Audiolab is a British manufacturer of audio equipment. It specializes in affordable systems and has a range of stereo and surround sound systems. During its ownership under McLaren Group it was named TAGMcLaren Audio.

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  1. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Audiolab introduces new flagship 9000N network player & comments

    Audiolab's high-end addition to its 9000 Series has been built from the ground up, with a new Arm processor and Sabre DAC ready to play. Read the news.
  2. C

    Audiolab 8000A lifestyle change (wife) demanding smaller speakers 😳

    Amp - Audiolab 8000A Current speakers B&W DM110i Hi all.. I have a very first world problem that I wondered if you might be able to help me out with. Wifely issues mean that I am having to move my HiFi set up out of our lounge and into a smaller room.. which to be fair means that I will...
  3. Blinkydamo

    About to order an Audiolab 6000A Play but have a few questions

    Hi all, My current setup is a Denon X3600 with a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 300 6g's, C250 6g centre along with a pair of BXFX rears. As a setup for watching movies it is great but for listening to music it just isn't very good at all. I mostly listen to music from Spotify, via a Shield TV...
  4. C

    Audiolab 6000A Line Out Modification?

    Hi all 👋 My setup consists of a Sony PS-LX5 turntable, an Audiolab 6000CDT, and the 6000A. I also have my TV going through the amp via optical. Being my first setup I'm really happy with it and don't feel the need to upgrade any of the separates. However I have the desire to include a vintage...
  5. therourke

    Audiolab 9000a subwoofer seems a little quiet

    I just upgraded to an Audiolab 9000a from my trusty NAD D 3045. It is definitely a significant shift in nuance and clarity, getting a lot more from my Wharfedale Linton Heritage speakers. I also have an SVS SB-1000 Pro subwoofer and notice that the 9000a seems to produce a way way more subtle...
  6. G

    Audiolab 6000A vs discontinued Rotel A14 for warm speakers

    Hi folks, I'm currently building a small separate system for my living room. I'm quite new to Hi-Fi and have done some research that could aid in building my setup. My main goal is to have a quality sounding system under $2000 that will last me several years. I went for a relatively budgeted...
  7. starfire

    BK XLS 200 MK II and Audiolab 6000A in HT bypass mode

    Hi, I have an BK XLS200 MKII currently connected only via the low level input to my Marantz SR-7015 AVR. I run my Audiolab 6000A in HT bypass mode (pre-power) when watching movies and put in into Integrated mode when listening to music, it directly drives my Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers. I...
  8. kavko

    Audiolab 7000a Bluetooth problem

    I bought a new audiolab 7000a amplifier, and it works great except when I'm connected and playing music via Bluetooth. It plays great for around 20minutes sometimes less, then it stops producing sound (my phone still connected and playing music) the display on audiolab is also displaying the...
  9. G

    Question Audiolab 7000 A+N or Lyngdorf Tdai 1120?

    Audiolab 7000 A+N or Lyngdorf Tdai 1120. Your comments and opinions? Thanks
  10. Mr Lime

    Question Using Audiolab 6000A as part of AV setup - Query.

    I just took delivery of the Audiolab 6000A amp and I want to use it to drive the main front L-R speakers in my home cinema AV set up, while simultaneously using it as a stereo amp with my CD player and tuner connected to it. Do I simply run the Pre-Out Front L-R from my AV amp to the normal...
  11. OliveRock

    Question Audiolab 7000A upgrade

    Hi, I'm a quite happy owner of an Audiolab 6000A amp (along with a 6000CDT, an Audio Technica LP5X and an ifi Zen Phono) paired with Q Acoustics Concept 50s. Considering the wonderful potential of my speakers, I'm considering upgrading though power is not the issue here. I've had another...
  12. S

    Russ Andrews Supersocket with mains purifier

    Hopefully a pretty simple question. Thought I would ask the brain trust before I do something stupid. My equipment is all connected to a mains purifier (Audiolab DC Block 6). Would (could) it still benefit from any gains offered by a Russ Andrew Supersocket umm socket? They aren't expensive...
  13. C

    New System

    I am moving abroad and will be buying a new system. I can get the Audiolab 6000a & 6000CDT at a good price but not sure what speakers to go for. I am a bit hard of hearing and think that it would be a good idea to buy speakers which are a bit forward in the mid band and treble. Any suggestions?
  14. P

    Cyrus One HD Vs Audiolab 9000A

    I'm tempted to step up from my Cyrus One HD. I find the Cyrus a little bright with my Dali Oberon 5s. I like the idea of the Audiolab 9000A, coupled to the 9000CDT. I do most of my listening via CD, FLAC via Sonos Connect, and via Bluetooth (Aptx HD on the Cyrus, would be LDAC on the Audiolab)...
  15. C

    Living Abroad

    I will be moving to Dubai shortly and selling all my equipment as it is too expensive to ship out. When I get settled there I am thinking of buying the following as they seem to be good value there. Audiolab 6000a Amplifier, Audiolab 6000CDT and SVS Prime tower speakers. My room size will be...
  16. Ed Selley

    Audiolab 7000A Amplifier and 7000CDT CD Transport Review & Comments

    Audiolab has been on a roll of late and the 9000A has already charmed us. What can its little siblings do? Read the review. Write your own review for Audiolab 7000A
  17. Melbolivar

    Speakers match with Audiolab 8300

    Hello everyone, I have a question, which one would you suggest wharfedale Linton or Kef R300? Living Room 40 square metres My current Amplifier is Audiolab 8300 Music preference Rock Metal and some Jazz. Thank you in advance Mel
  18. marcbc

    Audiolab 8000cd vs 9000cdt question

    I have an original fully working black Audiolab 8000 system (8000cd used as transport into an 8000DAC into an 8000Q into two 8000p amps). Speakers are Monitor Audio Silver 500 My 8000CD is beginning to play up but as I love the overall sound (although not so much the current speakers) I was...
  19. R

    Subwoofer Pairing - Dali Oberon 5, Audiolab 6000A

    Hi all, Happy Friday! I hope all of you are well. I'm keen to add a subwoofer to my current setup - Dali Oberon 5 and Audiolab 6000A. My budget is no more than £800, preferably cheaper. I listen to bass heavy genres such as house, techno, rock and metal so I figured that a sub would enhance...
  20. Y

    Audiolab 9000A firmware upgrade

    I tried to do a firmware upgrade to my Audiolab 9000A. The problem is the RAR file has no flash.bin. I sent emails to Audiolab. No answer. I tried groups of Facebook. It seems I'm the only one who cares about upgrades! I made everything according to the instructions, I've used 2 pens... I'll...
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