some advice/best options. I have the upgrade bug which started with wanting a new AVR to now also wanting new speakers. I currently have a dedicated cinema room with an EPSON 9300 projector, 95” fixed screen, Yamaha RX-A1030 and KEF 3005SE 5.1 speakers. The room...
  18. R

    Question Move from AVR to Stereo amp + Speaker upgrade, how will movies sound?

    Hi All, I live an apartment (living room about 41 sqm²) and pretty much use my sound system to watch movies or listen to music 50/50. Right now I have a Denon 1910 with 2x Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 and a KEF tdm 45b sub and I have been looking to upgrade for some time now. As I will most likely...
  19. D

    For Sale Z-Wave Secure 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat & Receiver Set

    I have for sale my z-wave enabled Secure SCS317 seven day programmable room thermostat and Secure SSR303 boiler relay. Collectively they are known as Secure SCS318. The SSR303 boiler relay connects to the boiler to turn it on and off and connects wirelessly to the SCS317 seven day programmable...
  20. P

    Question Pair remote with Panasonic TU-DSB30 Sky Digibox Satellite Receiver?

    I have bought a spare (replacement) for a friends TU-DSB30 Sky Digibox. He already has one and uses Sky (I don't so not up to speed with Sky) and I bought s/h the Panasonic TU-DSB30 Sky Digibox as a replacement that he asked for. However this has turned up, but has no remote control with it? I...
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