1. ED_209

    Wanted Demons 4K Arrow set

    Hi all, Is anyone selling the Demons 4K set? I foolishly ordered the blu-ray set from Amazon when I actually wanted the 4K set (the packaging looks near identical apart from the HDR sticker but it's my fault for not checking closer) so I'm going to send that back and am on the hunt for a copy...
  2. N

    For Sale Lots of Arrow Video Special Edition Blue Rays for sale, plus a few others

    I have 19 Arrow Video Special Edition Blu rays for sale, mostly horror related. All are in excellent condition, some are even sealed. There's also a few other (non-Arrow) titles including a couple of boxed sets. All prices include delivery. Boxed Sets Star Trek - The Stardate Collection SOLD...
  3. Coulson

    For Sale The Incredibles 2, Iron Man Trilogy (sold)

    Doing a little clear-out. I don't necessarily want to sell these discs but I've got too many. For Sale The Incredibles 2 (4K+BR) £7 Iron Man Trilogy £27 Sold: Spiderman Far From Home (4k+BR with slip case) £11 GrazzaB Spider-man 3 (4K+BR with slip) -> £7.50 reduced GrazzaB Tremors £20 (case +...
  4. T

    Question What movie? Enemy shoots arrow but doesn't reach, hero team shoot arrow back and it kills an enemy?

    Can someone please help identify which movie I'm thinking of. I vaguely remember it being a dramatised version of King Arthur and his loyal Knights (but I could be wrong). Anyway, the hero band of people were facing their enemies (I think it was across thin ice that was breaking). The enemy shot...
  5. bruce-leroy

    Which film would you like Arrow (or one of the other boutique labels) to release?

    Please forgive me if there is a similar thread like this - I can‘t find it - or if already discussed elsewhere. @VisionMan mentioned about Dredd (on the watching movies thread) having a poor blu-ray, so it occurred to me that Pete Travis’ Dredd would be an ideal candidate to get the all...
  6. B

    M&K original SS-150 (thx) missing Point Arrow Towards Screen help

    Hello, So many threads, I didn't find an Official M&K (not MK) thread? Please let me know where it is and I'll post there if I should. POINT ARROW TOWARDS SCREEN stickers are gone. Soon to join the M&K owners club. I'll be running the original versions of M&K. I've learned they are 4ohm...
  7. Ronnie3067

    Boxing Day Give-away (Herschell Gordon Lewis Arrow set)

    So something a little special for this one, hence its own thread. The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast (1963-1972) Amazon Exclusive, unopened as it's been sitting on a shelf since 4th October 2017! ;) To be in with a chance of winning this simply reply what trashy collection you would like...
  8. Ned55

    Question Audioquest Pearl HDMI

    New to this i have a Audioquest Pearl hdmi cable but i don't know which end goes to the amp or the tv any help would be great Ned
  9. M

    Green Arrow & the Canaries (CW)

    SPINOFF: ARROW Spinoff Pilot GREEN ARROW & THE CANARIES Starts Filming in Vancouver Arrow spinoff pilot Green Arrow & the Canaries with Katherine McNamara has started filming in Vancouver Green Arrow and the Canaries will air as the 9th episode of Arrow in the new year, after the crossover...
  10. IGC

    Lords of Chaos (Jonas Åkerlund (Spun), Arrow Video UK, Blu-ray July 2019)

    Anyone seen this? Looks interesting as I'm a fan of Jonas Åkerlund's Spun and it's a good cast. Story -Norwegian black metal- doesn't sound like something I'd like but maybe worth a look in the next Arrow sale. Prefer the USA artwork. UPC: 5027035020259...
  11. Casimir Harlow

    Arrow Season 7 Blu-ray Review & Comments

    As the Iron Man of the small screen Arrowverse nears his final chapter, we look at his final year on the streets - and behind bars. Read the review. Write your own review for Arrow Season 7
  12. IGC

    The Hills Have Eyes 2 (Wes Craven, Arrow UK September 2019)

    No love for this tat? :grin: OK, original was a classic for sure but this reboot/remake a few years later seemed incredibly bad to me when I watched it on VHS many years ago. Never seen it since. A fresh look on Blu-ray? Hmmm, maybe not but that documentary looks like something I'd enjoy. I've...
  13. raigraphixs

    Arrow Season 7 (CW) 15 October 2018

    returning as series regular for Season 7 character photo and quotes
  14. tele1962

    Arrow Video Soundtrack Albums

    Has anyone been picking these up on Vinyl? Bit of a bargain here to get us started: Pieces - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Arrow Records) Zavvi Exclusive Vinyl LP
  15. IGC

    Bargain Arrow UK Festive sale 2017

    Arrow have a sale on at the moment. Some great prices I picked up 6 items. Their new 'cool' website is quite useless so I can't link to specific sections. Main link here Just a word of warning, one of Nicholas Cage's monthly releases is in there, I didn't know Arrow had stooped so low.
  16. Roohster

    Carrie 4K Arrow restoration

    Released December 11th, Arrow films limited edition. Carrie - Limited Edition Available for preorder from Arrow, also on Amazon...
  17. Casimir Harlow

    Arrow Season 5 Blu-ray Review & Comments

    DC's oldest and strongest TV offering, the Batman-esque Arrow, tries to use fresh blood to liven up the familiar formula. Read the review. Write your own review for Arrow Season 5
  18. H

    Twisted Arrow

    Picked this up earlier today in Steam sale, its only £3.74, reduced from £14.99, its £10 reduced on Oculus store. Seems like very good value so far, bow and arrow type game, but seems well polished and great reviews. Kids have also enjoyed Dick Wilde, cartoony critter swamp wave shooter, not the...
  19. Roohster

    RONIN - Arrow Blu Ray, August 2017

    The original BD release was very disappointing, but looks like Ronin is getting the treatment it deserves courtesy of Arrow. "Brand new 4K restoration of the film from the original camera negative produced by Arrow Video exclusively for this release, supervised and approved by director of...
  20. raigraphixs

    Arrow - Season 6 (CW) / Crisis on Earth X 27th Nov

    S6 moves to Thursdays' on CW's Fall schedule Official Synopsis :
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