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Audio/video receiver (AVR)
  1. I

    HDMI CEC Denon AVR x2500 and Sony x900f TV

    Hi Just hoping for some advice if it's possible to achieve what I'm after. Setup: Sony 55X9005F TV and Denon AVR X2500H The TV and amp are setup with HDMI CEC so when the TV is powered on or woken from standby the amp will power on and the TV switches speakers to 'audio system active', I...
  2. D

    For Sale Sony STR-DH540 AV receiver

    Due to an imminent upgrade I'm selling my Sony STR DH540. I bought it new from Richer Sounds and has had minimal use. Everything works perfectly and comes in the original box, along with the FM aerial, auto calibration microphone, and remote (note the remote battery cover is missing) I'm based...
  3. C

    Yamaha Musiccast 101?.. I'm trying to connect the Soundbar 400 to TSR-7850 receiver

    Yamaha tells me that the Musiccast Soundbar 400 is not designed to connect to the TSR-7850 Musiccast Receiver?.. Is this correct?.. Would I need to get the Yamaha WX-021 MusicCast 20 Wireless Speakers to use with the receiver instead?
  4. Flashgordon1982

    Yamaha Aventage 2060 or Denon avr 6400

    Hi I have an option to buy either of the above. Ones more expensive by 150 quid. What should I be going for? Happy to Add a power amp as well. Running monitor audio gold at the front
  5. H

    Starting from ground up. Have got a LG C9 and need to start with a receiver, should i make sure it has eARC?

    Hi I have purchased a LG C9 and think it would be a shame not to take advantage of such a nice image without a sound system upgrade. I think i want to start with a 5.1 and maybe eventually 5.1.1. What receiver do i need to be looking at which can support HDR10, earc, 4k and next gen gaming...
  6. S

    Question HDMI ver 2.0 in av receiver HDMI ver 1.3

    hi all, my receiver is yamaha RX-V465 as i know HDMI version 1.3 my RX-V465 connect to my computer video card GTX-1060 HDMI (support HDMI ver 2.0b) so my pc sound and picture through RX-V465 via HDMI sometimes i play 4K mp4 file little lag (maybe cause my HDMI cable ver 1.3) my question ...
  7. Salton

    Control Power/Volume of AV Receiver via LG Magic Remote?

    I am trying to set up my LG magic remote. I just purchased LG TV (75UM8070PUA) and trying to set up with Yamaha Natural Sound AV Receiver RX-V861. I have all my input connected to the TV and have Optical cable going to the receiver for the sound. I would like to control the power/volume of the...
  8. irvsax

    EARC or AV Receiver First

    Hi, I have had my PioneerLX75 for about 8 years now and am looking to upgrade the TV to an OLED and probably the new Denon AVR3700. It has been a while since I have done a new setup and a wondered what the best way to run things is. I will have a sky box, Xbox, Fire Cube to all plug into the...
  9. Stevie P 7

    For Sale Denon AVR-X2400H as new condition

    I'm selling my Denon AVR-X2400H. It's roughly 18 months old, I've moved to a Sony amplifier hence the reason for selling. It still has the box it came in along with all the accessories. The original stickers are still on the amp. No faults with the amp. £250 no offers, cash on collection or...
  10. L

    Wanted Denon AVR X4400 or X4500

    Hi is there anyone willing to let their X4400 or X4500 Denon go for a reasonable price? Currently have an X3600 which I will part ways with if its a clear step up in SQ. Will need to be boxed with accessories.
  11. A

    Denon AVR X4500h firmware update issue

    Hello Wonder if anyone experienced any issues with the latest firmware update on their 4500 or 6500 series? I attempted to run the latest firmware update yesterday and the unit just turned itself off (I mean off not standby so no display, not even the standby indicator o around the power button)...
  12. D

    For Sale Anthem MRX310 receiver

    Hi thanks for looking at my advert for my MRX310. Latest firmware, unmarked as far as I can see (put into my AV unit on purchase and never moved until coming out for replacement), faultless, latest firmware, complete with ARC kit and remote (age appropriate usage marks to that). A very...
  13. L

    Denon AVR X4500 or Yamaha RXA 1080

    Both these receivers are around the same price which one is better for films and music? Are there any others to consider? Thanks
  14. F

    Denon AVR X3600 sub settings.

    What is the correct way to boost the subwoofer? I have a SVS SB2000 and set the sub to 75dB with Audyssey and the amp sets the trim at -9.5dB’s which when in use I think it’s a little quiet. There two options that I can see to boost output and that’s to add to the -9.5dB that Audyssey set and...
  15. T

    Affordable processor for a church conversion ?Second hand Meridian 565

    Hi. I have almost completed a church conversion that will be used for wine tasting & events. It has in-wall high quality monitor audio WSS430 speakers laid out in a 5.1 configuration downstairs with an in-wall sub and another couple of ceiling speakers in a over-kitchen mezzanine upstairs with...
  16. K

    For Sale Yamaha rx-v767 av receiver

    Hi up fo sale is my yamaha rx v 767 comes with set up mic and remote, this one has 8 point calibration via the mic and has 2 hdmi out, its not 4k only 1080p. It's in good condition but I don't have the box so collection only. Pics will be updated tommorow thanks.
  17. M

    DENON AVR-x1600h, No sound coming through speakers on PC

    Hello friends:hiya:.. thanks for coming I'm new to audio tech so forgive me if my lack of knowledge I've been having problems trying to configure this amp ever since I've got it. For me, I find it very temperamental and its becoming frustrating!:(. I initially connected it to my PC using HDMI...
  18. K

    No sound through HDMI AVR

    Hello. It is my first post be easy on me. I have a problem with the sound through Matantz 1603. I plugged Amazon fire stick to the receiver to Cbl/Sat from the receiver to the projector with Hdmi and sound is only from the projector. Do you know how to get sound from the AVR speakers. Thanks
  19. welshy

    AVR --> Integrated Amp --> Power Amp

    Has anybody got this setup or tried it out? I currently have an AVR for HC with a 2 channel MF M6si integrated amp for music with HT bypass powering the front L&R. This amp is rated at 220W 2 channels driven. I am now looking into purchasing a power amp to power the rest of my ear level speakers...
  20. P

    radio regions switch for Pioneer receiver

    Hello maybe someone knows how to switch from Japan FM broadcast band to default European? I have seen this issue now and then, but i cannot recall what i did that time, also cannot find this in google anymore :(. There was a mix of few buttons. Created the incident with Pioneer EU, but there...
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