1. A

    AV Receiver/Processor - with better sound quality than Audiolab 8200AP & 8200CDQ?

    Its been a while since posting, but I would like to upgrade/sidegrade my hifi & surround system. We use the system for music (squeezebox), TV, movies and gaming (nVidia Shield Gamestream) and everything sounds great, within the limits of the room. The problem is that it is a bit complex...
  2. B

    Audiolab 6000A Play and ethernet connection

    Hi guys, I am going to post in here again. Hope you can help. I have the amp above and was successfully able to connect it to Wifi using the Play-Fi app. However, once connected to LAN the app does not find it anymore. LED in front is solid red though showing a successful connection via...
  3. Y

    Question Q Acoustic 3020i vs 3030i paired with Audiolab 8300A

    Hi All, Would greatly appreciate your input on pairing either the Q Acoustic 3020i’s or 3030i’s with an Audiolab 8300A amp. This is one of my first HiFi setups and any help and comments are very welcome. I understand the speakers and the amps are completely two categories in terms of value and...
  4. E

    Audiolab 6000 series question on remote.

    Hi peeps, I've recently obtained an Audiolab 6000a and 6000CDT. I've got a question for other people who have experience with these. The machines are NOT connected to trigget each other. When I press the power button on the remote, both the amp and the CDT turn on/off regardless of whether I've...
  5. mito

    Marantz pm 6007 or audiolab 6000a

    Hi all I have qacoustic 3050i Need integrated, what will be better the marantz or the audiolab? Thanks
  6. D

    Audiolab 6000a cutting out

    Hi just wondering if anyone has experienced this also. When I push the amp it cuts off, the display reads PRT and counts down for about 30 seconds before powering back on at a lower volume level. Its connected to a pair of B&w Cm7s. Is that its just not powerful enough? Novice so any advice welcome
  7. Ed Selley

    Audiolab 6000A Play Integrated Streaming Amplifier Review & Comments

    Looking for a smart integrated amplifier but wanting to spend under a grand to do so? Audiolab thinks it has what you need in the form of the 6000A Play. Read the review. Write your own review for Audiolab 6000A Play
  8. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: Reported HDMI 2.1 bugs, Audiolab Amp & LG LED Projector reviews + Best of the Month (28/10/20)

    This week we have the full review of the Philips OLED+935 TV from Phil, Steve is looking at the LG HU70LS LED projector and Ed reviews the Audiolab 6000A Streaming Amp. Plus, we round-up the Best of the Month for Music, Movies and TV Shows. 00:00:00 - Start 00:00:24 - Welcome 00:04:42 - What...
  9. matthewpiano78

    Audiolab 6000A volume issues

    Evening all, I'm asking this question for a friend, and would be grateful for any thoughts or experience anyone can share. He has an Audiolab 6000A amplifier and finds its performance is inconsistent across both analogue and digital inputs. Sometimes it sounds lovely and feels like there is...
  10. scrooge75

    For Sale Audiolab 8300a Integrated Amplifier. PRICE REDUCED Warranty to December '21

    Audiolab 8300a integrated amp for sale. Purchased 5th December 2019 so not yet a year old. Very little use and only ever used in preamp mode. Perfect, as new condition throughout. Manufacturers warranty until 4th December 2021. Even the OLED display still has the protective film on it! Only...
  11. N

    Quad Vena 2 Play vs Audiolab 6000a play with Wharfedale Lintons

    Hi, Can anybody tell me if there would be much difference between the Quad Vena 2 Play and the Audiolab 6000a play (used with Wharfedale Heritage Lintons)? I’ve demoed the Audiolab but I’ve been told the Quad may be slightly warmer in sound. I’ve also been told they’re both quiet similar. I...
  12. North2South

    Using a Sky Q remote with an HiFi amplifier - Audiolab 6000A

    I thought it might be useful to those who want to hear their Sky Q TV sound via a HiFi system, and have control over the volume through the Sky Q remote, to know which 'setup' worked for me. I have an Audiolab 6000A amplifier, connected to the TV through an optical-digital connection and I have...
  13. Ugg10

    Audiolab 6000A Play

    Looks like Audiolab have combines the 6000A and 6000N in one box. Also includes a phono stage so pretty much an all in one system. At £800 currently with most suppliers.
  14. T

    Advice: B&W CM8s + Audiolab

    Hi folks, Coming here for a bit of friendly advice on a possible upcoming purchase. Current set up: - B&W CM8s (Airplay connected, which I use for 90% of my music listening) - Rotel RA 1520 - Rotel RCD 1520 - Panasonic Viera VT65 (Apple TV connected) - (Ancient!) Thorens TD160s Mk.4 turntable...
  15. NK86

    Question Audiolab 8300 series remote problems

    I've recently purchased an Audiolab 8300A and 8300CDQ. After having a home demo of the 8300A+8300CD I decided I liked the system but decided to go with the CDQ as I could get it for the same price and liked the addition of MQA decoding through USB and a headphone input. I've just settled down...
  16. W

    For Sale Audiolab M-DAC and M-PWR

    Audiolab M-DAC and M-PWR + Uprated Electrosound power supply Both very highly rated, look amazing too: Mint condition and boxed. With remote. The power supply wire is a little loose, but absolutely...
  17. N

    Is the new Leak 130 just an Audiolab 6000a in disguise?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if the new Leak 130 is just an Audiolab 6000a amp in disguise? They both seem similar spec wise and as they're both owned by the same parent company I just wondered if anyone new any more about them. The Quad Vena 2 Play looks quiet similar too spec wise.
  18. Mr Lime

    Strange things happening with Audiolab 8000A

    I have an Audiolab 8000A amplifier. I use it for my CD, radio tuner and mini disc deck listening. I also use it for films to drive the front L-R channels in my surround sound system by running the front L-R pre-outs from My AV amp to the Audiolab. While watching a film tonight I noticed a...
  19. dazed&confused

    Bargain Audiolab processor

    This just happened to come up on my ebay feed Bids are only at £156 at the moment. I use one of these (which I purchased new) and it still sits very nicely in my system, where I'm using a Lyndorf 3400 stereo amp to do all the bass management of the sub and provide room correction for the...
  20. praneeth22

    Replacement remote for Audiolab 6000a

    Has anyone managed to procure a replacement remote for the Audiolab 6000a? I dropped mine (it's actually a 6000a play but remote is identical to 6000a *I believe*). Are there replacement parts available for these things? Thanks!
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