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  1. S

    Unable to get 4k@60Hz on a Sony STR-DN840 AV amp

    Hi Avforums, I’m new to the forum so hope I posted in the right place. I have a problem with my Sony STR-DN840 AV amp 4K@60Hz, looking at the AV amplifier spec from Sony it says with the latest firmware update (s9327.1108.0) should give me [email protected]/60Hz: s9327.1108.0 Provides HDMI® 2.0...
  2. G

    Isolation pads for my av amp

    Looking for recommendations please..really don't want to spend silly money...
  3. P

    Question 3D on Projector via AV Amp with none 3D TV in chain?

    I have an issue where I cannot watch 3D content on my Projector due to my TV(which does not supporting 3D), both connected to the output of Denon 3800 Amp, I get a lovely message about my display does not support 3D content or similar and effectively this blocks the content from showing. In the...
  4. Slinkywizard

    AV amp with ability to map speakers per profile (location)

    Asking the hive mind on this one. I'm setting up a separate games room after I move house that will have a sim racing rig at one end of the room and a large screen at the other for regular games. Both systems will be fed by a single PC. I want to set up a 7.2.4 system using upfiring speakers for...
  5. J

    Question Type of amp

    Audio forum I have eight definitive speakers which comprise of : 4 pro monitor 80; 1 pro center 100; 2 bp7006 ; 1 subwoofer. I am looking for either of 2 setups but need some advice. I want the best quality Option 1 is to use one 5.1 AV amp for surround sound, by using the pro monitors, pro...
  6. D

    5.1 on new LG G3 TV and old Yamaha 757SE AV amp

    Apols if already listed somewhere, I did look for advice already. Just purchased a new LG 55 G3 OLED TV and trying to connect for surround 5.1 sound to my old Yamaha DSP-757SE amp(without HDMI). Currently have optical cable connecting the 2 items and only audio output is both rears and front...
  7. mikebh41

    Question Marantz SR6009 AV AMP

    Hi Have a Mint one of the above which is being replaced but my question is the amp volume works absolute fine from the remote but the control on the amp has a mind of its own will go up when turning down etc. I assume its from total lack of use as I always use the remote not sure if its an easy...
  8. T

    Is an expensive Blu-Ray player needed when connected to an AV amp?

    Forgive a stupid question. Does it matter what 4K blu-ray player is needed when connected to an AV amp? My thought is if the amp and TV is doing all the work why does the blue-ray player matter too much beyond reading the formats e.g. 4K and passing the info to the av? Thanks
  9. A

    New AV amp. Surround speaker suggestions, please.

    (Firstly, Mods I couldn't log in (?) as AncientBrit so now AncientBrit1). I wasn't able to add to initial thread, presumably left it too long. I have ended up with a Yamaha A6A, and am now researching speakers. The initial idea of Monitor Audios is dropped for the time being at least. Having...
  10. I

    Sony TA-AN1000 & Bluesound Node

    Sony TA-AN1000 & Bluesound Node Current set up is: STR-DN1080 AV Amp Bluesound Node High Res Music Steamer UBP-X800 Ultra HD Blu-ray / DVD Player (Also plays CD and SACD) Monitor Audio Silver Front and Centre Speaker SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer And even though I remain happy with my system, I'm...
  11. H

    AV Amp with Graphic or Parametric Equaliser?

    Does anyone know of a good Audio Visual Amp that includes either a Graphic or Parametric Equaliser?
  12. N

    Blu-ray player upgrade advice when TV and AVR are old

    Hello, First post here!! Our Blu-ray player (Samsung BD-P1600) is on its last legs and looking to upgrade. Because our TV (Panasonic TX-40CX680B) and AV receiver (Yamaha RX-V671) are also on the old side (but work fine; so not looking to replace) I was hoping for advice on what to look out for...
  13. P

    Question Replacing my AV amp

    Afternoon all. Thank you for the help regarding subs and speakers am probably going to upgrade my AV amp from the Denon X3400H to run 7.1 rather than 5.1 at the moment also replace my Old BW sub as it is not great adding in a pair of up firing front speakers? Thoughts please. But my main...
  14. E

    How can I use Bluetooth headphones on a conventional AV amp?

    I have a Primare SPA21 AV amp and would like to listen using a wireless Bluetooth headset. I don't currently use any headset and can't even see how a wired headset might work. There is an RCA record-out connection, so I wonder if a headphone amp connected here would be the way to go? Any...
  15. A

    Can an AV amp play vinyl?

    I see a lot of posts saying that you need a dedicated stereo amp to get the most out of vinyl. AV amps apparently are only focussed on video processing and obviously can't play audio well. Is that actually true? I have a Yamaha RX-A860 AV amp. I feed it from my Denon turntable via a Rega...
  16. P

    Sonos or a traditional 5.1 AV Amp based system

    Hi All - This is my first post and perhaps a very basic question. I am refurbishing our house which presents an opportunity to rewire and build a new home theatre system. I have heard and quite liked Sonos 5.1 system but speaking with Richer Sounds, they are advising me to go for more...
  17. S

    Rca interconnects AV amp to Emotiva XPA-5… van damme?

    Hi all. Ordering an xpa-5 tomorrow that I’ll need to connect 5 channels to my Cinema 50 av amp. I’ll need 90deg plugs for the Emotiva side and straight will be fine for the Marantz. Length needed will be 2m Will van damme cables suffice in your opinion? EBay seller east535 seems to have...
  18. NGD Boy

    Sky q hdmi video sender to av amp

    I’m in middle of decorating/changing around room. Rather than run hdmi cable several mtrs around room( chasing cables into walls etc, I hate cables on display😡) is there a decent sender that can connect to sky q box that will send pic/audio to my AV receiver Thanks Carl Edit I’ve seen a few...
  19. S

    AV Amp repairs

    Hi, My Marantz SR7010 decided to put itself in protection mode last week whilst I was watching a film, I can get it to bypass protection mode but powering down and back on then puts it back into protection mode, this happened about 2 years ago but that was my fault as think I had a bare wire...
  20. S

    Recommendations for AV amp....

    I currently have a Denon AVR-S750H....about 2 years old....I'm afraid the audio went out.... Thinking I might have to replace it....looking for recommendations.... I run B&W 800's in stereo and a B&W center speaker......no sub.....no rear speakers.... I need a minimum of 3 HDMI inputs....handle...
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