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  1. fallinlight

    For Sale Screen Excellence 4K Enlightor 103.3" 16:9 Acoustically Transparent/ AT Screen

    Screen Excellence 4K Enlightor 103.3" 16:9 Acoustically Transparent/ AT Screen £700 Purchased on here in January of this year for £800. High end screen. A few areas of damage to 2 of the vertical frames where some of the black fabric has come away, but not noticeable in use/ from seating...
  2. Roberto1975

    Behind the AT screen

    I am looking for advice please, having read quite a few forums on speakers for behind AT screens and baffle wall construction I am still not sure on the best way to go. Last year I started a dedicated cinema room in the loft. At the time I was using Apex A40 for LCR. Whilst they sounded quite...
  3. J

    accoustically transparent screen material

    Hi all I’m looking to improve my setup and to do this i will make amd install an AT screen out speakers behind it and clean up the whole look of my system I have a 3.5x1.5 screen (2.35:1) with a sony vpl 65es unit driven by a htpc set to 1920x818 resolution. So i need some material i emailed...
  4. fallinlight

    Handyman wanted to build home cinema frontstage and or frame for AT Screen build - London or will pay for transport of screen

    Handyman wanted to build home cinema frontstage and frame for AT Screen build - London SW11 area - or will pay for transport of screen What I want built: Screen: A 92.5" 2.40:1 screen. If stretching material over myself is easy, I can do this. Or, I would be happy to try spandex or a suitable...
  5. T

    Black Backing for AT screen

    I'm looking for black backing for my acoustically transparent screen (Grandview Flat Series Fixed 4K AT) Setup Now: I already have a black fabric on the wall behind the screen and speakers. Not sure can I improve the contrast further by placing black backing just behind the screen / front of...
  6. J

    Polk T50 and T30 as LCR behind AT screen

    Can I Place Polk T50 and T30 as LCR behind AT screen, if yes then 1. what will be the distance from AT screen and wall. 2. What will the positions of all three in terms of distance and orientation.
  7. DLxP

    Answered AT screen in front of a TV

    I'm in the very, very early stages of contemplating installing a pj in my sitting room (which isn't even decorated yet). I'm wondering what the best approach would be, given the TV and LCR speakers would be behind the screen. The attached pic gives an idea of where the TV and speakers would...
  8. Skylinestar

    Question How's the quality of Draper AT screen?

    How's the quality of Draper acoustic transparent screen? Anyone tried/tested the ClearSound NanoPerf XT1000V & ClearSound White Weave XT900E ? Equally as good as a Seymour XD? It seems Draper is kinda quiet in the AT 4k screen arena. The price is just as expensive (or more) than other US...
  9. StratManSi

    B&W 600 series behind AT Screen?

    Hi all,I’ll be moving to my new house in July and will have a dedicated cinema room at last :) Anyone got any thoughts on B&W 600 series behind an acousticly transparent screen in a baffle wall? It’s looking like that’s going to be the plan though I’ve got 3 months to think about it so who...
  10. Harkon321

    Does everyone with an AT Screen use in wall speakers?

    I'm presuming most people use in wall speakers with the framed AT Screen mounted to the wall. This is likely the neatest way, but the issue with this is spending all that time sound proofing a room, to then cut holes in it. I appreciate you can make specific backboxes etc but you get my...
  11. adam-burnley

    Question Recommended distance between Speakers and AT screen

    I need to decide how far forward the screen needs to be installed in my dedicated room. I've found different recommendations for the ideal distance between the front of the LCR speakers and an AT projector screen. I'm not sure if that's because it depends on the speakers, the screen material /...
  12. Kootuu

    Question Distance of speakers behind AT screen

    Hi Guys, Planning to build a custom AT screen using Filmex but I'm not sure if the size I want to use (80" diagonal) is enough to put all of the speakers behind the screen. I'm going to be using 3 Monitor Audio WT240-LCR in wall speakers. They are about 18cm wide when positioned vertically so...
  13. K

    Woven AT screen with a 7 ft viewing distance?

    Can a woven AT screen work with a viewing distance of roughly 7 ft? Or will visual artifacts be too visible from this viewing distance? I've heard good things about the DreamScreen V6 UltraWeave AT Screen which is known to have a very tight weave. DreamScreen V6 UltraWeave AT Screen Fabric...
  14. master64

    Question Hooking method of the DreamScreen V6 Ultraframe

    Hi all, i'm interested in the AT screen DreamScreen UltraWeave V6 and if i do not find a nice solution to make a nice frame for it i'll go for the expensive but easiest solution of buying the canvas with the complete frame UltraFrame V6. My doubt is about how the canvass is hooked to the Frame...
  15. Navvie

    Wall colour with AT screen

    Currently renovating our lounge and adding as much home cinema as I can without turning into a man cave. In order to fit the biggest possible screen, we picked one that's acoustically transparent with LCR in-walls behind it. Screen arrived a few days ago and we hung it from the ceiling...
  16. B

    Material for DIY AT screen

    Not wishing to buy a commercial AT screen until I was sure of precise size and layout, I decided to knock together a temporary one. 'Matt Lycra 4 way stretch' is a 82% nylon/18% lycra mix available in matt white. I used two layers, gently stretched over a wooden frame with a black velvet...
  17. lovehathi

    Question At screen

    hi everyone Were to buy At screen in ireland or around thanks
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