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  1. J

    Sub and surrounds - buying advice please!

    Hi everyone - I've been building up my first proper home AV setup (based largely on advice in other people's posts on here - thanks! :thumbsup:) and have got to a bit of a decision point I'd appreciate some input on. Set up (and cost) so far TV - Samsung QE55QN95A - £799 (Sevenoaks stock...
  2. H

    Need help deciding atmos/auro3D height speakers

    Hi there. I'm in the process of upgrading my 5.1 Mission speakers setup, with 4 addicional height front/rear speakers for atmos/auro3D. It's an 8' (2,4meters) high ceiling and there is no possibility of in ceiling speakers. Room is 20' x 13,8' (6,3 x 4,2 meters) dedicated HT. Receiver: Marantz...
  3. J

    Can I use my AVR200 to power my Atmos speakers

    Hi So I recently upgraded from my (ancient but much loved) Arcam AVR200 to a new Arcam AVR390 and I'm currently running it in a 7.1 formation. I'd really like to add 4 atmos to the set-up but obviously the 390 only has 7 channels on-board so I need an external amp. Can I feasibly use my old...
  4. Bluedog

    B&W DS6 as atmos speakers on ceiling?

    I’m upgrading my rear surrounds to Arendal 1723’s. Currently have the B&W DS6 surrounds mounted. Can I use these as Atmos ceiling speakers? I was going to sell them but thought this would be a better option. I have some up firing atmos speakers on the front towers also, but never felt they gave...
  5. C

    Home Cinema in a Orangery

    Hi all! I am having an extension built and there is a solid brick wall on the one side which is going to be about 12 foot wide. I want a Home cinema setup - I am thinking about an Ultra short throw laser projector and am looking for recommendations as well as for the sound. I was goign to put...
  6. D

    A pair of up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers assigned and positioned as "Surround Dolby"

    I understand that it is conventional (and I have had this setup before) if using only a pair of up-firing speakers to have them in the front position (normally on top of front speakers). However, it is possible to have a pair and to assign them as "Surround Dolby" and place them on top of the...
  7. jsl20

    Kef Q50a's in downfiring mode

    I may need to move my Kef Q50a's from upfiring to front height/downfiring. Basically they don't fit on top of my LS50s properly and my current positioning isn't leading to a decent result. I'm therefore thinking of mounting them on the wall above my left and right speakers (thanks to Kef for...
  8. swanny78

    Upgrade from 2 to 4 Atmos speakers (or not)

    I am relatively lucky in that I have a symmetrical rectangular room (converted single garage) and my speaker placements in my current 5.2.2 setup are pretty spot in with Dolby recommendations. I have recently upgraded my receiver and now have an additional 2 channels. I could add to my setup so...
  9. J

    Best sound set up

    Looking maybe to get a sound bar or surround system Currently have a Samsung QE55Q60TAUXXU TV a Denon AVR-X2200W which has my LG Blu Ray BP735 connected (HDMI), a Sony CD/MD player MXD-D3 (Red/White Audio), Internet Radio (Majority Robinson) (Optical) ION Record deck TTUSB05XL (Red/white...
  10. B

    Atmos Speakers to work with Mordaunt Short Alumni

    Hi, I've been running a Mordaunt Short Alumni 5.1 setup for the last few years (well the MS sub died so replaced it with a BK XLS200). I've just got a Denon AVR-X2700 so now have the ability to add some upfiring Atmos speakers. We live in a rented house so can't go putting speakers in the...
  11. sammy the squid

    Are your overhead Atmos speakers pointing straight down or at the Mlp?

    Curious to hear what folks are upto - especially those that have their overhead speakers pointing straight down. I’ve previously had front heights pointing to the mlp and top middles pointing straight down, but am now considering Rear heights pointing at the mlp or inwalls in the ceiling...
  12. F

    Question Atmos Speakers position

    I currently have a monitor audio bronze 5 5.2.2 with Dali alteco C1 mounted at the ceiling down firing for Atmos duties. I am adding two monitor audio CP CT380 ceiling speakers as top middle for overhead Atmos but I’m unsure as to exactly where to install them. I have my sofa up against the wall...
  13. T

    Question Wanted for new home: rear surround and upfiring atmos speakers

    Hi all, we just moved from London to our new home in Switzerland and i am looking for ways to integrate the home cinema into the new living room. The system consists of JVC X5900 Denon 4500 L-R-C Whafedale Sapphire Sub Yamaha 2x8'' I am looking for the best possible solution for the surround...
  14. D

    Question Just got Eltax Atmos speakers now to get Atmos sound

    Hi recently acquired some Eltax atm to dip my toe in the atmos world, i went through Audessy set up on my denon xv2400 and set the speakers as front atmos and adjusted crossovers and volume as per advice of these forums. i then downloaded some atmos test files from the digital theatre website...
  15. A

    Question Samsung Q90R soundbar rear speaker placement, is it the same principle as separate Atmos speakers?

    I have purchased the Q90R soundbar and getting ready to set up. I have just one question regarding positioning of the rear surround speakers. My sofa is against the back wall and no way of moving it forward. On my left side I have the kitchen door and on my right side I have the front room...
  16. N

    Mission M-Cube + SE as Atmos speakers

    Hi I would like to mount two of these to a wall with the speaker pointing towards the ceiling and using that to bounce sound down to the listening position. Can someone recommend suitable wall mounts for these speakers that would enable the speakers to be positioned like this? Thanks Mike
  17. Sgt Hartman

    Question Atmos Speakers Wiring

    Hi guys, I would like to complete my HT system installing 4 Atmos speakers, the up-firing ones would be the simplest but certainly less satisfactory solution in terms of final result, so I would like to try with ceiling speakers but I have a big problem to deal with and I would to have you...
  18. grnnvrzz

    Adding Dolby Atmos speakers to an existing set-up 5.1.2.

    Hi there, I have a Denon AVRX3300 amplifier that I currently have in a 5.1 set-up. I realised recently that I could add Atmos speakers to this, and that I could bring the speaker cable externally around my living room to avoid having to run it through the lounge which would probably not be...
  19. mr gothic

    Question Good Atmos ceiling Speakers Needed At £200 A Pair Budget

    hi looking for good atmos ceiling speakers at a budget of upto £200 a pair[cheaper if possible] been looking at yamaha/fisual seem to be good value but are they any good not sure any others I should be looking at?. would be using with a denon 4500h amp in a 7.1.4 setup cheers
  20. J

    Question Atmos speakers with no Atmos source - pointless?

    Being stuck at home with no prospect of a holiday any time soon, I am tempted to waste some money on fun but unnecessary A/V equipment. A while ago, I upgraded my receiver to a Denon X3200W. My speakers are just 5.1 so I have 2 channels going unused which irritates the little boy in me. I...
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