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  1. D

    Aspect Ratio 1920x1080, 3840x2160 Questions

    I have the Sony 85" XBR85X950H TV and am playing movie rips stored on my hard drive (MKV/MP4). I would like the entire screen of the TV to be filled with the picture without black borders if possible. I have the Apple TV 4K and the Nvidia Shield Pro with using Kodi and also Plex as I'm a...
  2. Andyos

    Choosing screen aspect ratio for new dedicated room

    Like many people throughout lockdown we built a makeshift home cinema in the attic room with an Epson TW650 projector and a 100" 16:9 Amazon pull down screen....everyone has enjoyed it thoroughly so we've decided to build a dedicated home cinema room as part of a double garage conversion...
  3. Harkon321

    How on earth do you decide what aspect ratio screen to have?

    I need to order an audio transparent screen for my new room. Although not purchased yet, I’ll be purchasing something like the Epson 9400 so can use lens memory. Initially I planned to go for the biggest scope screen I could fit and then do CIH for 1.78:1 and 1.85:1 content. The majority of...
  4. 3

    Aspect Ratio vs Iris

    Meter used I need hoya nd2 and nd4 filters Information from calibrator, full field 2.4:1 = 25foot lamberts Foot lamberts (measured coming from screen) = foot...
  5. S

    Hisense 65u8b Aspect ratio

    For some reason I'm unable to change the aspect ratio through my settings. Regardless of source Automatic is default and greyed out.... if you try to change it, it says the option is unavailable.
  6. D

    All4 and My5 wrong aspect ratio (24PFS6805/12)

    Recently bought this little smart TV and all is working nicely apart from All4 and My5 seem to insist on playing all content squashed to cinema scope. Other streaming apps like iPlayer and ITV hub are playing in the correct aspect ratio, but All4 and My5 play the adverts normally then squash...
  7. S

    4k scaler with aspect ratio control?

    I am building a new theater and would like to know the options available for aspect ratio scaling in the 4k realm. My prior theater leveraged a DVDO Vp30 with a panamorph lens. I kept the lens, but have not yet settled on a new projector. I like how the prior setup could leave the lens in place...
  8. Ewoody

    Panasonic DP-UB820 - Aspect Ratio

    I wonder if anyone can help ! A number of my 4k blu-ray films are shot in 2.35:1 aspect ratio. I can't seem to find an option on my projector or blu-ray player that will allow me to change the aspect ratio to 16.9. Should there be one ? I use to have a Lumagen video processor which allowed me...
  9. S

    Question Pioneer DVD-2910 Aspect Ratio Problem

    When viewing certain DVDs the aspect ratio is incorrect - these are anamorphic 16x9 discs. The menus display correctly, filling the TV screen, but the film image is squashed and the black bar top and bottom is too big about making the picture flattened. The film ratio is 2.35:1 but displays near...
  10. Boostrail

    Broadcast TV - Aspect ratio on new programme.

    Hi I seldom watch drama series on TV but started to watch the new series Singapore Grip on ITVHD last night. I noticed that there were narrow black bars top and bottom giving a picture aspect ratio of about 16:8.5 (or 32:17). Why is this? Adverts and following programme were full screen. As I...
  11. B

    Hisense U7B - Issue with Screen Resolution / Aspect Ratio

    Recently bought the H55U7BUK and have been having a problem with the TV picture not filling the screen properly. When watching terrestrial TV, the picture will randomly get stuck in what looks like 4:3 mode, with large black margins on each side of the picture. For example, on the BBC1 channel...
  12. D

    Question Is Your Picture Format Setting Still Working?

    I have a 70PUS6704/12 and ever since the TPM196E_091.003.051.041 Saphi software update the Picture Format setting has stopped working. I can still access the setting and select the various options, e.g. stretch, zoom, fit to screen, etc., but the image on the screen no longer changes. This...
  13. J

    Humax PVT 5000T changes aspect ratio

    Hi all, my PVT 5000T has a habit of changing aspect ratio when playing back recordings. This doesn't happen when watching live TV through the box. Box is linked to my Panasonic Plasma TH-46PZ8BA by HDMI. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.
  14. JustDennis

    Question Can't change aspect ratio

    I have an LTDN42V77US. still works great. But from day one, I have never been able to change the aspect ratio. Stuck on Wide. Tried every menu option that SHOULD change it, but no luck. Any suggestions?
  15. T

    21:9 aspect ratio passthrough on Marantz SR5013

    Hi, I recently got a SR5013 and I'm having an issue with 21:9 sources passing through the AVR. The issue is the following: Equipment: Marantz SR5013 Mac mini (running macOS Catalina and capable of output natively 2560×1080) LG ultrawide 21:9 monitor (25UM65-P), capable of displaying 2560x1080...
  16. StephenDD

    Spontaneous aspect ratio change

    My old Vizio began to exhibit image jitter in the lower half of the display so last week I purchased an LG OLED55C9AUA, which updated itself to WEBOS 04.71.05 after initial power-on. The HDMI input I was watching today is a Comcast RNG110 set top box, standard definition channel 7 (the picture...
  17. R

    LG C9 aspect ratio on Netflix

    Netflix appears to override the aspect ratio I have set, switches it to "orginal" and greys out the possibility of changing it. I was trying to put in a vertical zoom setting for a movie to override the letterbox effect, but can find no way of doing that, given that the ability to change aspect...
  18. A

    Philips 55OLED803/12 wrong (stuck to "fill screen") aspect ratio when using TV's player

    Hi, Has anybody noticed that for at least one month (that's when I noticed it) you can't change the aspect ratio to "original" when playing any type of movies with the TV's embedded player? First I have noticed it with an mkv file that is h265 hdr 10bit 4K with 2.4:1 aspect ratio, but then...
  19. M

    Question Changing Aspect Ratios During Movies

    I have noticed that a number of movies seem to change aspect ratio during the film. For example, Dark Knight starts out 16:9 and then reverts to 2.35:1 and Mission Impossible Fallout is 2.35:1 for most of the movies except for a few scenes where for some bizarre reason it switches to 16:9 for a...
  20. FlT4ever

    Denon can't change aspect ratio per input?

    Hi, first I apologize if this was already answered but I used google and didn't find anything related. I have a Denon AVR-X1400H, can someone please tell me it's possible to set either the video aspect ratio or have different stretch or zoom setting individually per input or source? Like many...
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