1. A

    For Sale ASTRO A40TR & MixAmp Pro TR Headset PS4/PC

    Hi all, Bought in Jan 2019, easily the comfiest and best sounding headset out of all the numerous ones I've had in the past. I have decided to change to wireless jobbies so these are ready to go. Annoyingly, despite keeping all boxes I cannot locate this one so will come without, sorry...
  2. M

    Recommend a HDMI 2.0b toslink audio extractor please

    Hello all. Finally ordered a PS5 on Tuesday. I have a Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless headset. Sometimes my PS5 will be played on a 4K 55 inch HDR TV (a TV that can actually do HDR properly - 'only' HDMI 2.0b though) and sometimes it will be played on a 27 inch 4K monitor (with HDR disabled on...
  3. L

    Astro A40 + Mixamp Gen4 setup PS5 (Using TV Optical Out)

    New A40s + Mixamp Gen4 all set up for my PS5 last night. I've set everything up as directed (using TV optical as apposed to buying the adapter) but in Dolby mode on the mix amp nearly everything sounds echoed? I say nearly as when testing on warzone (main reason I got them) in game menu...
  4. DarrenG

    Astro A50 Gaming Gen 3 PC or Xbox SX

    Hi, Been searching the net for this issue I have. I want to use the Gaming headset on my PC and Xbox Series X but not at the same time. So if I want to use the headset on the PC I have remove the USB from the xbox and put in PC, then switch the button on the base station from xbox mode to PC...
  5. Otis

    Series X Dolby Atmos & Astro A50

    I'm having trouble with my Astro A50 Gen 3. I can't get my Xbox to output Dolby Atmos to my receiver whilst my Astro A50 are connected. Whenever I try to select Atmos as an option it says 'Dolby Atmos for Home Theatre only supports Hdmi devices.' Is there no way without disconnecting the...
  6. Paranormalist


    It never fails to blow my mind what can be achieved with a camera and a telephoto lens when photographing the night sky. This is the Orion Nebula (that glowy bit in the centre) as photographed from my backyard. EXIF Oly em10 mk3 f/5.6 A total of 32 seconds exposure with each frame at 1.6 sec...
  7. Raphmik

    Question Astro a50 ps5/xsx advice

    First off. Sorry if asked before please provide a link if possible. As we all know next gen provides no optical port, So right now I have an optical coming out of the base of my gen 3 and going into the TV. But I want to know that I have the correct setup. List of items. Oled b7 TV Astro a50...
  8. wardener007

    Astro A50 Gen 4 PS4 headset- Tempest 3D audio quality issue on PS5

    Hi there, I am reaching out here to see if anyone else is experiencing bad 3D audio quality when connecting Astro A50 Gen 4 base station directly to PS5 with USB cable. According to reddit forum there AstroGaming suggested to have USB connection for Tempest 3D audio supported gaming. So I tried...
  9. A

    Question PS5 and Astro headsets

    Hi all, I have an Astro A40 TR with mixamp. Gen 3. In order to use optical I needed the following adaptor: Astro have advised me that they don’t anticipate having this in until...
  10. KennyNinja74

    Astro's Playroom November 12th/19th 2020

  11. GaryMo

    Headphones again!

    I honestly thought there were a set of chat headphones with the Xbox One I bought over Christmas so I jumped in the loft for the box and found I was totally wrong! Thought they would have been part of the bundle considering the emphasis on multiplayer games but I guess if MS can get more money...
  12. DanTheManc

    Astro C40 TR Controller

    Has anybody got or used this controller? What are your thoughts? I currently have a Scuf Impact but I'm considering upgrading. Also, they don't sell them in the UK or anywhere else in Europe so I think my only option is to buy one from the USA. Has anybody done this? Where did you buy it from...
  13. Jimster71

    Astro Bot Rescue Mission - 2018

    A Sony First Party title based on the characters from Playroom VR
  14. MartinH32

    Bargain Astro A50's

    Absolute bargain by the look of it at £26.
  15. newbie1

    Milky Way 2018

    First photos of the Milky Way this season. I’m very happy with my upgraded primes and ultra wide zoom. 11mm I did not have and the 35, 50 and 85mm are much sharper wide open than the set I had last year. 11mm 4 Canon Milky Way by Good Lux Photos, on Flickr 24mm 1.4 Samyang Milky Way by...
  16. raigraphixs

    Astro City - live action series (TBC)

    The producer of Neil Gaiman's American Gods series, FremantleMedia North America, has acquired the rights to a superhero comic book series Astro City. Their plan in to develop it as an epic live-action TV drama series. ‘Astro City’ TV Series Based On Comics In Works At FremantleMedia North America
  17. tillytomps

    Question Astro a50 gen 2

    Guys, need some advice please, picked up some a50s gen 2s but I can't get them to work, Plugged them into my x, the base station powered up, tried to use them no sound. So I tried to pair them and I didn't seem to want to pair. So I though I would update the firmware, but the astro software...
  18. prezzy

    Question Astro A50 headet with xbox one

    Sorry if this has already been covered - I did try a search but there are so many posts to look through I thought it would just be easier to ask again.... I have a set of Astro A50 headphones which I used to use on my PS4 no problems - they are the older none xbox ones - is there a way to get...
  19. Gozmit

    What is the best PS4 headset

    My Astro a40 headset recently broke and I have been looking for another headset. I have seen that the turtle beach elite 800, Astro a50 and the steel series Siberia p800 have all got good reviews but still can't make my mind up on what to get?

    Question Astro a38

    2 parts to my question. 1- are they worth £100 I can get them for. 2- if not,are there any alternative £100 or less.
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