1. O

    Aria stopping retail sales

    Sad to hear that they are closing their retail sales. Used them for many decades and generally had decent service in the cut throat world of box shifters. Though of late their prices weren't cheap enough for what they offered.
  2. W

    Rega Hum

    Got a weird hum that I can’t figure out. Rega P6 with Ania Pro. Amp is Rega Osiris. I’ve scoured the forums and the only solution I’ve come up with is sitting the Aria MK3 on its side. Hum completely disappears. Obviously this isn’t optimal. Any suggestions? I do have a BDI audio cabinet on...
  3. M

    Cable from Rega Aria to amp?

    What cable would you use to connect Rega Aria to an amp eg. Rega Aethos? Trying to gauge the price range of an upgrade.. Thanks!
  4. M

    Focal Aria 926 vs 936

    Hi all, I know this's been done many times before; the general consensus seems to be that it's worth it to pay more and get the 936 because it goes lower, however my room size is bang in the middle between the recommended minimum for the 926 and the 936 (23m2). Is the 936 too much for my room...
  5. J

    Quad 11L - worth upgrading to Focal Aria 906?

    I have a pair of the original gloss black Quad 11L speakers from about 2002 - they have served me well and are currently performing with a new NAD C368 amp fed by vinyl, CD and a Yamaha streamer. I also have a Wharfedale sub to add some extra bass. I'm now considering a speaker upgrade and have...
  6. M

    Question What receiver should I buy to accompany 2x Focal Aria 926?

    Store salesman said I need to spend 2k at least on a receiver... I wanted to check here. Current setup: LG OLED 55 C8 2x Focal Aria 926 (arriving this week) 2x Focal Dome Yamaha YST-SW305 subwoofer Please tell me what the best receiver would be for this setup. Thank you advance!
  7. N

    Speakers for small living room

    Hi All, I am looking into a 5.1 setup to fit into a small living room (This 5.1 should be good in music stereo too).... The living room is around 2m x 3.5m. The TV will be on the 2m wall.. The 3.5m on the right will be a balcony, and the 3.5m on the left will be the dining room area; with a...
  8. kosmik111

    Question Upgrade path for system with Focal Aria 948

    I've recently upgraded my speakers to Focal Aria 948. I still have old Monitor Audio FX as surrounds, but I'm planning to replace with Focal Aria 906 most likely. No subwoofer, had one, but sold after I got Arias. Maybe I'll add one again in future. Currently they are connected to AVR Onkyo...
  9. JohnProton

    Does anyone know what Focal aria 5.0 is like?

    Ok I have already got the Aria 925 floorstanders, the cc 900 centre and the Focal Aria SR 900 Bipolar speakers for backs are on the way within the next 2 weeks. There really is no sub for these except if you buy the 1000f sub. They do have a sub like sound on the focal 925, they go as low as...
  10. kosmik111

    Question Focal Aria 948

    After listening to Monitor Audio Bronze B4 for about 15 years, I've ordered Focal Aria 948 today. I used to have my Bronzes without griles and I like Focals more without them as well. However tweeters on Aria look really unprotected. Does anyone know how sensitive they are to e.g. accidental...
  11. Alek

    Focal-JMLab Aria 906

    Hi, I’m putting together a budget set-up and seek advice on the following. Will Focal-JMLab Aria 906 speakers be a good match for the following Marantz equipment? Marantz PM 6006 Integrated Amplifier. Marantz CD 6006 CD Player. My room is ~ 20 sq m, listening distance about 3 m. Thank you.
  12. T

    Focal Aria 926 offer worth considering?

    Hello everyone, There is a local (in Greece) offer for a few days only, for Focal Aria 926 loudspeakers for €1650 (~£1400) from €2050 (~£1750) initial price, which is the price all other shops are offering. With this discount, do you think it is an offer I shouldn't lose in this price range...
  13. J

    Question Focal Aria 900, or Dali Opticon 6, or Tannoy Revolution XT 5.0?

    Greetings, I am about to pull the plug on a new AV Amp, and have settled on the Yamaha 3060 as it seems to give me the right balance of attack/muscle, connectivity, and future proofing. I am upgrading from an Onkyo 1008. I have a dedicated HC room, approx 20' x 14' in size. I currently have...
  14. wayden

    New speakers 2017 - B&W cm8, Cabasse Java, Focal Aria 926,

    I somehow seem to be infected by this hobby, that I am continually looking for better sound that I can afford at a certain price (Meaning for as little as possible;)). I have had previosly 1. Quadral Surround Aluminium 2. Kef KHT 2005.2 3. Kef IQ1, IQ2c 4. Kef XQ40, IQ60C Since last year I...
  15. J

    Question S/h B&W CDM-1NT or BNIB Focal Aria 906

    Hi, I am from Indonesia and I am new to this forum, although I've been reading this forum every now and then. At the moment, my setup is B&W 685 series 1, paired with Roksan Kandy K2, Audiolab M-DAC for digital sources, and Rega RP1 for analog listening. I don't consider myself an expert on...
  16. L

    Focal aria 906

    Focal aria 906 just bought from creative audio open box but new for 418
  17. D

    Question Focal Aria 906 v Quad S-1 v Any others?

    Hi guys So I'm looking to build a new hifi system and wanted some views on the above speakers. I've been told a lot of positive things about the Focals but can't find anywhere to hear them so does anyone have experience with them? I heard the Quads today and while I'd never heard of them...
  18. Cocksure

    Focal Aria 948 out of phase - confusing AV8802a Pre-Amp?

    Hi I have just run the Audyssey setup for the 1st time on my Marantz AV8802a with my new Focal 948 speakers and the amp keeps on telling me that the right speaker is out of phase. I have checked the cable with a continuity tester to confirm i haven't crossed wires and double checked the...
  19. P

    Question Focal Aria 906 & Denon AVR - X2200W

    Hi there, i'm new but with passion :) in the world of sound, technologies, brands, etc. I would like to make a home cinema with the speakers that already have, a pair of Focal Aria 906 for Front Left and Right and Focal Aria CC 900 for the center, some old small Panasonic speakers for...
  20. antakar

    Question What speakers for small room: KEF Q300B vs Focal Aria 906 vs Tannoy Revolution XT 6

    My room is room 25m. I am considering to buy Yamaha 2050 or marantz 7010. The speakers will have to be close to the walls. About 3-5cm away from the wall in the rear and about 15 cm in the front. I would like to eventually have 5.1 setup. Where sub would be SVS SB-1000. I am considering below...
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