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  1. Timmy C

    Help needed. Setting up av processor and 2 channel amp with no AV Bypass. Input trim/volume levels

    Just set up my old av processor to use in conjunction with my Arcam 2 channel amp as I was missing having rear speakers. I've always used amps with HT bypass in the past but this particular amp doesn't have that option and as I'm using a processor and not an av receiver, a speakers switch isn't...
  2. B

    Denon AVC-A1XV used as a power amp by an AV Processor

    Hello everyone, just registered to AVforums as I enjoy the different topics and discussions around home cinema building. I have a question concerning my system, which is as follow: AV Receiver: (old) Denon AVC-A1XV that I owned since 2007 Monitor Audio Silver 8 for front speakers from 2007...
  3. G

    Audiolab 8000AP crackling through speakers, even in standby

    Has anyone had any issues with crackling coming through the speakers with and audiolab 8000AP, even when the unit is in Standby? I am running it with a pair of Quad 99 Monos for the fronts, a 99 Stereo for the center and a Cyrus Power for the rears. I noticed the odd 'pop' through the rears but...
  4. A

    AV Receiver/Processor - with better sound quality than Audiolab 8200AP & 8200CDQ?

    Its been a while since posting, but I would like to upgrade/sidegrade my hifi & surround system. We use the system for music (squeezebox), TV, movies and gaming (nVidia Shield Gamestream) and everything sounds great, within the limits of the room. The problem is that it is a bit complex...
  5. B

    AV Processors with a digital output

    So far I've discovered the following: Trinnov Altitude 32 Lyngdorf MP-60 (w/ optional AES input/output module) Datasat R20i Stormaudio ISP MK2 (w/ optional AES/EBU module) Are there any other products?
  6. B

    Question AV Amp with wireless rear speaker capability ???

    Hi Currently I use a Sony STR DH800 in a 5.1 configuration. I also use the Sony S-Air rear amp to wirelessely power my rear surround speakers. All small speakers are MS10 on stands , with a Mission sub. I think its time for a change - and I do not like sound bars , nor do I want to stream...
  7. C

    Question Mid range Av reciever reliability Pioneer & Onkyo

    Hi all, I’m curious to your experience of AV Reciever long term reliability. Since 2010 I have now managed to get through 2 AV Amps, both which have failed for different reasons. One was an Onkyo TXNR808, the HDMI board failed and was going to cost north of £500to repair. The issue was a...
  8. pthorp

    AV Processor to replace Cyrus AV 8

    Hi all, I love my AV 8, but am very frustrated that Cyrus has given up on the AV front and have no newer AV solution to provide various HDMI inputs and the video / audio switching, etc. This currently means I have to use another external HDMI switcher, which is just starting to get a little...
  9. petetherock

    Marantz SR7011, SR6011 AV 7703 Owners thread

    Just starting a thread to help new owners of the 7011 and 6011. And also to help them decide if the new models are worth the difference over the old ones. What's new in the 6011 & 7011 & 7703: The SR6011 and 7011 both use CS49844A - a quad core DSP vs 4xAnalog Devices DSP in the 6010/7010...
  10. DT79

    Best AV processor for UHD Blu-ray 5.1 only

    Hi - I'm trying to decide of it's worth installing overhead channels while redecorating my home cinema room, to enable a full Atmos set-up once I upgrade my kit to support UHD. I'm actually inclining against it right now for various practical reasons, so will most likely stick with 5.1. My...
  11. W

    Question What (used?) AV processors should I look at?

    Hi, at the moment I am using my old Yamaha AV receiver as a processor via its pre-outs. I have a strong suspicion that my current Linn Aktiv power amp and speakers completely outclass what, at the end of the day, was a fairly inexpensive AV receiver. It doesn't sound bad exactly, but there's a...
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