1. S

    First home cinema in the attic.

    Have drawn up a plan and would like to hear your opinon about my first design in terms of layout and placement speakers in the attic. My speakers will be: q acoustic: (4x) 3010i 3090ci (2x)3050 Kef Kub2 7.1 set up
  2. J

    Question Using installed co axial to Ethernet

    Hi all, Complete newbie here but nowhere that I can find advice. Basically my house is about 6 years old 3 story house, I want to run a few Ethernet wires around the house cause WiFi & powerline just not hacking it. I have co-axial points in the wall throughout the house but I don’t use them...
  3. M

    Monitor Audio BX2 in an attic

    I need help to place my speakers in an attic. the measurements are 5x3.2 meters. The highest area of the room measures 2.5 meters. They are currently located in the part of the room with the lowest ceiling. The listening point is forming an equilateral triangle and behind, there are about 1.5...
  4. Derkster

    Pests in my attic

    Looking for some advice if i can. Over the last couple of nights we have been hearing scratching and something running about in our attic at night. Obviously this is keeping the missus awake at night as she thinks there is a huge monster up there which is going to come down and eat us up...
  5. I

    New Build Cinema Attic Room Help!

    Good evening all, I'm in the final stages of a new build house and intend to make part of the loft space into a home cinema. As we've the room to do it properly now (well almost) I'm going down this route instead of the living room combo as I've done several times before now! You can see by...
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