1. T

    Audiolab Remote Control

    Hi, my Audiolab 8300A remote control is a real problem. The back of the remote control is sprayed with something that makes it feel soft. After a couple of years the surface has become very sticky to the point that I do not want to use it. Cleaning makes no difference. Has anyone else had this...
  2. M

    Biamping Tannoy XT6F with Audiolab 6000a and XTZ A2-300 - doable?

    Hi folks, I was thinking of bi-amping my tannoy XT6F speakers with my Audiolab 6000a driving the LF terminals in pre/pwr mode while the XTZ power amp drives the HF terminals (or vice versa depending on how they sound) - can you forsee any problems with this? Do class A/B and D play well...
  3. T

    Audiolab 6000CDT - No Power

    I popped a cd into my 6000CDT last night and hit play on the remote - and lost all power in the player. I replaced the fuse in the plug to no avail and also switched the power cable from my 6000A that sits on top confirming that it isn't the cable. Any ideas?
  4. mattyredsox

    Audiolab 6000A paired with a vintage Pioneer Amp - your thoughts

    I recently got an Audiolab 6000a and have paired it with Dail Oberon 5 floor standers. I haven't really given it too much volume yet, but I will be eventually. I'm wondering what the opinion of using it as a preamp (I love the convenience of having my wife and kid being able to listen as well by...
  5. B

    Audiolab 6000a + 8300xp + Wharfedale Evo 4.4 a good package?

    Hi, I’m new to this forum and hifi in general so apologies if some of the things I say won’t make any sense. I’m looking at my first hifi set up and I’m considering the above. Does it make much sense to buy a brand new 6000a and use it as preamp only and would it go well with Wharfedale Evo...
  6. navillus65

    Connecting usb-c iPad to Audiolab 6000a

    The inbuilt DAC of an Audiolab6000a is pretty good I undersand. I want to use my iPad with usb-c port to stream Hi-res music at best quality. Should I be using this DAC or should I invest in an external DAC, also if I connect iPad to 6000a directlyhow do you do it, im thinking an external box is...
  7. iamkroll

    Audiolab 6000a Play firmware update issue

    Hi, I can't seem to find any resource on the internet about this. I tried asking Audiolab via their Facebook but they really are not very responsive there. Hopefully I can get some help here :) So I am trying to update the firmware on my 6000a Play. Currently I am on version 0.24, that's what's...
  8. fatrich

    For Sale Audiolab 8000M & Audiolab 8000P For Sale

    I currently have x4 Audiolab 8000M's and x3 Audiolab 8000P's of which im using x3 8000M's and x2 8000P's to power the front , rears and sides. it seems pointless to use the spare 8000M & 8000P to power the Atmos speakers but i have them as spares just in case one of the other develops a fault...
  9. S

    Audiolab 8300A or NAD C368 for B&W 705 S2 speakers

    What are your thoughts on either an Audiolab8300A or a NAD C368 to power B&W 705 S2 front speakers? Other options appreciated as well. HT Bypass and trigger control are necessary.
  10. klckl

    would you recommend audiolab 6000a + elac debut b5.2?

    I just move to UK, sold my Klipsch powered speakers (R-51PM, i quite like them except for the static noise when nothing is played - had a small-ish room in my last city), and want to get into amp + passive speakers. New room with tv is around 5x6m, with a very mixed usage - tv (mostly youtube...
  11. Timberr

    Audiolab servicing & repairs UK

    Good afternoon all. Does anybody know of a reputable Audiolab servicing and repairer in the UK? I have an 8000p that needs looking at and Audiolab have informed me that they don't look at the 8000 range anymore. Thank you.
  12. M

    Hegel H95 or Audiolab 8300 XP?

    I am seriously considering upgrading my Audiolab 6000A. I have two options in mind in particular: EITHER, use the 6000A as a preamp and buy an audiolab 8300XP power amp, OR, buy a Hegel H95. I know the Hegel isn't rated as high in power as the 8300XP (60 wpc as opposed to 140 wpc), but many...
  13. Puccainbkk

    cambridge CXN V2 or audiolab MDAC+

    Hi All. From Thailand I am looking for Streaming DAC. Cambridge audio CXN V2 or AudioLab M DAC plus. I want to connect digital sound from TV too. my TV got optic output only I listen music from my HDD and I watch and listen music on youtube TV and want to connect with my 2 ch. I have got...
  14. T

    Audiolab 6000N Apple Music

    Hi all, can anyone please clarify for me, does the Audiolab 6000N support and stream Apple Music HiRes and if so how? Steamer virgin. Many thanks.
  15. V

    Audiolab 6000 a with Stand Mounts Speakers ?

    Good Morning Looking for a suitable bookshelf pairing for Audiolab 6000a/CDT , whittled it down to two - Acoustic Energy ae500 OR Kef ls50 meta . I mainly listen to classical or jazz at low to moderate levels in a room of 21/12ft listening position is about 10 feet from source . I am demoing...
  16. C

    DAC in Audiolab 8200 CD for Cambridge Audio CD transport

    Can I use the DAC in my Audiolab 8200 CD for input from a Cambridge Audio CD transport that I am contemplating buying as a second cd player. I do not want to consider the Audiolab CDT as I don't like the idea of the slot players. Also is there a reasonably priced alternative to the Cambridge...
  17. B

    Roksan K2 or Audiolab 8000S

    Hi, I am considering 3 used integrated amps and would like some views on how they sound in real world use. The K2 and 6000A is about the same price range and the 8000S is about half of that. I will be using with a Harbeth P3ERS SE stand-mounted. I listen mainly with records and CDs. I use an...
  18. DefDave

    Itch Scratched

    I don't regard myself as an audiophile or see hi-fi as a hobby. I love music and like it to sound good. 12 months ago I bought a Denon PMA-600NE and play mainly flac files of my cd's, and listen to DAB and internet radio from a Mitchell & Johnson WLD+211T through Q Acoustics 3020i's. I've been...
  19. D

    Rega IO or Audiolab 6000A (For vinyl mostly)

    Hello, I'm in the market for a new amp. I am looking at either the Rega IO or the Audiolab 6000A. I can get either for a decent price (the 6000A currently has a discount and will cost about 100 euro more then the IO) I'm looking to hook either one of them up to my turntable and either a pair...
  20. L

    Audiolab 6000N - anyone know how to select the DAC filter?

    Hi everyone, first post here. I just noticed (after a year...) that the Audiolab 6000N streamer (which runs into the DAC of my 6000A amplifier) also has an analogue out - so it must have a DAC itself. Hooked that up to an AUX entry in the 6000A and indeed, works. The sound is different though...
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