1. k pad

    How well did this (18-year-old) article age?
  2. AMc

    Article: Secure boot for UK electric car chargers isn't mandatory until 2023 Not sure how big a risk random code is on chargers at the moment but I can only imagine it offers an interesting route into the car? The potential for public chargers to spread something unpleasant far and wide must be...
  3. M

    Football and money laundering through betting sites [article] Eye opening long piece about how Asian betting companies have invegled thier way into the fabric of the game and by circumnavigatin regulations via Isle of Man which is famous for its hands off approach to fiscal governance.
  4. Derek S-H

    Long article about online fraud....

    ....but well worth 10 minutes of your time: I know this is a site aimed at (relatively) tech-savvy people, but I think the scammers are becoming even more skilled and...
  5. silverpuma

    Cord cutting website / article / video for info

    Hi all, I am looking to do some research into leaving Sky as it is becoming too expensive for me. Does anyone know of a fairly up-to-date guide to getting me started on what is available for UK cord cutting? I'm happy to spend the time researching myself but it would just be helpful to see a...
  6. Ja55

    Atmos stereo music replacement

    Interesting article on why Atmos music will supercede stereo music
  7. Stuart Wright

    vBulletin review - how Internet Brands have killed off vBulletin

    vBulletin's Heyday We first adopted vBulletin (vB) back in 2001 when AVForums outgrew Ultimate Bulletin Board software and, needing better technology, migrated to vB2. vBulletin was created by James Lim and John Percival and its history is available to read at the vBulletin Wikipedia page...
  8. Phil Hinton

    Welcome to the new AVForums

    We are finally live with the new AVForums. You can leave your feedback in the feedback forum threads or leave a comment below.
  9. Tech News

    KEF V300 2-Channel Speaker System Review

    Reviewed by Stephen Withers, 11th October 2013. Depending on how much your TV cost, the KEF V300 might well offer one of the best ways to deliver high fidelity sound into your living room. Read the full review...
  10. H

    Are Panasonic really getting out of the Plasma business this time?

    Yet more rumours suggesting the Kings of PDP are set to abdicate We'll forgive regular readers a sense of déjà vu as rumours once again surface that Panasonic is about to exit the plasma TV business. By our reckoning, this is at least the third time the story has been reported so, is it just...
  11. Tech News

    Devolo dLAN 500 Wi-Fi Powerline Network Kit Review

    Reviewed by Greg Hook, 7th October 2013. The dLAN 500 WiFi Network Kit offers three powerline adaptors, one wired and two with WiFi access points. Literally within 30 seconds of plugging all three devices in the powerline network is fully up and running and the two WiFi access points are...
  12. Tech News

    Kitsound Euphoria Earphone Review

    Reviewed by Ed Selley, 1st October 2013. The will take a piece of music and give you an exciting and unfailingly involving take on it. It takes a bit more effort to deliver the goods but when it does, the Kitsound can make the rest of the pack sound like background music. It won’t be for...
  13. Phil Hinton

    Sony announce new 4K VW1100 Projector

    Not to be outdone by JVC's announcement today, Sony has just announced the new VPL-VW1100 4K native projector. Here is the full press release with more to follow when we get it...
  14. Tech News

    Parasound Zdac Digital to Analogue converter

    Reviewed by Ed Selley, 25th September 2013. If you are looking for a way to boost the performance of a blu ray player or streamer with an optical or coaxial out- and are happy to use the USB as a well sorted convenience feature- the Parasound does a fine job of making music enjoyable. For...
  15. Ben Ingber

    Saints Row 4 and Videogame Conventions

    Ben Ingber gives his view on where Saints Row 4 went wrong Clone Wars Saints Row is frequently discussed in terms of its relationship to open world conventions, many of which were established by Grand Theft Auto. But that's normal in any media; we accept conventions unthinkingly in everything...
  16. Steve Withers

    IFA 2013 - First Look at Sony VPL-VW500 4K Ultra HD Projector

    Sony brings 4K projection to the mass market with their impressive VW500 Sony were first out of the gates when it came to 4K, releasing their incredible VPL-VW1000ES 4K projector back in January 2012! We reviewed it in April of that year and were amazed that Sony had effectively crammed a...
  17. Tech News

    TP-LINK TL-SG1008PE Gigabit Desktop Switch Review

    Reviewed by Greg Hook, 9th September 2013. It's another TP-LINK product that does exactly what it says on the tin, at a great price and it's very easy to use. Read the full review...
  18. Manny Brown

    Gamescom 2013: PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Controller Shootout

    Outside of the willy-waving CPU/GPU/RAM horsepower debate surrounding the new batch of consoles from Microsoft and Sony, one area that has an actively quantifiable effect on the desirability of their new hardware are the controllers. As anybody that owned an Atari Jaguar or an Amstrad GX4000 can...
  19. Tech News

    ESI Unik 05/08 Active Standmount Speakers Review

    Reviewed by Ed Selley, 31st August 2013. For this reason, both speakers but the 05 in particular are an unambiguous Best Buy and should be high on anyone’s list if they are looking to create a system of this nature. Read the full review...
  20. Manny Brown

    Gamescom 2013: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - PlayStation 4 Hands-On

    Quite aside from naval warfare, Welsh pirates and my first experience with the PlayStation 4 controller, the one overriding memory I'll take away from Black Flag is that there's no more Desmond. It's a piece of information that I'd registered but not had time to properly digest until playing...
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