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  1. M

    For Sale ASUS PN40 mini pc with monitor

    Selling this neat little PC that I upgraded from its default specs due to an upgrade to a gaming laptop. Here's what the listing contains: Key specs of PC are: Windows 10 Home Intel® Celeron® N4000...
  2. M

    Wanted SSD (2.5" or Nvme) and Asus Strix Keyboard

    Good evening all! Looking for an SSD as the 1TB evo I have for my computer just starting crashing but thankfully saved everything to the HDD. Looking for 500Gb+ but will consider all at this point! Also looking for an Asus Strix Scope or Flare Keyboard! Full size so not TKL. Let me know what...
  3. G

    Wanted ASUS Zenbook/VivoBook

    Looking for the above, ideally with a screenpad.
  4. n0chex

    For Sale Asus Router DSL-N16

    I have an Asus router with built in VPN, only used for 1 week and put back in box.
  5. Burakiosaurus

    ASUS RT-AX88U for M500 Package

    Hi All, Currently using the Virgin Media Super Hub 3 in my Bungalow. Home office is in the converted attic and over Wi-Fi, I can sometimes get 400+ Mbps download speeds. Most of the time, it is around 100-200 though. Looking for something more stable and faster though and have read good...
  6. T

    For Sale ASUS Chromebook C223 boxed (11.6"/4GB/32GB/USB-C)

    Hello all For sale is my ASUS Chromebook. Was purchased in September 2019 (so no warranty left) and used over Christmas/New Year for a short holiday, has sat pretty much unused since. In good condition (please see photos attached), the glossy black power adapter has the usual marks/fine...
  7. Hillskill

    For Sale Routers & Modems (ASUS & Draytek)

    I've switched to a dream machine so these are now surplus. Prices include delivery. Power supplies included. ASUS AC1900 Dual Band 802.11ac Gigabit Router - £40 ASUS DSL-N17U N300 Gigabit Modem/Router (ADSL & VDSL) - £40 Draytek Vigor 130 Modem (ADSL2 & VDSL2) - £55
  8. nemesis429

    For Sale Fractal Design Node 804

    No Offers Fractal Design Node 804 Bought for proposed project, unboxed and installed components but never actually ran the PC and stored the build away for sometime. Recently dismantled PC, Now selling as I've moved over to a rack-mount case. Includes 3 Fractal Fans (main chamber) and 2 new...
  9. jjarhelp

    Asus Zenbook UX303UA battery saying 255% charge??

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help. My Asus Zenbook will only turn on and stay on when plugged in, if it becomes unplugged it dies instantly, the battery is also saying "255% charged (plugged in)". I thought maybe my battery had become completely discharged but have replaced that and...
  10. E

    For Sale ASUS B1MR portable LED HD Projector

    Only used a few times when away on the side of the caravan , excellent condition , tiny portable HD projector . ASUS B1MR Portable LED Projector, 900 Lumens, WXGA (1280*800), Short Throw, Wireless Projection Ready, Multimedia Player Incredibly sharp visuals with 900-lumen light output and...
  11. scarty16

    Default Display ASUS Zenbook - issue

    Hi All, I have an ASUS Zenbook Pro, the one that has the mousepad as a second screen. But it has developed an issue. The default screen when it turns on or restores from sleep is the mousepad. I can change it to the main laptop screen, but I can't change the default behaviour. I have tried...
  12. S

    Question ASUS zenbook 14, difficulty restoring backup from external, boot problem BIOS related, how to

    Restoring my ASUS Notebook UX433FA (solid state drive and windows 10), I would appreciate any help please. Last week I got a blue screen crash "critical structure correction" which since then, although my laptop appears to be ok and even google chrome is now working, I am not quite comfortable...
  13. M

    Replace BT Smart Hub 2

    Hi, I'm a customer of BT and use BT Smart Hub 2 with 5 BT complete WiFi black discs in my house. I have always suffered from WIFI dropouts and very low speeds. Watching iPlayer or Netflix can be very difficult on some days and I get very low speed tests results anywhere other than next to the...
  14. UrNzWy

    EVGA 850W P2 PSU Caught on Fire - Faulty PSU randomly ignites!

    You know what's fun? Waking up to a house full of smoke, fire alarms going off and finding your desktop engulfed in flames.. That was a reality I never even though about until two Friday's ago... Que 5:45AM in the morning. We live on a busy alley way where there are always garbage trucks...
  15. V

    Help installing OS on ASUS laptop

    Please help. I have purchased an ASUS laptop with no OS. I have windows on a usb to use to boot the laptop with. The problem I have is that there are NO options in “boot” to boot the computer from the USB. I have searched google and YouTube for help but they all show options that I don’t have...
  16. A

    Asus x99-a 6f error

    Anyone know what could have caused this? Pc would power up, show this error and then shut down. No display or beeps etc. I tried a different graphics card to no avail. Some reading led me to try the MemOK button which made the pc boot, but needed to be used for each boot. I reset the bios to get...
  17. zantarous

    Question Any thoughts on Asus Rog Zephyrus G14?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the Ausus Zephyrus G14. It seems to have really good reviews on YouTube and looks like it has all the raw power one could ever need. Anyone have one or think there is something better in the same price range?
  18. Repster

    Invest in Asus AI setup?

    Hope someone can help me come to a conclusion. I currently have an older ASUS 66u (not B1) that is in the attic (roughly in center of house) serving the house for WiFi and other key areas have CAT5/6 cable servicing them. I want to extend the Wifi coverage more in the garden and nearer the...
  19. Dr. Robert

    Question ASUS XONAR D2X as an AV processor

    I've decided to get back in to Home Theatre, due to trying out hifi amps I have a Naim NAP 200 a NAIM NAP 90/3 and a Meridian 555. So i thought seeing as my films are viewed via my PC i'd try a soundcard to the power amps instead of of a cheap AV Reciever. Has anyone done this? I've got the...
  20. ocpelon01

    need help identifying a gaming desktop

    Hi my name is art and thank you for allowing me to post on this website. i recently bought a pallet of electronics at an auction and there was a gaming desktop in there. now i have never owned or had a gaming desktop. i am in the process of putting it up for sale. and although im a little...
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