1. K

    Assistance with 50LF621U21

    I have a Toshiba 50LF621U21. Internal memory is full and I cannot add more apps. I have a USB stick plugged in and it shows up as external storage but I cannot figure how to move apps to it. How do I use it for app storage?
  2. TimboZero

    Freesat dish alignment and fine-tuning with V8 digital meter

    Good Morning AVF, New member TimboZero here, after some wisdom. As my profile shows, I am not exactly in the main catchment area for FreeSat but I watch it regularly with the kit I brought here from the UK. After storms, I occasionally needed to realign my dish and a couple of years ago bought...
  3. S

    Assistance with tightening a stand

    Does anyone know any tips to tighten these Kef egg speakers stands. I thought you just turn to tighten but it stays wobbly in the base
  4. H

    Assistance please people UE55MU6670UXXU

    Go easy on me, I am a gas engineer by trade and regularly diagnose and fix boilers/plumbing problems so I am sure this will be well within my range of capability but definitely out of scope of what I do (I regularly help people online within my field and any guidance here will be very much...
  5. B

    Advice on buying Earphones

    Hello everyone. I need some advice on buying earphones. The uses are as follows: Bluetooth Mobile phone conversation, in car and moto (therefore it must have a good microphone and good BT stability) listen to music (so good audio playback quality) Budget 50 euros Thank you so much for your...
  6. M

    Need assistance connecting ARC between Yamaha TSR-7810 and LG CX1

    I find similar threads on the board, but not providing the specific information that I need. All of my serious equipment is in the home theater. I purchased an LG CX1 for the family room; I am attempting to re-purpose an old a/v receiver (Yamaha TSR-7810) and speakers for this TV. I can find...
  7. P

    WiFi mesh assistance

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on the technology. I currently have sky broadband which is just high-speed but will be getting fibre to the house as living in an area that it has been set up ready for. In finding living in an old bricked terraced house the WiFi isn't the best and have...
  8. dougie8

    New Setup Assistance Please

    Hi all, Good morning, I am looking to install a home cinema sound system over the next few months, I've been looking around for some time and have narrowed down to the following system, obviously this is not set in stone and I'm putting the feelers out to see what you guys think...
  9. P

    High spec laptop assistance

    Hi all, Advised a friend to buy the alienware m17 r4 recently and he forgot to tell me he wanted to be able to run Revit as well as use it for gaming. He's found it's struggled to cope with Revit so now need to advise on a replacement device. Revit seems to require a minimum of 32gb RAM and...
  10. Praetorpwj

    New Build 5.2.4

    Hello all I am in the privileged position to shortly plan a dedicated new build room as part of a general side extension project. The crude caveman scratchings below give an guide to the current thinking. On the plan everything apart from the stairwell is part of the new build. The room is...
  11. P

    Assistance with AVR amp set up

    Hi all, I'm looking for some assistance if possible with my home cinema set up I currently have Amp: Arcam FMJ AVR550 AV Receiver Power Amp: Project AMP box S Speakers: Front – 3x B&W CWM Cinema 7 in wall speakers Pillar Speakers – 4x B&W CWM663 in wall speakers Ceiling Speakers – 2 x B&W...
  12. darklightuk

    Need assistance with finding how to source spare controller

    My brother has recently been flying a small 4DRC M1/mark300 brushless motor drone. Small, light, simple to use by either him or his daughter. Problem is that now the controller has died and seemingly stopped charging what so ever. If anyone can point me in the direction of troubleshooting...
  13. LeeB33

    Monitor Audio Silver 100 - Setup Assistance & Plastic Plug Inserts

    Hi All I am trying to setup my Monitor Audio Silver 100's and have a coupe of issues with queries if anyone can please help. Firstly, the plastic safety plugs that are inside the speaker terminals, some have popped out easily whilst a couple simply won't budge which is somewhat frustrating and...
  14. RMJP

    Range Extender Password problem - assistance please?

    My broadband provider is SSE and they have recently replaced my router, albeit with some reluctance, following persistent problems with my Wifi not being recognised by Sky Q (new box sent without quibbling) or by my HP printer. I know that the router was faulty because I was able to temporarily...
  15. D

    Advice and assistance on new setup configuration

    Good morning everyone! I'm currently in the process of setting up a completely new configuration for a home cinema installation, which will actually be my first "real" setup. I've made a lot of research on my end, and looked up all the different possibilities and configurations, but I am now...
  16. bodas73

    Question Intergrated Amp Assistance

    I am in the process of getting a dedicated stereo amp to use in conjunction with my AV Receiver. A Pioneer SCSLX501. I get decent sound out of the amp but want more especially for music. I have narrowed it down to the Rega Elicit R, Naim XS3 or possibly a Supernait 2. I will be using the AV...
  17. DpM

    Question Denon 3311 assistance.

    Hopefully someone can help, I fear that the answer might be that it's time for an upgrade. I have an LG B9 and due to the AVR only being HD I have everything plugged into the TV and I use ARC to pass the audio to the 3311. Because of this I only get Dolby Digital Plus or DTS on the audio side...
  18. acgingersnaps

    Furniture assistance

    Hi. My amp and turntable are set up as shown in the picture below. Not ideal, I know. Now, it's an Elex , with a solid metal top and doesn't run hot. As you can see, there's also a good gap. Is this something i should be stressing or should i be ok? Current thought, as an alternative, would be 2...
  19. KidKong

    Looking for assistance on Q80T!!

    Hey guys, I just purchased a 55” Q80T direct from Samsung and I am f’ing loving it. I’ve gotten super lucky with DSE in the main area of my screen, but I have a slight concern about the borders. I ran a grey uniformity test and have what appears to look like brighter white dots around the edge...
  20. G

    Hdmi configuration assistance needed.

    Hi all, Great forum; hope someone can help me to configure my HDMI for the following setup. TV Philips 4k 50PUS6272/05 - 3no. HDMI ports BT YouView+ UHD Box Andriod TV box Nintendo Switch PS5 or Xbox Series X (undecided yet!!) Sony HT-XF9000 soundbar Could someone suggest the correct HDMI set...
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