1. Alessandro Castorino

    Autonomous Vehicle Reliability MA Project

    We are a project team at the Royal College of Art, we are currently designing a solution to tackle the reliability and communication gap between autonomous vehicle systems and their users. We are aiming to design a level 3 autonomy trust feature in daily vehicles, which will very likely be...
  2. O

    Changes to UK Autonomous laws this spring

    Well, this is as clear as mud, it will be legal to take your hands off the wheel on single lane if you automated lane keeping features up to 60kph. But you must remain alert meaning what, that the driver is still libel ?
  3. O

    Mobileye working on AV delivery service for 2023

    Seeing as the forum includes Autonomous Vehicles, Unlike Tesla and other existing Level 3 AV solutions this includes Lidar and Radar. Technically I am guessing that its going to be Level 4 in that...
  4. Stuart Wright

    Awesome, compelling video about autonomous driving.

    I love this video. Makes a very strong argument for autonomous driving being made legal.
  5. AussieDrone83

    Petition for Mavic Mini.

    Here is a petition for the introduction of a native waypoint system update for the Mavic mini, to allow mapped automated flight. The plan is to get signatures from all parts of the world. Once at a sufficient level the link for the petition will be forwarded on to DJI. These things only work...
  6. Stuart Wright

    All road vehicles should have autonomous emergency braking

    I think all road vehicles should have autonomous emergency braking. I can't find any stats on what percentage of accidents are rear end shunts, but I think it's a lot. These would be significantly reduced with AEB systems installed. Having driven a car with an AEB system for 9 months, it's...
  7. Stuart Wright

    Video of a drive in a (level 4?) autonomous Nissan Leaf

  8. Stuart Wright

    What is autonomous (adaptive) cruise control?

    Autonomous cruise control (ACC; also called adaptive cruise control, radar cruise control, traffic-aware cruise control or dynamic radar cruise control) is an optional cruise control system for road vehicles that automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles...
  9. Stuart Wright

    Autonomous Cars

    Why is there an autonomous car forum at AVForums?! Because AVForums' visitors generally Are interested in technology Are interested in cars Are interested in technology in cars Are early adopters Tend to be slighly maturer so Have families so think about NCAP ratings and safety features Have...
  10. SourKraut

    'Dawn of the Driverless Car'

    Just a heads-up that on BBC 2 at 9pm - Horizon: Dawn of the Driverless Car The car has shrunk the world, increased personal freedom and in so many ways expanded our horizons, but there is a flipside. Fumes from car exhausts have helped to destroy our environment, poisoned the air we breathe and...
  11. Stuart Wright

    Autonomous vehicles are safer so how long before human control is frowned upon?

    2015 UK road casualties: There were 1,732 reported road deaths in 2015. The number of people seriously injured in reported road traffic accidents waas 22,137 in 2015. There was a total of...
  12. Stuart Wright

    Autonomous Ioniq at CES

  13. smotiram

    Question Best/cheapest autonomous backup solution for onsite and offsite?

    Hi guys, So basically, I'm in need of some help to backup my server files both onsite and offsite and for it to be done autonomously. I have been advised to get a WD My Cloud with Smartware Pro which will allow me to connect the My Cloud NAS to a dropbox account that can provide an onsite and...
  14. aVdub

    Quadriplegic man gets Autonomous drivers license

    Here it is. The tech enabling a man with quadriplegia to drive - BBC News Now - HowStuffWorks
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