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  1. M

    Playing 5.1 audio (AC3) only - without TV

    Wondering if I can seek some advice - I'm putting together a sound piece for an exhibition to be played through a 5.1 surround system. I've got a Yamaha YHT1840 5.1 speaker system and was wondering if theres a way to play a 5.1 AC3 file directly into the AV receiver (via a small media player /...
  2. D

    Pre out timing issue AV amp to Arcam SA30

    I'm trying to use the stereo pre out from my Marantz AV Amp (Nr1710) fed into my stereo Arcam SA30 to power the front L and R channels (into good floorstanders). I'm delighted with the Arcam SA30 for streaming hi-res stereo. I listen to classical and want surround sound for films and SACD...
  3. Z

    Choosing new AV Amp or alternative approach

    I started with a Yamaha surround amp with HDMI that I had upgraded to another because I purchased a projector and needed 2 HDMI outputs. I later purchased an LG 4k OLED TV and found that it wouldn't work with 4K HDR so I now need yet another AV amp. I only really use stereo through my Cairn 4210...
  4. M

    Arcam SA30 no sound from AV amp when in processor mode.

    Hi all, I am a reasonably new owner of an SA30. I have got round a few initial niggles regarding updates and the remote not working. Problem now is I can’t figure out why there is no sound in processor mode when hooked up to to my AV amp pre outs. I have set the initial volume to 68 in...
  5. jrw1982

    For Sale Denon Avr-x2400h AV Amp

    Pretty much like new. Only used in living room to power my Kef KHT 2005 speakers. Comes with box and all accessories as new. Remainder of 6 Year Richer Sounds Warranty (April 2018). Happy to assist with warranty should the need arise. Photos to follow if there is interest.
  6. S

    AV amp has died. What direction to go with a replacement?

    My current system is: Pioneer SC-LX86 AV amp with Quad 909 driving the two front speakers Monitor Audio GS20 towers and GS centre BK XXLS400 subwoofer Sky Q Cheap Sony Blu-ray player. Top of the range (5 years ago) Samsung TV. Good quality branded cables Yesterday my Pioneer amp started...
  7. wack

    For Sale Arcam P80 Power Amp

    Arcam P80 in silver Working OK, a few minor marks £160 delivered
  8. J

    Compatible AV Amp - Blustream Matrix System

    Hi, Hopefully I've posted this is in the correct place! So I'm a complete novice when it comes to AV systems but I come from a technical background in networking, so how hard can it be?! 😂 I've recently refurbished my house and thought it'd be a good idea to install cat 6 everywhere and...
  9. flamenco

    Best budget 4K AV amp which allows expansion

    I am upgrading my TV from HD 32in to UHD 4K 49in. My AV amp is the Denon AV 2310, which I will also need to upgrade. My top priority is music - hence the Arcam A28 amp and the MA GS20 speakers. So I need a decent AV amp which would cope with 4K and HDR content but also allow the Arcam to still...
  10. M

    AV Amp up to £2500?

    With a budget of £2600 what would be the best AV amps to be looking at that aren't Denon (Currently have a Denon AVC-4700). Thanks in advance.
  11. B

    100Volt Line Speakers into Denon AV Amp

    Hi, I wonder if someone can advise. A neighbour who lives in a big converted Chapel is currently refurbishing. He has been using an old Denon AVR2312 running into ceiling speakers which turn out to be 100 Volt Line type - they were already installed when he moved in. He's been using these for...
  12. A

    New media player showing pink screen when going through AV amp

    I recently started a thread asking which media player to get to replace a Mede8er MED600X3D. After a lot of helpful advice I eventually got a Nvidia Shield Pro 2019. As I was doing the setup I noticed that the screen was pink but just thought that that was normal during the setup process. After...
  13. B

    AV Amp and Smart Apps (tv)

    is there such a thing as an av amplifier with built in apps like netflix, amazon and disney+ ? everything else that you buy these days has them all but it seems that there are no av amps that have them built it.
  14. M

    HDMI modulator to AV amp andprojector ?

    Hi I am put sky through an HDMI modulator into a distribution amp then to all rooms, this is fine and TV's show HD pictures, But how do I then get it back to HDMI to go into Amp and projector in cinema room ? Do I need to go into a freeview box first then out ? Old set up was sky analog...
  15. marcd5123

    Denon AV-4308CI Possibly the finest AV AMP from Denon ! Scene the A11SR /A1SR & 3805

    The Simple answer to that question for me is a big fat yes. Outside of Denon Legandry A11SR, A1SR & 3805 in my humble opinion. Up and until recently I owned a Denon X4100W (2015 Model) and to be fair before it became faulty it was a fantastic peace of equipment no real issues and a fine...
  16. M

    AV Amp to Hi Fi Amp Connections

    Hi Guys, I want to update my nearly 20 year old AV/Hi Fi set up. I am currently running a Sony STRDB940 5 .1 doing the surround sound duties. I use the “pre outs” from this amp to the dedicated processor input to run the left and right channels on my Arcam Alpha 10/10p combo. Using the...
  17. Z

    Lousy AV amp bottlenecking the system?

    Hi, I know my system ain't much, but been noticing and thinking could the AV receiver i bought in the beginning be at fault / limiting the system. Receiver i have is a Sony str-dh550. I bought it in the beginning, before i had most of the things i have now. Most usage is bluray movies and...
  18. mfife

    Question Which Android box for Disney + to connect to PJ and AV amp

    So here's the thing: there are a lot of generic android tv boxes out there, and most of them don't do Disney+ as they're not certified by Disney, and a lot of them don't have dolby chips either, so no 5.1. I'm after an Android box to be hooked up to a 4K projector with a separate toslink audio...
  19. C

    Question How many LFE subwoofer low level connections per AV amp?

    Hello all, I have a Denon AVR-X3600, which has two subwoofer outputs both with level control. I have read that it is fine to connect a Y splitter to each of these, so that I can connect 4 subwoofers. But I thought I should ask Denon first as I do not want to damage the AV amp. Here is their...
  20. C

    AV Amp Replacement - Denon AVC-X3700

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my existing Yamaha HTR 5650, Budget about £1k I have read good reviews on Denon AVC-X3700H (£999), and the slightly older model Denon AVR-X3600H (£750). Would appreciate advice: 1. It is worth the extra £250 to get the AVC-X3700H 2. What's the difference between the...
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