audiolab 6000a

  1. nodric

    DTS Gapless Update December 2021

    Having stumbled across discussions on this forum about Gapless Playback on an Audiolab 6000n and the (quite frankly crappy) DTS software I wrote to DTS, who to their credit replied in a few hours. In the meantime I did what I said I was going to do, well partly. I now have an iPad hooked up to...
  2. B

    Amp for Magnat Transpuls 1000

    Hey all, I recently bought the Magnat Transpuls 1000 speakers and I'm trying to find an amplifier to fit them. After a lot of reading it seems the Audiolab 6000a would be very nice, but I am unsure if its powerful enough for these speakers to reach full potential. Any help would be much...
  3. iamkroll

    Audiolab 6000a Play firmware update issue

    Hi, I can't seem to find any resource on the internet about this. I tried asking Audiolab via their Facebook but they really are not very responsive there. Hopefully I can get some help here :) So I am trying to update the firmware on my 6000a Play. Currently I am on version 0.24, that's what's...
  4. klckl

    would you recommend audiolab 6000a + elac debut b5.2?

    I just move to UK, sold my Klipsch powered speakers (R-51PM, i quite like them except for the static noise when nothing is played - had a small-ish room in my last city), and want to get into amp + passive speakers. New room with tv is around 5x6m, with a very mixed usage - tv (mostly youtube...
  5. DeclanCooley

    Audiolab 6000a - how to connect an external phono preamp to the amplifier and turntable (AT-LP3)?

    I haven't bought the Audiolab 6000a and my decision depends on the possibility of adding an external phono preamp and connecting that to my TT. How is this physically done - which connections and settings need to be created? Thanks!
  6. C

    Audiolab 6000A play best Speakers for it.

    What would be a good pairing for the Amp in medium size bedroom. I have seen Monitor Audio Gold GS20 on E Bay for £900 but i think it will probably need a bigger Amplifier. Perhaps someone has the Audiolab can recommend their Speakers. Just to complicate things i also have a Yamaha WXA50 both...
  7. C

    Just go the Why is one speaker terminal flashin in back of my Audiolab 6000A play i cant get it to connect to the App.

    Just go the Why is one speaker terminal flashin in back of my Audiolab 6000A play i cant get it to connect to the App, any advice would be great
  8. C

    Anyone got the Audiolab 6000A play

    Have ordered the Audiolab 6000A play going to try it out the Yamaha WXA50 i have has a few problems mabye send it back.
  9. J

    Question Connecting Audiolab 6000a to PC

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best way of connecting my pc to the audiolab 6000a. I'm very new to this but I've done a bit of research and this is what I gathered. My pc doesn't have optical out and the audiolab doesn't have usb in. I'm assuming if I was to plug it using the 3.5mm aux port on...
  10. N

    Quad Vena 2 Play vs Audiolab 6000a play with Wharfedale Lintons

    Hi, Can anybody tell me if there would be much difference between the Quad Vena 2 Play and the Audiolab 6000a play (used with Wharfedale Heritage Lintons)? I’ve demoed the Audiolab but I’ve been told the Quad may be slightly warmer in sound. I’ve also been told they’re both quiet similar. I...
  11. Ugg10

    Audiolab 6000A Play

    Looks like Audiolab have combines the 6000A and 6000N in one box. Also includes a phono stage so pretty much an all in one system. At £800 currently with most suppliers.
  12. N

    Is the new Leak 130 just an Audiolab 6000a in disguise?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if the new Leak 130 is just an Audiolab 6000a amp in disguise? They both seem similar spec wise and as they're both owned by the same parent company I just wondered if anyone new any more about them. The Quad Vena 2 Play looks quiet similar too spec wise.
  13. Gerry557

    Question HT bypass with or without digital inputs?

    Im looking to add an amp with HT bypass mainly for playing music and saving a bit of lecky not running the AV amp. Ive looked at a few options but unsure if I really need one with digital imputs or if I can manage without. An added bonus is maybe reducing the strain on my AV amp (Denon x4400)...
  14. Timberr

    Question Audiolab 6000a - power amp?

    Any 6000a owners using a power amp with it? If so, what ones work well?
  15. magicmayhem

    Monitor Audio Silver 500 or Fyne Audio F502.... or another?

    Hey guys, Due to not being able to properly audition in these current times, I would love some advice please. I have the Audiolab 6000a, and will be adding 2 audiolab mono blocks soon, so will have plenty of power. I am looking for some floor-standers to go in a room that is 400 square feet...
  16. W

    Subwoofer hum

    Hey Folks, looking for your advice in how to address the following problem: I have added a subwoofer (KEF Kube10b) to my setup to complement my LS50s. It's a nice match, however there is ever so a slight but annoying 50Hz hum emanating from the subw. The connection into the subw is via the...
  17. Custard Gun

    Question Audiolab 6000a hum/buzz

    I did post about this on an old thread, but thought it might be better to create my own. I have just bought a new Audiolab 6000a integrated amplifier to replace a Marantz PM6006. Initially all seemed great, and it was a definite step up from the Marantz, however I soon noticed that there was a...
  18. drummerman

    Budget system; Audiolab 6000a & quad 11l Classic (v3)

    I can get the two above for £ 600 all in/delivered. Anyone got any thoughts on it? Came from a far more more expensive Hegel/ProAc system which I had to let go for financial reasons. So this a starter system again. The Audiolab should serve ok as a pre-amp in the future if required. I heard...
  19. Timberr

    Answered Audiolab 6000a - Help!

    I have just bought the Audiolab 6000a and am very happy with the sound. However, I've got an issue with the aux inputs. I plugged my Cambridge CXN into the optical input of the Audiolab and my tv into Aux 1 socket, as I had my previous amp. As an experiment, I decided to see if the sound would...
  20. spuj1962

    Powernode 2i vs Audiolab 6000A primarily for Music

    Hi all. This is my first post here. Been enjoying the excellent information. I am currently have a NAD D 3020 (V1) amplifier driving my now rather old Monitor Audio Silver S6 speakers. I use this mainly with a Logitech Squeezebox playing FLAC files from my NAS. I was really pleased with the...
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